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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
November 3, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 3, 1960

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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDORA. N. DAL v n m 5 writing, and shall be filed in .: SAMPLE BALLOT Buy Dakota Maid Flour BILL vote for (FOUR) Names Only “e Eoffice of the County Court of ,y i V i Billings County. ““__""““—""‘—""‘ CONRAD HEISER. , U Conrad Heiser. the executor ' like Estate of John Reul, dece IDated October 21, 1960. (October 27 November 3) Attend Church On Sunday U NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND c°mY cm's'u‘m-‘E _"""' 'W Notice rs HEREBY GIVEN, That ‘ C] under authority of an Order of Sale {granted by the County Court of the ‘COun-ty n! Billings and State of North Dakota, dated the alst day D of October A. D. 1960, the under— GEIIEBAL ELECTION —— Roma 8. 1m F D tic pl 10 lb "To '0" ‘03 I "M3 “11°” “"1. pm“ u n" W m I « signed, the executor of the vestste . (SJ In the square .2 the right of the 0! sh. pm for when 1;: Vote mr (ONE) Name On” :1! gaging}:qu gusty (chlgdinli Llyes Are pew Dakota, 8- can to vote. To 702. an I 9°“ '5“. m ”’ 2m?dmn sen at° to in Your Hands W "n. pm. In. nun. In an hm upw- pram M M m- omcnu. mzwseusn BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER [j the highest bidder, for cash. or for v . one-third cash down at the time of OFFICE MEL . in MM :zyggie Taggingfansy’peraelfigt You “all!” m Von so: (on) Name Out STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) Sufi: “Emmfioulg, “a; “"éfifiwgg repeal of safety lam ) SS descrbed land. to-wit: oasm'r c. mam Souths-st cum” (sax/4) of he COUNTY OF BILLINGS ) M013 3:: (lgwfind saga» D 1. Daniel Osadchuk, County Auditor of BUM County, North :3 El:v.n.r(1;) Ind'rgmsp :1; _.————-———-—- Dakota, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct list 82:) m'mo'nh: V0“ 9°” 0'” NW only of nominees to be voted for at the General Election to be held at the Hundred Wm. axe-puns am: ALVIN C. mm D various voting precincts oi Billings County, North Dakota, on Tues- Laugh”, m?”m”2,‘,h;"$m‘l_ on day, November 8, 1900. 2% gw“flgrefl;° :93 (UNEmRED TERM) D Daniel Osadchuk limbs {or the purpor o! 2 Count? Andi-tor devoloéing md gl'andoazzr Inc}; men or Vote I0? (ONE) Name only Bangs count” mfi'laxf.‘ 35:43:11.3," a! a! __ North Dakota. th’l‘helstsgledwul be made on or .after mmwr com m A- Gm D (SEAL) s: 05mg mm 196° at ssgnsssmois s" ‘ ' “3795' en . “h D All offers or bids must be m #_ dt . ~ A I . l . , . I " nimmmmw mmmnmmllvmmmnummnnnummmnnmmmmmmmmmu ‘v‘lvl . . M r DEPARTMENT OF STATE —- Bismarck, North Dakota -— To County Auditors: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and = p( V0“ 3°” “mm Nu” 0"” In accordance with Section 25, Constitution of the State of Norm' the Great Seal of the stake of North Dakota at me Capitol in the or 5mm OP M. F. D Dakota. Section 160107 of the North Dakota Revised Code of. was, as of Bismarck, this 12th day of September. I960. of mu: “gunman amended by Chapter 183 of the 1959 Sesion Laws, I do hereby certify . E] that the following Referred Measures and Initiated Constitutional Amend» GREAT SEAL -———————-———- men: will be submitted to the voters at the General Election to be held BEN MEIER Vote for One Name Only Tuesday, November 8, 1M. Secretary of State .1. mm ENGEN D comm mm a SAMPLE BALLOT D . M . GENERAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 