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November 15, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 15, 1945

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/ i" i m . ," ! 1 VOL XXVII MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Thursday, November 15, 1945 NO. 2~. Icrlses tn t.ntna ana InaLeslll w, [Thre . [ llw dri g . Fundamentals Needed 1 IU1113 of 30 experts In fields of traffic ! ~ m aten Peace zn Far East. o o, f I .- ,- / . I I A I I / I A Moyer of Iowa State college I I I,r/ I I-oresee :>uosmntzaz wage In vos or I'OUCOTIOn i II '1. Lffi Released by Western Newspaper Union. ' [[ wors~ "truffle accident winters 'l[ ~ l ii~ -- o are expressed in these oolumns they are those of - - " DEPARTMENT OF .PEACE EDITOR'S NOTE: When opinl ns Wes:ern Newspaper Un ' !! WASHINGTON. --- This columnist t/ With= study of recent years I I Courses Must Be Centered Around Core of I ~ recently proposed that we begin showing traffic accident death [ [,:~::~a = "ec tressi " . thinking a little more about the Set . / [ rates for 36 northern states ~l I I Subl ts S ng Human Relat,0ns, [ J mort on the Mount in our tnternation- to 53 per cent higher in the win- Ph slca[" Buld" uAIs0 Important al relations, and among other things : II ::=11 I i . ter than in the summer months, Y " P " establish a Department of Peace. Meyer said, the combination of - - -- - . 1| ttlon -- I i It was suggested that along with more and older cars, more gas ~- - -: - - -: :-;-- --- ] / . . . ore g~s i [ Bv BAUKHAGE the Department of War and the navy / and more 'restraint wearyy'" a rv - i lurlv ' " n department we set up as our first News ,4 alyst and Commentator ~~-=-: - - - ,ers may r~sult in the wors.sea?aua, j," line of defense a Department of in history ur=vers m snow oei~ r t W in " I i . . . LOW oe~z i I WNU Service, 1616 Eye St ee, N [ g, hstening, speaking. Since radio Peace to promote the idea that the ~~i [ s~ates must consmer a an.gerous [ I Washington, D.C. broadcasts are heard daily by multi- only alternative to the atom bomb is / roaa conaitions ana snores smme- I t li " l ; - ~ -" "-'^ ar'icles t P ea millions critical listening to teach the world and ourselves ~, : - - - :- -~ . - " - - - 1 i diateiy cneck their vraxes, tire i [ ~ ~ =s m= s~u.;, e. ~ . i shoul.~ ~.~ :L. . t. ~^ that - must ~. ~l~n-, with each - " = .-- --~ - -- - -,chains, windshield wzpers, de- [on the new reconversion, t s o ~d.~,~,~ ~T .~thor '[ frosters, and headlights [ I in education ) [ P- s -- ". .i . I " e dom of expression is an " Since fr e One aftermath of thzs zdea ]s stg ~~ : - - [ Concermng tuture auto and I [ In a previous column I laid bezore. [ ess~nfi~l ~ftrir,t. ,~f,4 ~,v niflcant. It occurred in the aooro- ~-.~:. - - . 1 truck models, Professort Moyer i I you the vital need of reconvertlng ,I c~ ~.~'*~ ~,~-~ .v" ~v=.v~,'~"-^' ~ ~,~.~" "~ priati ns committee of the house of ~~. : -= - / giving [ ] thznkm said manufacturers are giving our educational system ff America } " ~ in nrdor fn av~l,~t~ th~ representatives the other day when ~~ik~ = -- ]/ more consideration to safety and I[ is going to meet the challenge of[ n worf~l tn~ ~ ~ i~n its members voted appro riations I[ practical fender styling for ansi- I I other ideologies to the faith in our [ ~ion nnd ~ *.~t].for the state department. !,er installation of anti-skid chains I I democratic institutions. I pointed [ bro .h-t',-~ t.~'f ~'- ~ ','~." - . # It happens that the nearest thing [ without Impairing streamlining. I out how poorly many of our occupa- / ~-s ~ oea. u ex we have to a Department of Peace ~~ :: - - : - I I N-w windshield and window de-[ I tion forces are testifying to their [ Wgzr ~.~nnmo. is the Department of State. That or- ~ ~ ~ : - - - .