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November 8, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 8, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER Predicts Largest F. U. Convention Held In 19 Years Favorable weather for complet- ing fall work removal of all trav- el restrictions and the return of men to the farms will all com- bineto make attendance at the 19thannual North Dakota Farm- ors Union convention at Bismarck this week the ~arg~sL on record, predicts Glenn J Talbo~t, presi- dent. Earlier forecasts or 3,000 are being revised upward, ~he said Chas. F. Brannon assistant sec- retary, United Sta~es Department of Agriculture and Claude R. Wic~k.~rd, Rural Electrification A d- min~strator will bring important messages on future agricultural Plot Against Sister Kcnney Paralysis Treatment Charged F~rces so powerful that riley even suoce~ded in blocking a Congress- ional investigation are arrayed agaJn~t ~he work of Sister Elizabeth Kenny, ~hose revolutionary tech- ni~e for the trea,tmer~t of infantile paralysis has made her the storm cer~ter of a nations,1 controversy, Representative Donald L. O'Toola of Brooklyn, charged recently. Si~ter Kenny, whose revolution- ary method of treating infantile par~lysl~ has brought her global ~tten, tion, is convinced that all her difficulties in winnir~g recog- nition arc euttribut~ble to the N@tional Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, of which Basil O'Connor is president, and ~he American Med- ical Association, for which 'Dr. Morris Fi~i~bein is spokesman, ac- cording to an article in the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in Whloh she tells for file first time her own ~bory of the rebuffs which she met in this country. Meets President Truman ? WASHINGTON. D. C.--Maj. General Jao Batista Mascarenhas de Moares, who was commanding general of the Brazilian expedition- ary forces in Italy visits President Truman at the White House. Left to right are, President Harry S. Truman, shaking hands with the major general; Brazilian Ambassador H. E. Hen Carlos Martins, back row; Brig. General Zenobia Da Costa, and Air Brigadier Antonio Appel Netto. h'~Nobody is ln.terested In your o =o. AAA Elections To ~aj~ing to her at the end of a ~wo- hour corfference after she present- Be Held In County ed t~ him an official letter from the Premier of Australia b ighly com- mending her work. "You had better December 1 To 15 r~urn to AuStralia" I Engul~ed with despair s,t .this~ NoI~th Dak~a farmers and ran~n- recvDblon she was ~bout to r~urn ers will g~ther at the polls during The Fairfield store changed hands recen ly, John Petrymak of Grassy Butte being the new owner, having purchased ~he business from Mr. and Mrs. J~ck O~Brien. O'Br~en.s haven't as yet decided on wh~t ~ey will do in the ~uture. to her native Australia when un- the first hem of December to elect officia~ recognition ~ ~he merit of f~,rmer-neighbors to administer AtA is spending his furloug~ a~ h~ her treatmer~t won her an up- progre~m dtu'ing the coming year, home near Belfield. pointment as Special Guest In- John Kasper, State AAA Chairman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. CAade were ~r~ctor on I~he staff of %he Uni- 'at, Fargo, announced ,Vhis week i Dickinson shoppers ThUrsday. CHARLES F BRANNAN verstty of l~nnesota and the poe- 'Once a year every farmer in~ The Belfield. C~h~nber of. Corn- " f . i ple of t~at st~ate gave her/a home .the i~ation has tl~ opportunity to merce en%erVamed in t'he neight~r- ~smtant ~ecretary o Agncu iureanu a mg n~p~mv--me ,'~ama,Dem vote in 'his community election--: ,hood of 50 guests at a phem~ant policies as viewed by the Federal Kenny Inst~tute--in which to con- if he cares to exercise t2~s basic banquet Monday night, Nov. 5. a6ministration. Brannon will speak tinue her ~rork. power and respor~sibili,ty of the Service men were the special