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November 10, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 10, 1960

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. DAK, THURSDAR, NOVEMBER 10, 196@ ~~l~ll~nlll~!llq1~!,lll~?,itl}!lll',~'.lllTIQl:!~M~!'!!~:iltl! Commissioners Proceedings i~o:, Industries, Grader abatement pertaining to the valua- Maurice Ellingson, Salary 166.16 Blades 235.40 lion and the taxes on SE~&-144-100,W.O. Christensen, Road & Fargo Tank & Culvert Co stating that the valuation on thatBridge .- " 19.40 Culvert 998.92 particular Real Estate was too high ,ca C wnel] Sheriff, Pets. ~,s earned on the assessment rolls.Kessel & Kessel, Supplies ~0.00 W. O. Christensen & Kessel Pron. Taxes 9,0@ A motion was made by Joubert and & Kessel, Supplies 169.06 Dakota Tool & Machine. Ms- seconded by Kordonowy to table tb~ W. O. Christensen & John c n~ work 39.30 abatement as the Board will have to inspect the Real Estate in question Phil, Salary 288.70 12:00 O'Clock Noon the Board ad- Humble Oil & Refining Co on Sept~ber 5, 1960 before any de- journed far dinner and reconvenefl Fuel & Gasoline 1722,3 eision was made. Motton was car- at 1:00 to continue auditing the bills. .utmel Lumber Co Gas ried. can I.~ Standard Oil Co Supplies 56.48 Metiers, North Dakota Tractor & FXlUiD. Co Daniel Osadehuk, asked the Board Dickinson SUDDly Inc Re- , for an approval of a two week vacat- pairs August 2, 1960 SuDnlies : 350.00 132.90 9:45 O'Clock A. ~. l'*actor & Equin. Co ion commencing Au~Rlst 8, 1960 to Northwestern Sheet & Iron The Doerd of County Commission- Rental of Patrol No, 12 944,0@ August 19, 1960. a; ~'totlon was made Works, Supplies 1,252.13 era met in regular session with Co~nd Tractor & Equiv. Co by Kordonow and seconded by Jou Floyd C. Oyhus, Salary . 15.00 miulioners Kadrmas, Joubert a Rental of Scraper 86.~) bert to 'a~pr0ve the same- Motion Fargo Culvert Co Cul- . . KoI~lonowy present. Tractor & Equiv. Co carried Tl~e minut~ of the regular meeting Operating Patrol NO. 14 972.00 A motion ~as made by Kordonowy verts 1,784.01 Kubik Motors, Cables 3.60 of July 5, 1960 and Special Meetings Ti'actor & Equip. Co and seconded by Joubert to amend Lindbo Service Station, Seal Rental of D-6 scraper 1,030.00 the June 7, ,1980 minutes to read "The All 2.50 July 6, 4960 and July 19, 19SO were r'mllipn Pet. Co Diesel State Examiners' report was present-Joe L. Hild. Salary. %00 read.A n~o4ionand a~provedwas madeaS JouDert" '" - fuel : : 13050 ed to the,' Board ahd after going Knight Printing Co Sup- ~ ~nded by Kordonowy to levy Joseph Sivak, Operating Cat348.80 through the .report the board made plies 141,4~ Mobil Oil Co Diesel No. 2 93,31 their recommendation -tnstruetir~ the Tractor & EquiV. C'o . e mills for the UnoI~ganized Township '~ ractor & F~lui.v. Co Texaco, Inc Gasoline ~7,~, Road. Motion carried. " " Auditor ,to' write to'th~ examiners RRepairs 300.00 "A motion wais made by KordonothW~e Supplies : 753.45 stating that' all' of "his recommends- CharLes McCutchan, Bridge end seconded by Joubert to pay t e u,~ziv~aen. Co Sup- lions were being followed and would Work : 8.00 .