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November 10, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 10, 1960

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VOLUME XXXVI MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA I THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1960 NUMBER 24 Trotters Couple. ,nnedy-Johnson Win Na oaal Presidential Election; Mail Box Damage T H A K c T Mark 25th Annlv. Billn"" Elected' "- t,- Short- 1 . J A Federal Offense o Mr. and Mrs. 'Lloyd Metcalf of .Uy ,overnor, nc-ctecteu The post office department to For the. fine vote.the ;Billings ~he frrotters community were ~ I day issued a warning that it is ~oumy r'mneer re cel.vea [or ox- guests of honor on their 25th or 'Senator John *F. Kennedy took fin and Ollie Lutz, all write-in to make him an outstanding rep-la federal offense to willingly cr imla~^ paper^ oz^,:~1,u~ngs uoumy suver weaamg annwersary, on an early lead election night in candidates. I resentative. Miller served as the' maliciously injure, tear down orl'~ ,=~ ~ ,=,a~ c~L~ A a~ ~uts=- Sunday, Nov. 6, 1960 at the Trot-'~his presidential race against V. I ~Sen. John Kennedy polled 395 'Supt. of the ,Beach high school destroy any receptacle used fori a.ay. 'we wanz you zo Know we te~ church parlors. I Pres. ~ichard Nixon and before ;votes to 368 for V. Pres. Richard for many years, and is now in l the receipt or delivery of mail. i s n~e~lY apprecmte your vote Ladies of the commumty .pre- midnight it was definitely known M. Nixon. ~)on Short was high the insurance business in .Beach;Iln the past, rural mail boxes a,u ,~ppurt. p.ared and served an appet~zmg~ " lin the county for U. S. Repro-I Matt Tescher, D of Sentinellhave been frequent targets of[ ~rs.: AliCe .z,eDo, ~l.tor o~nner at 1 p.m. to a larg.e hum0- 1 [ sentative in Congress, 373, fol- ,Butte. trolled the next highest I pranksters and those intent up I . . walter u~ratton, ~-uousner: er of fmends, and relatives. Mr l ~ lowed by Raymond Vendsel with'vote in this district to Miller's.l on vandalism. (t'oL aa. pma Dy ~wai~ ~rattonj aria ~v~.s. Metcatf were seated at I ~ - . 352. +Nygaard had 323 to 298 for l ,However, the Post Offme De-i a special table centered with a Anson Anderson ~.:~.:.:~:~:~:~:~::: ~!~:.~:~;~:z~.<~:~:~.~:~.* ~ I rt ~ f r c ' [ ] ~ ~- ~-:.~ '.'~J:"~.~i~ pa merit stated that be o e su h ~'~ m~tr,T~m~r~lr,mm~ r~1,rt :~-tmr weaamg caKe wnmn was -- The three democratic caridi- ~i~i!~":'~j~ pranksters attack a rural mail !!~ L/~t~|L Jt~ made and beautifully decorated ~ ~ ~.#~ dates for IHouse of Representa- ~]!~i~~~ box it might be well for them to ~-~ ~'n .z, by Mrs (Norman Nellermoe Bou co~r ~ c,~ INygaard behoved running neck, ~ Dram 196 r t " ' "I ~ -~.'&~~ [ tives from the 39th District car- ] ii~~~"' '-: I consider that their activities[ -Nml- Hnnnr~ f 1 el cut flowers dd d I :~:-'~:: v~,u, ,a quets o ov y a e . ~~.' ~ l ried the county. Stanley Maix-t ~i;i~~l could net them a $1,000 fine or l beauty to the table setting. -. " --. - : net was high with 375 foltowedt iii::::::ii::~~~ 3 years imprisonment. Postal In A total of 75 N. D. farmers . Afterward the couple was pro-I ~.