~ ] signs, defrosters and headlights I democratic convictions in the face [ - ----r ganization is by no means perfect I fthe genlahty of our former ene-lAeademic and might not be ideal to operate ; ] I razes Durin-" t~- ' ^~^.Department of Peace. But its new lie Wd.L, t; t .C t ~/111 lxtaJO~ hl I C'U'I~MAT~TV. [ I took you into the office of Com- / weaknesses in o d, .o,; o~ c ef, Jzmmy Byrnes, has some ntsin China, ] I mzsszoner of Education John Stude-| . ~.~ ~ ~ ~v^,~, .~g od ideas and zs workmg hard to Given noisy welcome by popul, ace ,~. ,o~th.--eek [ Foresee Trouble [ baker who pointed out to me how,~,~ ~,o ~, t~,o~ ,^. ~ ~o! establish new bureaus for spreading ccu rt after Jap surrenaer ~ts crowas cheer, l re-^-v^-,i-- -~"--ti- !' " a im ' ~ "~ "=" ""= t,a--~=-, to o py po . " ",taecause ~f wides~ro~,a ,ner,~n~ t ~u. =~ ~ ,~ ~uuca unauy is s "I nsvchiatrie ~n,~ =a,~o,~ o~ r=a n* gooawzll ana helping peace. enjoys sp~ in bicycle rlcksna 1 sent food and fuel shortages and ~ portant as reconvertmg Industrlally } ha, h ~m He is trying to carry on the ideas an's lant setting an indus- murder an lootin is e if we are going to meet the probl ms th . of the office of war information which ! comp y P,I d g by d plac d l i" " t ~ e number of men who served m of the say Dr Smaeoazer sa a ma zurnlsnea propaganaa to newspa PACIFIC: ]try-wide pattern. I persons, serious outbreaks may oc-[ . [ the army overseas. We may or " ,~( [ While the President said industry cur in Germany over the winter, [ this could be achieved by making,may not need our voun- men to fl~ht pars, aimed toward a better under- 0 Peace a solid core of education available standin o the USA B rnes t$ al~@ er [ generally~ was capable of extending ! General Dwight D. Eisenhower re- [ . . . ] another war, but regardless of this,g Y Though Japan ~as lain. sown nwa e increases because of overtime [ ported ~,to all. Sucn a core woula oe corn-,we need to tmnrove aehc~l ere- trying ~.o raise salaries. For years sn1~esrg " --- -- -- " arms, peace has not Y--'~nmeseet cOmena. [ elimination, greater productiwty" ] Eisenhower's statement followed [ posed of certain" basic" studies which" [ grams of health and physical educa- state department ofl%lals have the Pacific, what w~th [ per worker, tax credits for lower I disclosure of a survey that the Ger-,e~uca~ors oeueve are essenual to a,tion, includln~ the early discovery of struggled along on starvation wages. tionnltsts and communists .az sw.or?s [ earnings and abolition of the excess [ roans generally had praise for the [ solidarity of democratic thought. [ remediable defects to'be corrected [ This is partly the fault of the points and Indonesians seexing, i oroflts levy he promised that price [ occupation of the British were irked [ The commxssioner of education sees,by family nhvsictans and nublie [ wealthy career clique which wanted cn rule. -- ' ' " = " mdependence from Dut I boosts would be granted after a trial I by seeming American Indifference / th.~s.core asa reinforcement of .men-| health agencies. A nation that would [ to keep .wages .low and thus 0.per- TT .~ trooos stood in the miaate [ r~riod if the added Costs resultea in I to conditions and fostered a deen,xal Iron sn tee morat s~ructure at ~ne [ be stron~ must be =tron~ nhvsi- [ a~ a closes snap for themselves. ms Chinese natmnahsts squared off ~ operating losses. ] hatred for the Russians. The state- [ a ion tally [ So Secretary of State Byrnes is try- against the communists, v~.thmmesma- I Meantime, pr/~'e rise= -would tm {~nt 1~o came on top of demands [ When you talk about making this,Military" authorities have algol raise diplomatic, wages as t~ rines guarding the vital coat[ ,nn,~idar~d in cases where indus- ~ in some circles that the Allies lay / core available to all, that is not the [ ,~ o .~.~ ~ ~. I nrst step mwara having ier~ rap- and rail route around the sh~pw g ~-o wanes to a full 28 per / down a clear-cut economic policy for,complete p~cture. Men hke Doctor ~ .