gues~. Fri6ay ~fternoo~n and Wickard on ~ u~ ' citizens of our democracy" Kasper! Nick and Pete Baranko, U. S. Although medica~ societies affil- said ' ' i A.zny are spending their furloughs Thursday aften~oon ~iated wi~h the Amer'can Medical . The democratic set-up of, - , Another featured speaker from] A~cie~tion have endorsed the S~s- ~ AAA program provides our: a,t the home of their father, Mike outside the Farmers Union will be farmers wich their r~bt and priv-t~aranko and with other relatives " ' '' ' I g " ilege of, choosing their own local here. Left Ermkson Helena Mont r 1 n f e l ter Kenny method of treatm in far, tile pa a ysis, a d part o Oh form~r~ Montana Supreme Court] treatment is even used ~ut the Geor- leaders. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sohmeling, Pair- Justice who will speak on the MIS-Igla Warm ~prlngs Foundation of Ir~teres~mg programs are being field, attended a Basket Social e% souri Valley Authority. Miss Eltn1 ~hieh O~'-~on-nor-ls presiden* 'the arranged in conj~n~tion with the 0he R~cky Ridge Sc, h~ol, N~v. 1st. Anderson, Heakh 'Education I)ireot-l~tional Founda~on has denied election meeting, s. The 1946 Agri-I They also visRed ,at the home or af the Farm Foundation, .~I1~ Sister Kenn.v any o~ its millions cul,bural Conservation Program will of Mrs. Sc~hmellngs brother, Leslie speak on rural health program] for further "res~, she charges, be expta, ined, and such topics as] Fritz. and problems Thursday evening / Oo~me~ting on the blocking of ,"l~rlce ~Suppo~ts After the War", (Miss Jennie Maty~s, San Fran-la Congressional inquiry which she ' The Wheat S~tu~tion", "'Subsidy~ / 1 ~kT -- clsco, vice prestden~ of *he In- ] sponsored, Represenative O"rooleaPr gra~m'" "Commodity Loans," I :~ nool i~otes tern~tonal Ladies Garment Work-]~ld: nd R~nversion f~om War to th -- -" -" er~ Union (,AFL) in' charge of ed-] "I knew that such an inquiry Peac~ ~v~-~' w, u~ ~.~scu~ I "~me pup:m n : ~ e Annear e ~ ~onoo~ ~vahn 2dlT~. ~n e~r ~ ,l; ao rler WT~t~e ucatlon wffl ,be guest speaker on/ wOuld prove Sister Kenny, who un- 'J~Oln~lng OU% ~n,a~ all m.rmers h me J,Unior program Friday nlgn~ [f tumtely an M. V has me e, "eli- e --" "'-=" ~heir sand ta, ble Mso are enjoying ~nm farmers Union crew-| onl~ succe~ful treatment for in- re e lgmm to vo~e in vne elections, ,their new blac~b0ard~ and a~readv dent James O. Paten and Presi-fan- -it-v ~'~"--1"-'~s~ in all the world the]] ~But some of the most uower~ul men*N" E. Dodd, director of the Depart-lhaw ~art~ m~r~,= '~h~, .=~, ,~,~. '~- dent Ta:bo~t ~wi]] ~bart off conwention the first day, Wedne~-~for~ in the Unt~ed St~ threw on, y : op at The following schools have or- day, ~en delegates will also hear| their weight against such an in- every eligR~e farmer will cast hm the report of Secretary A L Helle- vm o t ~ganmea une~r x. t;. ~ t xoun~ ] taS~ti n--~eig~nt used right up vane ~ur me men t~e wan~ to ~'t~z rear I ~ ens League~ aria n~ve sen~ meir and consider revmlon of thelto the ted We were tm against ~ asen~ nun under me zarm pro- ~1~ +~ ~,~I~~ ~. ,~.~ ~,~ D.yrlaws A memorial program for|a stone ~all, and lost,-'and I so--rtan'S~t" e yearn m~ wm e an nn'IDe ~vm~=-rse, ,~-nnear ~onom, necker departed servicemen will be con-] told Sister Kennv" ~ ~ one, a a c0mzm~teemen wni ~" 1 hay ~ an~ onenyz ~onom, jom~ dueled by Rev. Paul O. Hayes of "" c zrmxxy vxuaz aecLsmns to make. school Dick, Truelsen, Fairfield and Bismarck Wednesday evening ~l~]~t][~l[~j~ ~I~ey ~ould be ~he best leaders to/~Eebichuk .~ool Thursday, mana~,~ers of the reg-[ ~L~][~]I.I/'~JL[~| be fo~lnd in eac~h corr~muniCy. Vet-] q~l~e ~ "l U:' " :' ~ . ing for t IOZow:ng mrve organizer a 10nal and national Farmers Union I ~ ore- rv~re~z,~sves m aem- Junior business ~uctlvittes will SO ak,/ "lOne ba~et social at %~he Paianluk - r I ~ea t;ross and Iunas re- ~YS way oz ma~ung sure a~a~lceiv~.