~.~~ Iby Chuck Fries with 370 and/ ~-ii~::~i:i~~il[spectors investigate cases ofiand ranchers ha~e been selected sented with many cards and,~.~.~ ] Matt Tescher with 356 Billl iiiiiiiiii!iiiii~~i I damage to mail boxes and turn l to be honored for their outstand- gifts from their family and ~,~~ O'Connell was high of the three iiiiiii~i~~i]offenders over to the U S. At- ing soil and water conservation friends. Out of town guests in-~ ~~ /republicans, receiving 343 to 334t iiiiii:!i!::i!::!!:~~iittorney for criminal prosecution.! efforts, during the annual con- eroded Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Met-! ~~~~ tfor A. ~. Miller and 303 for Law-t i~iiiii-:i:i:~~;~i The Government takes a veryivention of the N. D. Assn. of .~alf jr, and David and Beth, of rence ,Bowman :~ ~: :~:~ 'serious attitude toward the de- Soil Conservation Districts in ~Z ' . " I ' ~i~::::?:!:::/i :/ :!:~:i:~i::::i~#:~i~i!i! " I (blendlve Montana, Larry Met- ~~ 1 On the referred and initiatedt i:~:::: :~i predation and re uest that any. Bismarck from `Dec 1 to 3 CaLl'WOI ~'omLzviont sons c ] measuresall 3 carried with a ::::::::]~ ~---.~. - ]: = one having information which lnciuQea in ~ne xa. men Irom t~]ecouple, and :Skip Peterson, IPI~ES.-~LECT JOHN KENNEDY YES vote by a good majority :::: ~i~[might lead to the identification the southwestern district, who ~ I " " f ::'i:~:[':) '/:> " ' " ' ~ ' Big Timber, Montana, and Mr that he had won in the six large. Statewzde, it looks as though ::i!~i~ l of a person responsible for marllare to recezve large colored aer- and Mrs. Arlo Adams of Glen- ~states with the bie electoral ~ill Guy Democrat is certainl ~i:i~ I box damage advise his postmas-lial photographs of their farm- d~ve, the latter mete and nephew vote which aave hi ah,to be North Dakota s next eov-] ~:, --~:.i~ ]ter at once I steads are E. E. .Ueckert of " 1 J ~" I ' ' ~] the honored coup e. 'a mar~,in to be vir ,~ll ~ssur ernor, with a safe margin over ~~J' : i~ l Beach, better known as Erv Uec- Lloyd Metcalf and Hflda 'Sam- ed of winnina the -,r~sidenti~l!C P `Dahl, and it now anr~ars. ~~ :::~ A],~,~ ~Y,~] ~ ][-][]o'~ !kert, who has worked hard to uet were married ~Nov. 7, 1935,1race ~, v ,- = tthat' the .Republicans took~'~he[ ~~:':!:~ ~,vait ~t:x ,~.=~** set up all the necessary projects at Drake, N. D by Rev. Otto f.t In tile county race Dan Osad- rest of the offices with a new-i i At Fresco Rodeo ]to make h~s farm ehg~ble for thin r --stor of the Lutheran+ - ' ~ - ' "- ~erue, pa chuk was re-elected to the of- comer ~o me scene, ,ueachs own i lhonor, oevempea unaer me .Church. Ifice of county auditor defeatin,*'A ~R Miller, winning a pleuralityl RlCSAR~ ~a. ~,XO~ 1 lne t~ow ~'aiace r~oaeo m ~an Great Plains Conservation Pro. ~ . . . . I Fr nclsco, Calif ended last Sun. gram Mrs. Helen In,man. who was of the votes to make him a ~tte and wall be returning as State ;~+ ~. ~.; + " ; ~ running on stickers, 529 to 213.]Representative from the ~Pth ',~e resentative. Lawrence Bow-l-,s*: ~, ,-.