~ollowing bills out of Billings Co un- plies 1,540.10 Schultz Mach. Co Sup- be carried .out. Motion carried Leo Roberts, Bmdge ~J ]~uilding" Fund. Motion carrlea:plies 302.14 Reports of various officers were Work ; ' 8.00 J~hn S. Fhill, For Carpelrter 2 l~illiltgS County Pioneer, Pub- approval as follows: Work : 19 .00 Sam Logasz, Brioge lic~ftions 646.86 Audito: Work 8,00 ~Lea~on "Lumber CornDany~ 12:00 O'Clock P. M. the Board ad- May-Transfer and Filing Fees 26.50 Louis Logasz, Bridge Work 35.00 Fo~ Material 38.20 journed for dinner and reeonvened County Judge Wm~er F. Hlebichuk, Bridge foll~wing bills wereauditeda: I:0~ O'Clock to contmt~e auditing May-Fees Collected None Work ":-= x- 47.00 and approved for payment, the bills. Clerk of Court Farmers Union Oil ~o Caeorge Kadrmas, Salary and Bilhngs County Pioneer, Pub- May-Fees Collected 50 Gasoline ;" 8.19 Mileage 163.00 lications ~ ~Register 02 Deeds Christensen's Auto WrecK- ~Peter Kordonowy, Salary Mike's Sanitation ~er May-Fees Collected 165.~0 ing. Suppli=~ 1220 and Mileage 101.10 Cleaning tank & well pit 32.00 Sheriff Mann's Automotive Supply, ~rl F. Joubert Salary and ~il~ge [ ~ 155.20 Knl~iht Printing Co Sup- May-Fees Collected 3 /lRepairs 288,58 plies . 22.71 Sheriff ' " ~teve ~ymionow, Operating Kubik Motors, St~pphes 6.81May-Personal Property Txs. Quanrud Brink & Rieboht, I~atrol 310.28 County Treasurei:: Personal Globe Gazette Printing Co Co:l 98953 Repah-s 60.67 Supplies 148.11 Audito: " Crossman & Fraiter Garage. th, op. Txs 77.72 E, H. Jur~ens, Insurance June-Transfer fees 75 Repairs 15 31 Fred Richard, Operating Pa- Premimu 24.70 Register of Deeds kessel Implement Co Sup- 'a'ol ? 354 00 County Treasurer. V.~gcs -- June-Fees Collected . 165.55 plies 5.87 Farmers Union Oil CO Alex Ehrmantraut, Operat- John S. Phill 192.00 County Judge Pat. & Cat 377.60 Cu. Treas. Heaton Lmbr. dun-~-Fees Collected .%50G.~, dinu . 176.64 Albert Hlebechuk, D-6 Clerk cf Court Schultz MachineryCo Re Scraper & Rd. Work " ei: 1,412.00 Co Supplies for Crt. House . 40.00 Social Welfare Bills from 5689 to June-Fees Collected 1.50pa,::, 145.63 Benjamin F. Volesky, Op - 55s}; were approved for paym~m Sheriff Quanrud .Brink& Reibold] atin~ Cat 64.50 ~ " June-Fees Collected .60Repairs 34.15 Joseph C. Armbrust Driv. A motion was made uy Joubert and Sheriff No. Dak. Metal Culvert I Trk Oper. Mucker .~ ~:: 43.90 seconded by Kordonowy to approve June-PersonalProoer~v Txs, Co ~Culverts 949.66~ l~aul A. Lobe, elk. l-tegistvr tl%~ field agreement submitted by U.S. Cotl ' 96.16 Miller Sul~ply, Repairs 26.92 of Deeds 6.00 Department of of Interior and auth- Auditor Norman S. Chase, Bridge Ted Cornell, Sheriff, Mileage 30.70 orizing the chairman of the board to July-Transferfees 1.50Work 248.00 Beatrice L. Thomas, Experts- sign the agreement. Motion carried. County Judge Johnny's Standard Service, s and Mileage 58.38 Mr. Roy Lillibridg~, Fairfield, n~ July-Fees Collected 15.09 R pa*rs 71,76 Standard Oil Company, Die- Dak. appeared before the Board a Registerof Deeds Humble Oil & Refining Co Ssl fuel 58.50 presented an Application for an July Fees Collected 263.40 Fuel LET'S WIN! 185.36 Clerk of Court South Side Merc Co Sup- July-FeesCollected None plies 13.80' S~eriff Paul ,~Dowhaniuk. SC~rm. 40.1~ July-FeesCollected None Belfield Farm Equip. Sup- Sheriff ol]es 18.10 JuJv-Parsona Property Txs. Aeme Welding & SupPly, Call None Rental of Cylinders 3.60 Having no further business the Alex ,Hnrn~antrout. Ope~- Eoard adjoin-ned sine die. sting Patrol 277.82 George Kadrmes, Fred Richard, Operating Chairman Patrol 312.68 Attett: Benjamin F. Volesky, Oper- Daniel Osadchuk, sting Cat. 122.22 Auditor, Social Welfare bills from 5776 to 5783 and 5842 to 5844 inclusive were Modern, North Dakota approved for payment. September 6, 1960 Having no further buai,r~ess the Boa~d adjourned sine die~ 10:03 O'Clock The Board of County Commissioners George Kadrmas met m regular session with Cam- Chairman m~sswners Kadrmas, doubert, and ATTEST: Darne~ Osadchuk Kordonowy present. County Auditor. The minutes of the regular meet ing ,of August 2. 