~ t = .!. . - I lomats guard the peace front. port of Chinwangtao m the troubl [ cent to cover added living costs I Germany so that normal activity,Studebaker would have this group] auire older students to car,'~ mathe I However, when Byrnes appropri- some northern zone. [ since January, 1941; boosted pay to / may be restored to relieve the wide-| of basic studies required of all stu-| mat/ca to the ~int of "-rac~cal ation bill got up he~ore hi| old Heretofore, the communists have ] iron out differences in plants in the ! spread chaos dents, not just made available to[ tery ~ v I friends in congress the other day, considered this territory their cape- [ same industries or localities, or paid ] German youths and returned sol-,them. And thereby, say the tradition-[ ~e natural sciences ained s I the house appropriations committee eial domain, and until Chiang .~al-| more to attract workers to essential [ diets presently constitute the larg-| al/sts, han~s a threat to the eleetAvo| lar er iaee ~n the fl~/ opt educ I slashed it to ribbons. They part~cu- ahek's troops set foot upon it a~er,enterprises to speed up reconvar- eat trouble-making element, Elsen-| system under which many lnstitu-/ ti~ngd~r~g the war, end the sho~} larly cut the new ailen les p tterae4 disembarking from U S vessel=, no sion I hewer said, with much of their Ire,tlons of learning have been comfort-| . Y { on the general idea o! Depart- " ' ' I educa n tu centime ~o ao so, aceormng to tom- merit of Peace. nationalist forces had ever[ With the government's wage pol- I directed against fraulems tratern/z-| by . ti g s dents Under .theI missioner Studebaker No adeauata] I there While the[ " . re resentatives of ing with All/ed troops and displaced ! system oz tree cnmce, t~ouege see! " L- . ! u~a mrmmt, v~ffi.~,a ,r~ =ffirs~ lenged Red centre icy established. P unaerstanaingog our etvmz t/on ta ~ o mumsts w/thdrew in the face of mana ement and labor met in Wasn- persons. ~uen a/scontent could well,and College Jane could pick the| I cam " - ~ g tour--- the;r he~'rts "--'r-" "* I possums wzthout considerame knowl- l Mr& Franklln D. Roosevelt will --*; o~;** landings at Chlnwang~ao, / ;-,*on D C to establish macnmetT i teas to orgamzea reslstance against I =" " = "=*" '" " "=~'I it ~s ,~nv [ =n~ tm m~ ~m .n,~th--- .~^h~ ~.a,~ ~ ~'~;;" rema~ed active to the west, / for*se~tUn8 differences. [ occupation forces, Etsenhowerr[ h~:~sde~;?thalltl:li~o~:kS~;:?s~: / career;'in "~:de, ~e~;~: profu- [ ~t~ des/gnarl to l~elp'~nt~~ fl routesover wntcn warnea. : v = cutting ra ,Tn~' I,th-t WO':ia not r sional and scientific purists [ relations. Tb/s~t/me Mrs. Roosevelt i armies " o u ~ ~ .=.~,~ = v= ~ --=,-s. , Chmng e0ulddeploy h s,A I I ULIUII-rJ. ],| If extra-curricular activities were,er of industry, b'usineu or agricuY [ plans to visit Russia as well as the ha- With the U. S. supporting . . [ 1046 Prosnects 1 [ On Road to Life [,particularly heavy one semester,tufa, are h~eapl~d wlthot~ a thor. [ er war-ray gad nat/on~ t~ Eurol~ tionalista and.~the Russians navmgs off / ~"Thougn me government" an,= ="- -" ,[ i [ i the did not have to take -enemies/ough seient/fe Irotmdwork, laid iU [ In recent weeks, sh~has bee~ ask- recently prom~sed to keep hand v-- all ,~roduction ] ~+~--",which was hard when Turkish archi-| the elementary and secondary iing a mor? vo.eal, outspoken, po~l- ro m real ~ g tb Meanwhile, natives of the East In-] Despite a 15 per cent d P ] ~ !~ i ce-t, the-" must be re-uired to tak; } citizenship --- and this must con- [ cially when it comes to foreign af- is what raceme wtn :>~ :. ~" ;' q tinu Hlstor an dies led by President Soekarno of[ income-that [ ~i ~i~,them these same men sa" the fu [ e. -~ y d the other social / fairs. gC ---t~ Wzll J their recently es- [ actually buy in goes s, e / ~ ~ ~,ture of our we-- of life is atTt~ke " J studies are essential to the ground- ) Mrs. Roosevelt claims age l= tablished republic ~| still remain double the prewar tvew- l ~' ~," " " ] ing of our citizens in the American [ creeping Up on her, but to an out- ~o conzer-' age th-= de-artmentv