= v-,-I ,;~ome oz me Improvements ne eteran s Day ,Ineman entered the race .Legislative District. He will ~be m?~,h~s ~ marain ,wer ~tan-Ifessmnal, .Sl~fts biggest payoffs has made include estabhshment i~ ]nl| ] labour 10 days before the election" taking one of the three incum- ley Maixner, D, with both run- mr p~alxlclp~tmg~:~Doys in ~netof over 900 feet ofgrassed water: , ~ bent re res m ~i ' . ~---~, ,~'-,v-,~ ways comprising 12 acres, zlela fro r r nnc Atty ~m. Emhhorst was re- p e a yes posts. Imng neck n neck at time of . t anl la el [ w h~, 1. t.-.~, money, Alvin 'Nelson of Sentinel,windbreaks farmstead and wild- t~ . l eiec~ect ~[a~es Attorney, cteleat ~v- -,v~ *--, tins incomplete ~aDulatlon. Bu+t,~ ~m,~ ~,ura',u" ~xHth hlah hnn i, ' . . . I ing Brian Keohane, 431 to 334 agrees that Mr Miller undo~bt- Jim Hardy D ~residential' * ~. ~";'~" .'~. --T- -~,-- :--- n~e plammgs, contour strip crop- 2no program ior veteran's Day ~ : ' ' . ' - ~ . . ors m me Shame oronc rlcung!nin~ with ,russ buffers an~ El 11 ho= h~a. nl~nn,~d nnd ' rear, Lnsoori cteleateo t~arot - - - - elector, will no~ oe meeting wire. division n~,~ke*ina ~ ~ f~r i "- . - :' - a~ ,f "McBride for +h~,*~^~ --* +-. --=- - - - - .t ~ r~ +;~ o*.* ,~,~o I,v--~ * ~" "' I wmctstrlp cropping, oeslaes = ~ ~ ~,c c. ~=,~.a "~= ='="" winnin 1 ' w.ll be carried out as follows. I -- =: - -: i g 4th p ace in the aver-,plantmg 110 acres of grass seed- '' ~ ,~ ~Upt~flllt~2~lLlt~nt oz scnools ~l. =- ~~ :: - - tors on 'Dec.Le. oecause tne I a-e i . . ~-z ~ pm wmm '~rana~, Am, e-i - ' . g mg ana severat omer improve- " ~: ; ill to 291. The Bflhngs County Pio- State went Repubhcan The in d~,~ contest m~d,~ ~,~v ]---:,- g'on /Nat I vice t:ommanaer, w ' " --- ,-,'= -mem~ " " I neer was elected official nows- . 'In the ~tate Senatorialrace, I r " s-~eak to the students at the - ~ ~~~,; eat changes in the lower brack-The achievement Dro~ra i paper oz me county recelv,ng ~elana ~oen, ~, garnerea zs~or ets of d ~ m s .~each high school on Veterans ~ ', ,~',~~~~ . . ~ the ro eo money columns,]now in its 14th year and eac~ ,~ . ~ .~ : . : . ~ ~ ~, to vu~es to ~o ~ Ior tile t~eiIlelfl I ~~~:i;t '~ votes oy wecmesaay Iorenoon, a+ the s-m~ *;m ~'; l . .- ' .'" '~ay. =.~ =upi,~ u= =.~ ~a,~ w,=, u= ~,^ ~ .~ . ~:: ~ ," ~ ~ ,* = - = vu~,s ~u,=[ ear honors one zarmer or rancn- ,t ** ~ ^,: ~ ~r 1;.~ ",~w~. .~u ~orne~t mcumoen~ ~~:~.~ : icompareo [o ~eacn s JaCK ~ai- seasonalleadersfartherah"-d ~ y , ,~ay a. a~ ~ ~a~,u, ~ ,u,~. 'candldat"~ for +~'e w: ~ ~.~ : ' -- - -: =~<: " ~ ,-. ^.~. ~ ,~= ~ =,* ,Ter irom each or me state s 75 ~ harles `D. Swanson of the ~ - I~~~ l aH benton wmmng th~s yearssoft conservation d~strmts I ~ ,~-;t,~,~ ~c{- ~f ~o~ xtrill ~r~ O]- ~ll[lngS t-,ounty recetvec~ bo2 ~~::~:~ {to at mis carry time. ~ oham,~io-shi~, *ifIn~ ~nlxr ~o+, " ~.