1960 were read and SALE OF STATE LAND approved at read. An application for an abatement The State of North Dakota will hnd ,settlement of Taxes of Roy sell at oublic sale at 11:30 a.m. (MST) Lillibridge of Fairfield, North Dakot~a Win useful free prizes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Roberts married seismograph crew of the Sun Sept. 3, at St. John's Catholic Oil Co. The bride is the former church in Beach, are now at Doris J. Kryzsko, daughter of Mr. home in Sidney, Mont where and Mrs. Tony Kryzsko of Beach. the bridegroom is a member of a / c )n-abou pretaining to SE~& 12, 144. 100 was on the 1st day of De~ember, 1960, at taken into consideration at this meet- the front door of the Court House ing and IVlr. Joubert made a motion in Medor8, North Dakota, the fol- to reduc-c, the assessed valuation from 1840 to 1500 dollars since he felt lowing described land: Tie-col[of the valuation was too high. How- Southeast quarter {SE!4) of Sec- /" COSUaJ wit~ ever, Mr. Kordonowy was of the tion Thirty six (33), TownshipOne opinion that the valuation should hundr:=d, forty one (141) North, of t~i/," ~ $o~t skiF~ and not be changed since the valuation Range ~inety eight (98) West (160 was set according to the soil survey and soil classification, and made a acres more or less aeco 'ding easy zip closing. motion to reject the application. Mr, Government survey) r Deep-tone Batik print Kadrmas broke the tie by' stating that he was for the reduction iof the All minerals including l)ut not valuation, and the application was limited :rio oil, gas, coal, cement ms- on easy-core cotton. approv,ed as stated above. The PUrchase of 3.15 acres of land terials, 'sodium sulphate, sand and 'ptiI~osein NW~,~ofOfbuildingSee. 2, a139'road102wasfOr con-the gravel, road material, building stone, Green, belie or sidered and a motion was made by chemical substances, metalie ores, 5lue in sizes Joubert and seconded by Kordonowy uranium ores. and colloidal or other may on 12 to 40 and | | | n BRAND | i | O SEE YOUR 1 1 The following bills were audited annually. This includes interest at and approved for payment: the rate of 4%. The purchaser will' !1Peter K rd n wy" Salary & Mileage 158 90 pay the costs of the sale. Earl F. Joubert, Salary & Mileage 91.90 The State has an offer of $5000.00. C~corge Kadrmas, Salary & When floral payment has b~n made, Mileage 170.50 the Board of University and School Steve Symionow, Operating Lands will issue to the purchaser, Patrol 368.17 1 BeaCh Oleaners, Cleaning his heirs or assigns, a patent con- . ~lanKets 7.50 veying title %a such premises. The Olney's Incorporated, Office | i i i i ~o pay Leon Hel tickson, Medora North Dakota, $157.00 for the traci clays which be found of land consisting of 3.15 acres and underlying such land are reservedI the Auditor was instructed to pay by the State, as provided by Sectio~I Mr. Hellickson when he delivers an 155 of the North Dakota Constitution. easeanent transferring the land to Billings C,~unty and also in the agre=- Not less than 20#; of the purchase' ment that the county would hire one pric~ must be paid at the ~i~ne o1"~ man to hel!a in replacing the fence the sale. The