~ ~ ~:.n u^~.~. ~.~ ~ W. Thatcher of Farme~ Union]~ was a huge success netting eqerv e~r~n~-~ w~, ~ *,~,n, I ~ Grain Terminal Association, St. |~e shool over $100.00. Ruth Helge- --" $1.00; Klym, $2.00; Fry~burg lz~er- P~ul, C E I~uff of National Union|~n" the tea~er, and puDi]s e~tend ~ I media%e $2.00; Joint School $2.60; Securit; ~l~tion, I)en~er, C~ |a "lXaank You to an Who were there. F'~TT T TITf~-~--nnTT~Tm~r I Dick So~ool, 50c; Truemen, 50c: De D ]~1 v o ~'~ar s TTntnn T,iv~,~ and M~ l%ay l%a%ley were u,~,A,~, ww,aa.t~a, I Annear, 50c; Bar~, $1.00; Olienyk, e. f mer - ' ' l " IMI,I,INliX lillllNlI I~fo~ Upper and High Sc2mo156.42; d ws t~ra ~a~turday ~ek Oorranission Co m. Paul,[ ' " DIft%llJOD ]5oc; snow, 80c and m~bic~uk $1.40. and E. A. Sy~testad of the Farm-| ~loanor Johrmon and son sper~t l'lUflr 6t I ~chool has opened a~ the Cd~de ors Union Central Exchange, St |Er~n l~onday m~til Friday at the Paul. |O~ Wagner h~ne. A Continuation of ]School w~ah Miss l~try~ a~ff~- "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" J er" Also Oh k,nursaay, A. M. Snort-| ~r card Mms. Me%ro IG~n are Established in 1883 l 'All sch~o'is ar- ,~-. ,n --~+~-.- land executive secretar, ,f ,h.I mm~rmng me toss of t~eh- iz~fant H, R. JOHNSON, Manager *~ ,a ~" ~-~ W.W. MALKOWSKI, Manager ] ~t{~11~ttlons f~r Coun*y ex~ibi,t~ Farmers Union Servi ~ A,~m~ t~ .|son, C~orge, Jr. Burial took place " t r &LICE L. LEBO, Managing ]~dltor| .~ere rr~led ~ week. Teachers lion, and Mrs. Jerome Evarmon,/Sattu~y sut S. Jose~hat~ cemete y . if y~u did not receive them d~Ol0 a state director of education and| ~ and ~te~e ~hU~, ~ Entered In the Post Office at Medora. ] Billings County, North Dakota, Feb-~ line to t~e oillce. Martin Byrne, director of organ~-| ~e P%cA~c area, w~no received their ruary 1~, 1934, as second class matter ,DelVIores has added the service~ a~ion, will give their reports, s.|d~g~ha~Ees, arrived home ~e past ~nder the Act of March 3. 1879. I of Mrs ~velyn Neuens for ha~ M. "LTlorfinnson of the Extel~km [ I~. Official Newspaper of the County el,d~Fs ~ releive the Qther ~vo 8111ings, State of North Dakota. ]~e~cdlers of so~le of t~"~" ~" Service will speak on the GI bill [ Vernon al~ Doro~ ][~-I~ ~DxI Published every Thursday at Medora [ uu .u~,:~v'y of right~. [~. ~ (~t~Xl:a~ were ~41s~ Silltn~ County, North Dakota. '[ic~xl. ~te legiat~ution ~tll be discum~d]~l I~eam~e visitors in ~Lsmerck ~ ~-~ ~ AN~ M. BROWN, by Alex Land, chairman of the s,~t~ [~'~ay and S~tur&ty. Enrettte horace leg~ative committee, Friday morn [~he), &~ended a wedding shower hag. In addition to a~dresses by [f~r Mr. and Mrs. Leslie PTltz sou~ Erivkson and Bm~non Friday af-~of Bel~leld. ternoon, Elmer W. Cart, dlre~or ~ere;ldine Johnson, W~o received -on't IVlISS of Tax Research and Trarmpor -h d rmmge at Ft. Dee tlon, will rsport and brief talks low, t, arrived home I~ ~unday. ~tore Keeper 1-c Peter cymbaluk I will be g~ven by heads of various Mr. and M~, Ray H~fley wer| agricultural agen~e~ in the st~t~: e~lers ~m@ay s2ternoon at V~c- H." L. Walster, dean of the N~:IAC ~ J~tr~son's. In the Memorial Hall in New England E J: Haslerud, dlreo~r of the Ex-I Alex ~mdale, 'l)ic~nnon, tension Service, J. E, Ka~per of been bu~y the past l~o wee~ buy- the Production and Marketing Ad- ~mg and &vtmkimg ~aeep ~vom here. nflnlstrat~on, W~Iter Maddock of, Roy ~ and Jeok E#y ~ 9 Farm Security Adm~tion, and' w~t' to C~oago last ~ wi4~a " " A. D. McKinnon, state director of a ~dmr#ent off ce~tle -- Dancing, bingo, soft drinks and 'ham- the Co e at on Service. I Z. burger stands, games of all kinds and Friday evenln will be Junior v 'hmne, St n~ght, with the young people l~-Ija~ Th~I~y. - " turkey raffles. ,Starts at 2 P. M. Sat- eiving =d p esen i aI seh d urday and ends Monday night with the program. ' ~a P --' Sat " [ Y " M" 2~ae nex~ ana nn~ urday w l: be devoted - -- big annual Armistice