~, .v *. ~'~e'~'~ Y-" ~.7" t votes to 100 for Paul k ' ebc, ] ~= [ 'Don Short in the R column, i bi- Io*'~'~" ~ ~Z '"~'^ ~.'~"~,:~ ".~ ' - ---'----~ a.ess me gracte s .n oi pupils . * ' :~ . ',~ u~u i~la~it~ to ue ptayeu,~, ~-, +~,~ ~f ernoon i who rece,ved enough write-in ] ~~~ !of 'Beach and Medora, U. S. Rep at St Louis Mo before the fam- Dept. Plants Trees ~ . t votes at the primary e:ecti~n to: ~received a high percentage of - ' "'. : T" " . " From 5:30 to 6:30 there will t,~ ,~,+ ~,~ ,~ e.-- - * ~~ ~i ,ous National Finals Rodeo in i For X~ fldhfe Habitat be a social hour in the club-i ~"in"th"e" r~c~:;~~' I ~~l ~ me vines, wl.m ms running mate, Dallas, Texas in late December :4 rooms at the Legion Hall. Fol- i - ~! xto: '~ ::- ~~ ~, ] Ton~ Tescher, high-ranking' ' "" g 3 0 the No t x Dakota ~owing this the Legionnaires and ~,~In ~ne 1st ,:.<.::. ~ ;2~~~' ~n necv= wire i~aymona venose, cowboy in national standings, i Game and Fish Department :~-~embers of the Aux. will hold a ceiss;uliV'aaa .~:s.~ ~va.~ .~12 :'1, ~~ 1). TheSe counts are au mcom- was a contestant at Frisco, but' planted 800,000 trees and shrubs c namate o.e~eating Geo ~" ~- - plete and could change either ill luck d~-'"ed his eff"rts ~s i*~ fo~ use b, wildlife announced pot lUCK supper irom o:.~ to o:uu Kadrmas the " . . ~ ' . us~ u,a ~ ~ , ~m At 8 p m a meetin~ will ~ . ," . ~cumbent, 10~ to A.R. MILLER -, way, before all the precincts in did Dean Armstron~s bothOf r Bob Morgan, habitat biologist. be he}d with" Comm Don Bren~-~ 72. Sy~vesterKanski was e~ect- edly has a thorough and extt*,h-:the state are in and counted, the S.entinel Butte community This surr~me,'~ trees and shrubs 'e -~residind" Th,~ members of edcount~ assessor o~ the first sire knowledge of how the gov-] There was unprecedented in- An upset at the Frisco rodeo furnished by the department es- :he ~'~ux will furnish musical idistrict' defeating Vtc Stigen, 122 ernment operates, and also has terest in this election, with just~saw the steer wrestling champi.ltablished 180 new wildlife wint- ~:] inn~" wi*b ho introductionl to 72. ,Karl Gunkel was,high man a comprehensive background of about every voter going to the onshin ~'o to Bill Fedderson a~ or-over plantings, and replaced ~,~"-~=s-' St'ate'rs" follo'w'ina Re-in the race for assessor in the information on the history of polls, despite cold, wintry wen-I brother of Don Fedderson ~'ho trees in 447 older plantings marks will be made by Earl i t nd d~str~ct, defeating Jm~ Grif- the U. ~ all of which will help thez m this area. t had won it 2 years in 1958 and These specm]ly designed plant- Fischer, Comm. of the V'FW of! ~ 1959. " i ings averaged 4.7 acres in size. Golva, preceeding an address de- A encv Broadens m m IT W/L I Miss Ellen Trotter was a can- Although thedepartment form- Iivered by Willie "Brandt at thel tr. T "I ~ ]neaim um[ ]lldl-Uy l'lllU$ ~1 lit~t~didate for national rodeo queen er,y piamect aoout 1.2 million t trees each year, the number was h ram Loan fro