balance may be paid at the costruction site. and the short stretch of road leading East at any time thereafter with minimum from the site. Motion carried payment of 6~;~ of the purchase Price SulNolies 10.90 premises will be sold subject to the Paul A Lobe, Salary 50.92 present existing leases, i Burroughs Division, Serv2ees 38.30 l~orth Dakota Workmens Th~ Board reserves the right ~o Camp Premium 519.37 reject any and all bids. Ted Cornell, Mileage 36.70 iV~adora Telephone Co Ser- Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, vices 165.93 this 3rd day of Noverrtber, 1960. West Plains ~lectric, Services 26.65 Barnhart Grocery Supplies 1.95 Anton J. Sohmidt "P~an.~co~v, Ine Supplies 24.75 State Land Commissione~: Globe Gazette, Supplies 87.03 WUma ~en, Salary 20.00 (Nov. 10-17-24) OIL AND GAS I EASE NOTICE Notice is hereby given that The Bank of North Dakota will offer for oil and gas leastvg the five per centum (5%) or the fifty per centum (50%) or all of the oil and natural gas in or underlying the hereinafter described lands at public auction to the highest bidder at the offices of the said Bank In the City of Bismarck, North Dakota, on December 1, 1960, at the hour of nine o'clock A. M. Any leases issued pursuant to said auction shall be for a term of five (5) years at an annual delay rental of twenty-five cents (~6c) per acre and shall provide for a royalty of one-eighth (~th) of all oil and gae produced and shall continue in effect as long as otl or gas Is Pro- IT PAYS TO CHOOSE FROM THE ELEPHANT BRAND LINE i II I n ii duced thereunder in commercial quantities. The Bank reserves the right to reject any and all offers and bids. The said lands are identified and described as follows: IN BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Mlne~a] File No. Twp. Rge, See. Demerlptlon Aeres 1 9325 144 98 2 Lot 2, SW~NE~A, V ~SE~ 85,73 All proceedings for lease shall be had In accordance with the provisions of Sections 15, 17, 18 and 20 of Chapter 38-09, 1957 Supp. N.D.R.C, of 1943. andthe successful bidder will bs required to pay an amount equa| to the first year's rcntal plua the amount of bonus bid and costs of advertising at the ttmo of )easing. Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, this 1st day of November, 19~0 THE BANK OF NORTIt DAKOTA. AS AGENT FOR THE STATE TREASURER, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA, 700 MAIN AVENUE, BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA SALE OF OIL AND GAS I~ASES On the 30th day ~f November, 196~, at g ~ o'cloCk A. M the Board o~ Uni- versity and School Lands will sell at vttblie sale to tl~e highest bidder, oil and gas leases on the lands h~r, inafter described: ,B~LLI~&S COIANTY Twp. Range Section Description Mineral Acre 141 99 2 SE~ SO -141 99 14 ~rWz,% less 0.42 acres R/W 79.79 ,141 99 ~ N~z 180 141 m An : , -- -- . -- -- The sale will be held ia tl~ hearing room- on the ground floor Of *the State capitol building at ,Blsmarok: Leases will be ,issued for ,5 years at an annual rental of ~c ,per m/neral acre, BiddlnE will be on the bonus. The a~l bidder must pay ~or the costs of publ/shlng the no lces of sa le, and must ~ay one 3~e~r's ~ plus the bonus on the day of sale in bank~le funds. I'M GETTING READY FOR TH E N EXT DROUTH: THE GREAT PLAINS CONSERVATION IS HELPING. !:i:i:!:i:i:i::: :!:i:}:?:i:;i: to 22Y . 6.95 Dated :at Blmllm~k, North Etakot~, this 24th day of October, 1~0. ANTON J. SCHMIDT, Land Con-anlssioner. (Nov. 10-17)