Day dance. Short bo iscusslon a~nd adoption Of pol~ $1t01 and r ov patriotic program at 2 P. VI Sunday. e~olUl;lOl~ ior rA2e COl~l- f~le d~te in lx~nd, ins year, with a Farmers Union party winding 'up festivltes Sat- urd~y evening. Nominations for ,officers will be maple the first eve- F&lgM~g~ I~UST REPORT TOAA~ COMMITTEEMAN ~ln~s Ooun%y ~ who hewe not r~ca'ted timir 1945 eoee~la~e ning, with results of balloting be. Jng annmmeed Frid4ty noon. Local Pastor To Be do --on ,The A~IICaMon ~or ~ p~O Honored On Sunday been I OOmxty Offloe so it is expeoted A}I members and friends of ~e ~ene~ts can be made In the near All service men andwomen in uniform will be presented with $10 script money (cash value $1) at the door. All vet- erans of any U. S. war will be given the same deal :upon presentation of dis- charge papers or American Legion or " other veterans organization member. ship cards. EVERYBODY WELCOME! No admission fee. Anton Ulijohn Post 66, American Legion New England, N. Dak. Want Ads Congreg~tlonv/ church of Beauh, 6en~lnel B~e and Medora, are in.ted to a~end the services sun- day, Nov. i1, a~ file Beach Oon- greg~tlonal ohurch, to co~ ~he 50t& anniversary of RoY. J~ R~be~ts' pastorship. This spec~ tribute will be held ~ the reg~ lme of the usual Sumlay services, ,I1 a. m. A 10ot luck dinner will be served In the ohurch parlom ~'t noon. ~Mt~we. TEAINED MEN NEE~E~ .a~o, Diesel, Welding, ~the ~M~hlni~t. l~mctk~, approved tramlng-~no books. ~,ort course q~dtfles for good Job. ~ree cam- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1945o Farmers Urged To the final disposal field or cesspool. This will clog the soil so that the efluent cannot Install--ade-uate ~way. Then the sewage will ~MJL q I~ dam up and clog the whole sys- Di pus 1 Syste tern. s a ms Many farmers have become dls- appointed when riley find their Many farmers are making plans sewage disposal system out of or- for improving their homes by in- der in just a few months This, stalling water supply and sewage said Mr. Russell, is entirely un- d,~sposal systems according to J. necessary. When a sewage disposal Clayton Russell of the Extension system is properly installed it AgTicultural Engineering depart- should require no further atten- merit of the North Dakota tgricul- lion for 12 to 20 years, depending ~ural College, ~argo, who spent a on the amount of sewage handled. few days here this week. The septic tank should be made There ~s a need for such con- of concrete three feet wide, six veniences in every farm home said feet deep and nine to twelve feet Mr. Russell. bu, t the shortage of ions. If you want to avoid trouble, the necessary materials will delay do not install the small thirty inch the installations in many cases. He tile or steel tanks. They will work said that now is the time to do for a while but can be expected some careful planning. Any re- to be ou~ of order in frocn one to modeling of tahe home should be five years, depending on the soft made with "these conveniences in' type. mind And such conveniences should be installed in such a way as to derive the greatest possible good from them, thus making it possible to do the house work easier and in less time. One of ~he greatest mistakes ,be- ing made, sa~d Russell, is building the septic tank too small. The workiz~g capacity of the farm septic rank should never be less than 1000 ~allons in size. If the septic tank is too small, raw sewage will be For further information, one should write for circular No. AE-15 "Sewage Dispo~l System for North DakoOa Farm Homes," Extension Agricultural Er~g~neering Dept North Dakota Agrioul, tural College, The sad news of the birth Of a still born baby boy ~o Mr. axtd Mrs. Metro Kly~n of Crorham, .on Nov. 2nd, has reached us. We ex- tend our heartffel~ sy~r~t~thy to the bereaved m<~her and father. NEW IOWA JERSEYS LBS. 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