ram , c] ~lel fetgi~n:: gs and Auxili-t g tiT, n ," ID g -]" ][~-,- 1' reduced to 800,000 this season a", members are urged to at-i ,Farmers who have regular o, -Iwarns oi llaDleS tlrtacrrvu J-}~/ Jdp~I I so as to allow more time and :~n *,~ ,~o-r~m Ifarm employment, if otherwise ! -- "~ I ~ - - -- -:-- = -- -~ ]money forhabitat evaluation v- ~,-. eli i~ble ma " I During the pas~ numoer oi,i ] g,y obtain farm oper-, . t ~Howard Hardy of ~Beach andI = "~- - ~= =. =- :-]and work on State Game Man- r, ~ rating and development loans]Y::::ncthe:~hhaV:nsba~nckS~ve:na~ ,Harold West of Idaho, represent- = -~=- - ----: --- -=[ ]agement ~Area projects. l-gancll J~oys llOS[S from the 'Farmers l-Iome Admin- " i atives of the Great Plains Wheat, ! - ----- - - -- - - I 'During the past ten years At ]l~itl~v P~.rtv listraton, under the reaently re-]bitten by animals suspected ofilnc" and Western ,Wheat Asso-I ---- -- ----- -- --- ~ ](19~1-1960) the departmen(has ,I a rabies ,In too many or mese . vised regulations of the agency.[ : ]vlates now traveling m the Far] ~~~ Iplanted 10,415fi~0 trees and ~3oys who reside at Home on[ Joseph J. Schneider, Farm-[instances tne .ammat ~ a esl~East said in a report of their[ I shrubs in 2,904 winter-cover ers Home Adm istratlo and the remains Durlea wlwtou~ ~he Range for [Boys at Sentinel in" " n countyI .~ [finding that the U. S. is general-]~~~ I plots. These wildlife tree plant- ~utte proved themselves as grac- supewisor for Stark, Bi~li~gs, ]~?esexammau n zor possmm ra-11~; considered a producer of soft ~~~~ ings cover 12,399 acres - nearly Jous hosts, at their party last and G~Iden Valley counties, I . t IIealth]white wheat and that hard redI ~~~II~i ]all of which is on private land. Friday evening, Oct. 4, for ~riends said t~e new regulation will gol. "i~ne :~ou~nwesternha~Ye~.the fol ~wheat is associated mainly withI fin a cooverative orogram, the ~a town. The gym was attractive-]~vtOe~eCt October 1. ~Previous-]~o~n; r~e:l;~ht e~ato in case;ICanadian P[ duce='ills sch t ]department furnishes the trees ]y decorated in an orange and] Y, opt in rural develolmaent] k l Touring four,ools] Ifree and pays for their planting ,comatms a ~ rmer ix d where me anlmm mm vrca s black Halloween theme, where[ ",a a :to ~pend[ [where bread is consumed in aI [on land furnished by landown- most of me SKIn on me humans a dancing contest was conducted, [ his time farming in[ " s- his l lunch program and bakeries, Har-] ~ --- ~ - -- - - ~ers. After that, the landowners with ffohn ~'earson and Vir inia order to qu~ify ~or a loam 1. me v mura snoma, ee dy said they found an increasing[ ~/~ ----- :- - - -- [must care for the nl~nt~ und~. Sparlm of ~3each selected asg the] E~perience gained in rural or net aoctor Immedetely. linterest and use of wheat pro-] ~~ Iterms of an agr~ment"'where-by best of the dancing couples. Fa-]develol~nent counties has shown[. 