8, 1960 Vote to:- (ONI) Nuns Only TED CORNELL m... D REFERRED MEASURES AND INITIATED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PAUL A. Limo . D This ballot contains the full text of two Referred Measures and one Initiated Constitutional Amendment that are submitted to the voters for D spprovul or rejection. The voters must vote upon each measure Separately by placing a cross (X) after the word “YES” or “NO” following and: question. If the voter does not vote upon all measures, only such as haw: been marked with a cross (X) as above described will be counted. Vote for (ONE) Name Only No. I—REF-ERRED MEASURE DANIEL 05mm E] A LAW TO ESTABLISH TWO DEFINED CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS AND TO ELECT A CONGRESSMAN FROM EACH DISTRICT COUNTY AUDITOR D INSTEAD OF AT—LARGE. BALLOT TITLE: D Senate Bill No. 73 which is an Act dividing the state of North Dakota into two congressional districts, and defining the boundaries flawed. The full text of Senate Bill No. 73, Thirty-sixth Legislative Assembly of the State of North Dakota», (Chapter 181, 1959 Session Laws) it Vote 101‘ (ONE) Name Only ‘3 “11°”: ,W SENATE BILL No. 73 COM 733330333 W. O. CHRISTENSEN D An Act to divide the state of North Dakota into two congressional districts, and defining the boundaries thereof. , Is E] BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA: in SECTION 1. STATE DIVIDED INTO TWO DISTRICTS.) The state of North Dakota is hereby divided into tvio congressional district, ed , Vote f 0 each of which is entitled to elect one representative to the Congress of the United States. '11 mum or Dams m or ( m 3 SECTION 2. FIRST DISTRICT DEFINED.) The counties of Pembina, Cavalier, Towner, Rolette, Walsh, Ramsey, Benson, Pierce, Grand :3 axon-1cm can: or ALICE L LEO Forks, Nelson, Eddy, Traill, Steele, Griggs, Fosber, Cass, Barnes, Stutsman, Richlsnd, Ransom, LaMoure,‘Surgent and Dickey shall consfihxh bugger (30‘19'1'1‘33‘1z ' D the first congressional district. ' ‘ E] V SECTION 8. SECOND DISTRICT DEFINED.) The counties of Bottinesu, .Renville, Burke, Divide, McHenry, Ward, Mountrail, Williams. Wells, Sheridan, McLean, Mercer, Dunn, McKenzie, Kidder. Burleigh, Oliver, Billings, Golden Valley, Morton, Stark, Logan, Emmons, Grant, W V Hetfinger, Slope, McIntosh, Sioux, Adams and Bowman shall constitute the second congressional district. ' ‘ Vote for (OK!) Name Only Filed 3:30 PM. CST., June 3, 1959. _————E y WM w. mmom D Shall Said Referred Measure Be Approved? YES A? STATES ATTORNEY No I I . co BRIAN w. K’EOHANE D E in “g No. Z—REFERRED MEASURE 1;; T0 AUTHORIZE RAILROADS TO OPERATE CERTAIN TRAINS 01“ MORE THAN FORTY FREIGHT CARS WITH A CREW 0? V Si( Vote for (ONE) Name Only 4 FIVE MEN INSTEAD OF SIX, CONSISTING OF.ONE CONDUCTOR, ONE ENGINEER, ONE FIREMAN, ONE BRAKEMAN mo. \ vi. STEAD OF TWO, AND ONE FLAGMAN, AND TO PROVIDE THAT NO BRAKEMAN SHALL BE DISCHARGED OR LOSE HIS EM- be cc CAROL M. MOBMDE ...................... .. D PLOYMENT AS A RESULT OF THIS MEASURE. ‘ . ‘11 PEARL]! 211.5003? BALLOT TITLE; . 3mm“? 0!" SCHOOL! [3 Referendum of Senate Bill 94, which is an act amending and reenactinz Section 49-1309 of the North Dakota Revised Code of. 1948. reducing the number of brakemen required on freight or mixed trains of more than forty freight or other can, exclusive of caboose and auxin, E] from two brakemen to one bmkemsn. fall‘lhe full text of Senate Bill No. 94. Thirty-sixth Legislstive Amunny of the State of Ndrth‘vDskota, (Chapter 344, 1959 Session Law) is Vote for (ONE) Name a": . ' ‘ comm: °"” SENATE BILL No. 94 _ D An Act to amend and menace section 49-1309 of the North Dakota Revised Code a! 1943, relating to the number of batsmen sequin! conom on tnins. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA: Von: for One Name only SECTION 1. AMENDMENT.) Section 49-1809 of the North DakotsRsvisedOodeoflmsishmbyadIendedaudreensctEdhresdufonm: GEORGE 49—1309. FREIGHT TRAINS OF OVER FORTY CARS: HOW MANNED.) ‘No nihosd , lion doing business in this-stub wbldl 0| comrnr camsuom E] opal-sees more thumfour trains in twenty-four hours shall in over say or its lines or any part outside a! the limits is: - w or mixedtrains oonslstin'g of more than forty freight or 0 er can. exclusive of csboosa sud engine, with less than 0. train new Al M. o. MALKOWSKI D fiv'e persons: ‘ 1. One conductor; vs C] 2. One engineer: ?5. 3. One fireman: Vote so: One Name Only 4. One brakemun; and , m DAN mm 5. One flagmsn, such flsgmun to have at least ons'yesr's experieziu in tnin service. ex com D {this section does not apply to any branch or part of road which does not operate more than four bulbs in my twmtyofour consecutive hours. 3"! 31m EARLF. .1011er E] )SEGI‘IONz EFFEGI'OFAG'L) Nopersonemployedusbnkemsnonsnyraflrosdinthis'mtaonthoeffectivedshotthismmbs ' ' dischmedorlouhlsemploymtbynuonottbemvisious‘ofthismt. Howsver,wheneverabmkemsnmflrea,terminstesorleswsbisu-‘ [j playmadt the nilroad compsuynsed not replace the position so vacatedunlessitistoflllsmsudamryposiflonundersmnlotthism SECTIONS. ’EFFEOTOFINVAIEITYOFPARTOFTHISAGI‘.) Hacourtofcompetentjfleflonshfllsdjudgtobe Invnlldu' Vote to 0:: N can ’ unconstimtiom wielwsmsen paragraph sections: pastor thisAchmebjudmntordme notme midsume A. I‘ e y i let of m. the ect thereof, “In be the chase, “name, W, section or M d flfll. Act .0 com “anon 61mm max: .. ....... M- D be Invalid or uncoustxtuflonul. ~ ‘ 1“ District VIC swam: ...........-......WMMM_. U m“! 4300 PAL 081. Juno 8. 1959. YES————-————U ., "'1 Shall Said Referred Measure Be Approved? A) E] I No l I ,1; Vote {for one name only ‘ m com ASSESSOB No. 3—INITIATED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT MARKS GRENZ E] To chNGE THE NAME OF THE INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING AT FARGO FROM ‘THEAGRIGULTURAL 001m and District AT THE CITY OF FARGO IN THE COUNTY OF CASS”, AS IT ISNOW KNOWN,1‘O‘TEBNOB'I‘E DAKUI'A STATE UNIVERSE! D OF AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCE AT THE CITY OF FARGO, IN THE COUNTY OF CASS.” * Submitted by initiative petition providing for the amendment of Section” subsections ammmdmsuudxmm cm “was” VOW W 0119 We only :dsungwchsuginzunduubfismthsmmeottheNmemm-hcofleu humuemwmwmmatm thotFarsointheCouu otCass"andsddln¢thewozds"IbsNorthakotsStatoUni tyofAzriculturs IndAppliedScieneostthsGivfl 81d pm 1:] Fargo, in the County of 3' TITLE: . mpgtochWethenmeottheAzficultunlConegeto‘TheN DukohflthfivudfidWmmAwfledsdm' Vote tor (FOUR) Names Only BE IT ENAGI'ED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA: i mm was . PmphThkdodSecflouzlfiofArflckmdmmsfltuflondtheStsteqtNorlstbhuunendedishmbyamenddeM P" D to read as follows: I L A}, 00m [:1 Third: ncNurthDaktht‘mWuumuswwmdmwyarmhmmum I D Filed July 5, 1900. m , g mmwmm“ MMWWMRW U El NO Bar B d1: STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) Billings (Minty, North on may. WNW a, m. A my D ) In A , hle ‘ . LDmidWCountyAudimotBflflnyCoumw.m MAM” mcwmmm Unexamaoummmmemusmmmm 841mm. WWMWmWWtWMMNRW ‘ MM Dmatmmmhhmnatmwdmmmmfinm ‘»