2. "rne am.real snoma v~ ~aP~[ducts in the Japanese diet. In[ ]wildlife will benefit. turea allve ~r possible v~t ep~ hool lunch usa e ther ~ahnlander and memberslt~at .many ~armers who are reg-] ~st 14Ithe total sc o ~ g ofl ~~- ~ -- -- [ Habitat development is a u unaer o~servauon xor a~ xoun of the staff of the Ranch werel ~ar~y en~1oyed off the ~arml ould di;lwheath wever' they ct that] '~.~ - --'=-~ ]basic necessity of wildlife man- c~aperones. Ican profitably use t~he ,Farmers[aays- ,~t. me snI. labout 60% of the wheat used] = -Z= ]agement, but is strictly a lonuo The guests, who numbered ap-[Home Adorn. credit facilities to[W't n ,me .yomme.m.e t perx^ ,[came from C~a" They learned] ~ ~ ~" [range program. Results do not the ~eaml um~ snotutt ~,~ .u~ th~ ~a anese cnil proximately 100, enjoyed an ap-[increase the ,farm portions of ~ = imm = ~V The head ;;[too, that 2 P. . ~dren[ ~ ~ ' ]begin to show up for several petizing lunch afterward. Theltheir tota~ incomes. The re~ula- ~eu a~w~lY. t~ t~;[especially prefer me wheat pro-~ ---- [years after the initial work is ~ ~ ,I ~. ~ nm I tions ,~hich h~,~ 1;mi* ~ ~+1 me atom w De sen I ducts over their usual rice foods/honors recenuy, out restuts were~ i. 3,~an~,~ =nd the ui~.l~ hv l~=.=nlassistan~e to farmers whn ~,~]~a~e ~,~r=~tT a= ~rm~ ~ ~|The Japanese now use oread atino~ avaname oz tne contest, as/lifo ,~o ~; ~, +~.oo . ~+ ^, -.^- ~.~1~ [most o~ t~pir tim~ fa~Lr~ ,~,~ ]for an amination. ]least 2 meals per day. [the 1~ews went to press this Wed.]~,n ,~,; + -"-~'- [ventln~ s-o~ f'r-~ ~------~- v~:[ 3. If it is necessary to destroy[ ~Hardy stressed the importance~ Miss Trotter, who was Miss['"~'~'~ "~"':,a = ~. r~ -, ,n 1 vv | ' ~; '.= - in~nm~. ~,~ ~ ~ [the animal in, attempting to cap-lof a foreign promotional ~-[Rodeo North ~akota, 1960, left[ .~ .~ ~=~. + : J[fm~ecor(l l-lOp |~ " ~ ~-~-:" . -."-: -'~'iture it, do not in~ure the head|~ram to attract potential ~,;,~,llast r ed for Las Vegas, .Nev,~'.; ~,~, .?:, u ~. zan'ns arta ~rom 7.aKmg agtv=mtage e animal . ~- ."~ ~'- . - me-row cutuva~ors, over z0 ]:~,o~ .~ma~ [o~ atmortuniV~ fo- ~.~ ~ ,[of th . After the animal[on the ava~'~lllty aud nutrition-[where she competed for the tttle . ~'~=~ ~-~--'~'~"~ / . ~ ~ - ~,~t~t~a~l;o .u,~troved !,= hoo,~ oh,=t,~ ~,~l ~ [tree planting machines, 11 tract ~amd ot~er ofif~farm employment '~" ~ ' '3. '~at vmua ot u. ~. nara rea wtteat.lOt ~L~s ~toaeo America .~ov. ~,/ors, plus numerous other t- : (Four hundred kids attendedl ,j." .Isevered, packed in a water-hght[They noted that Canada's promo-[4 and 5. She was competing|of 1+~,~+ ~ ,ti~,~ ~noCX~ ~he ~ ~ecord Hop in Beach[ umer ettgmmty.requ~rements,bag, p acKe.a m a. container of ltion has benefited that industry[against rodeo queens from all|trailer~'t~t~cl~s an~i'"~--o,~'a~,X"~,~ c S y. 19 kids did! ; lyou have ever seen It is 39631hand that turns *ho t.~, ~ot vote The other 177 student~~arn~ ma~ are ~amuy-type size~laobramry ~mmeaiately mr ex- mrs. ~ooay Thompson was~o~,~o ~o,+o~ :~ +~= ,~+h ~" "aid 50c admzssion l sma~'ler. No loan w~ I be made I ammatmn of Rabies . I surprised, Pleasantly, when she t o v " ; -- " 1 " th . t t r d " [ XOLI WllJ. vemure at~ mxs way ; ~,~,a~,- ~r.t.uatt t = ~u~a'. -r~, ~American ~.~a;~. ~,r~Ty [m'liess a p an ior e coming[ [ eceivea me oor prize, a lt~2,J] i~ ~nd out aaain ]TO BE IN BEArer V'X, "adult ch~ [year's ~arming operations showsTo Tenn. -- l proof set of coins, at the coin t-',~, will "-~ netrate from car t . "~'." per nes,:were[flaat income from the ~arm and[ Mr and Mrs Dan Caffertv re-land stamp meeting held last[ -! A rep.resema ive of the Bi~ "v'tt~-y llt~pM~' UVt~ " LiltS ~tLLILLI(A~ . " " " t v u t~, ~av=--, a ~ va~a~ tu marcK or~ e o= me Socialc " ~mc~ar . ot~er sources will be ~arge ceived word from their dau h- Sunday aRernoon Members of . " ~nd behawor of the k~ds g," . . passage. You will pass throughz AdmJ~ wi~1 ibe at th lenough to enable ~e farm ~am-ter and family Mr and Mrs Nell the club vomed their approvall n - .~. Ity e cotmty ll co un se at ~ac~l on "l~nursaay ~r~o1~A~ ~T~nn~O [ Y to have a reasonable stand-ISkmner of ~Detrolt, Mmh that,as Mrs. Thompson had been one[ ~,~;.~m~,~ ~ n n m[ II~ 1~t2-~Ll~ ~I~,TJLr~/3 lard of hying, pay debts, and they would soon be leaving De-~of the mainstays m the club inln~v, o~.~ot v m ~ ~oI " ~ at ~u. a.m. SLrl~Gmy ~h~ve an. adequate reserve for i troi-t for Memphis, Tenn. to vaake*,!ts better than two years of ex-~s~'Conti--n-ent~o'f A'=t'~nti~~"".'~.t MEDORA~ Julia l~ttaber~, Golva. / emergen~ms. Itheir home. Mr. Skinner is an', mtance. /The ~*rehistoric ,Dimetrodons . . . I LUTHERAN CHURCH Greg ~;: Sentinel ~3utte. [ -- [employee of .Ford Motor Co. and[ The members of the club fea-|The Subterranean Oceans ! Rev. Alton Johnson, Pastor ~v ADMiSSiONS SUCCESS FOR ] has recently been promoted. Mr&'tured their nickel collections. At[ ThrilLs will never stop! You}SUNDAY M~. Eva Colvin, Mrs. Maryl~LOFr BOWHU~q~R$ ISkinner is the former ~BettyCaf-the .ne. xt meeting on Dec. 4thlwiU see the Giant Mushrooml $:30 a.m. WorShip. Gilhan~ Mrs. Julia Dixon, Joyce| ;Final tabulation shows that ]ferry. Canadmn co~ns wall be! 'Underground ~arth-I 9"30 a.m. Stmday School. ~Aarin, Tom Johnson, Mrs. S, L.|263 bowhunters purchased li-[ -----~---~--------- me~ |quakes: The Cavern of Light: ITIYESD~Y Sh~ ,~ ~ Marciniak,|censes to hunt pronghorns this[Elk Hun ring --- ~'~~&i Ho From Laurel .-- [ YOU are right there exploring] 7:30 p.m. ~M2F Chas. Hollstei~ Mrs. Jennie|falL At least 32 antelope were[ Don Abe rnethy and Mrs. Don Kukowski and baby|a fabulous world -- below the[ T~IUtt~AY St;even~ ~O~,l~f Iw ~r~pp, M~ bagged--raising hunter succass|Ieft last (Friday to do wel'e,~l~=e ~ at the home of her|oworld. . . [ 4 p,m~ St. Confirmation Otto Ail~eiidinger ]to 12.2%. [h~at~ . in M~m~ en~fl Kittelsons. The~ Sk~o/w'mg at the Bijou Theatre[ ,5 p.n~ Stmior Co~irmafion. . / * I IL " "l * i a [ I~ havt= g no ~ow~k their home4~n~ay, ~'ldaF, and Sat ] 7 p.m. Luther League outing to Drlve ~o you'll arrlve ALIVE! t Atte~ Church On Sunday return ~ov. 6 ov. 17=18-19. [Bible Camp (hayride)