reports. - ~ ~. ~ t ~=auca[ton~'J - "'- vlzGg'" I traditiow of political liberty, a I side observer she gives no evidence ]ooxea ~I' ' '--d of a decrease would,~i" t,] knowled=e of the structure of our I o~ ,lowing down. She is now almost ences with Allies ~ evez-, any ~- ~:: ~'~ authorities to clear ~ I be the first since 1935. [ "~ [,Force in State ] republican form of government, and [ as active as she was before her hus- their claims for in- ]~i~i~ [ Predictions of a drop in real in-][ ~: ~ ~| Itis a wellknown fact that before[ aftra attachment to the democrati [ band s death--, certainly still the eras that "- ! ~ ~ ~ " . t faith, Doctor Studebaker sa'-s / most forthright lady ever to live dependence. Strong- ~~ I come for 1946 fonowea rap |/ ~.~ ~ ~ i~ I the Nazis ever dreamea of world I a,I ly organized early ~ I the government would soon out.he [ ~~~ :~!~ ~:~,conquest they first restrained by,I said that it is the belie~ of ira- [ me wrote ~ouse. t ear asK- ~'~"+ ' ~'"" - '>~' this year when the ~ I production goals for nex y,|,force, mose who were too old or too / portant educators that a core of } WHY MEN LEAVE NAVY resent live- :~::~ fortunes of their ,Tap in for maintenance of p ~. wise to accept Nazi indoctrinatiot~ this type must become must' in tial pay increases wi " [ Berlin after h/s decision to remain,vent the/r e~etent use by the .bSat, which ean be built an understand- [ made available to all. I~ it poulb~t MEEBY-GO-EOUND " zation strueture. [, in the capital on April 32 and abaa- ~ Britain, Russia and China, one -" ~g of the whole democraUe system; [ to product and democraUeal~r dls. t By apoealing for maint~a ance of I don plans for a last-d it.oh stand .In 1 tleship, four cruisers, four air?r~ t how its parts ean be fitted =to one [ Fib~te rid= l~|ie core to all &mar- I ~ ~t~. ~ge ~amuei, one high wart/rrm '~ake-home" pay, ariel,the Bavarian mounmm rea oum carriers end 51 suomarmes wm De another and into a world which must / mat i rranJum ttoosevelt'a closest friends, dee la~ .b~./.hess we" ble.~? ab-| W~en "~e" Bu~!.ar~ e. nfinu~, -:.~-| ~t W,t~, ~om, W/th ~ :t~ ~ ~lbl~: 1:~ elosely integrated or ~-} Not yet. That is another mttst [has .be?om.e a=tauneh d efende~ .o~ ~b,~ ma~ ~,:~::e~l~,me Z~'l'h~!, fOr~ . ~" ~o~ever, 0~ [ ship expected to serve as a.mrs plosively antagonistic. / In the new reconversion. The ix- I .~/.sSssssi~S S ueorge Allen, W~ ,=dm:p =r ~u. I"" and.Hi, tier.aria. ~,a m,stre ~nl,for an atom!? bombi~ Lest; l::~e:; There is not space here to ~rmid-,penditures now made ou thia price. [ ~oms a s~ po sitl~, with Hat~ . =,m~,~.=--- -- - - --.~--- ~-~, == ;= ,-u,=-*--v. warsDlps, ap~ee oe~welm umm.= ~ . J. em 9or it ---.s ,w ~,au prmes, a- this core. TWO examplea of the type deltli g here with 4he ft. ~.~ ,= ~=, =. o. =, a,~-/ Bidding his personal followe. In/, =eh. ,h*".~ " ,- o r. - ~-.-r --,---~--/--=e. ~, .~ ~. ---. ,- - / ~' ~'~ '. - =~.~ "~,=. port~t wale-4mgoUatmns m the at~ [ ttm~rs/ehehaneellm7 ileodb~-the| vies. thuaerampingtheiruHbyta ---, .~,~L and wh/ehm~tl sub~t in Itself Saree it |a prote4e ~ the late Selat~r Pat '.' : .~. 1 ', . . ~ --',',-'."--.-'-, ""," . "v u . In m%h~011tt~g ~S reconverstotl ] tnroup th~ t~b[It~, Wlltle ~tls ram| ~me ~ aestr~3m .;'t" =m4 for a lo~ler Deriod than| pro~ue~ as mue-prmted by -- th, / ---' "~"". ~ -.- s ~: .~u~. c~,oL.~ l ~ .~ .: e,~ ~ ,% YL{ 1 =, .~.~"b~ '~.a=2 =T.' ~,~ =,;~, = ,v ~ =, = /~,- e,~.; ~, ,o~c,~ ~ =. / ~=, ~ ===' =" =' u.mas~ at =z:ow, o~ . m,e ~e ~n,| me tU~n .r~, s l?t ovaers, .~.ropa 1 m.~ae= ? . ~." S .m~ .~,S,E m'~ s'.'(.s .=. art/ la. They are economies end/=d.t~ pro a.~ mo~, th.n t~ / "~." ~ I. am so era7 aner a~mtmst~um c0n-| l~m4a Mmmu~r uoeo~ms aria us17-] w/m coasu~ anu uux~ ~tr0 era it' geograplay. There must be basle| peacetlme models arld types of in.| "~ " """ " "~"~"* ~"- led labor leaders, As a restdt of| the bediu w/tl~ gasel/ne and be~e~F] was learned, the wily NlpponeH ~, .~ ~ ~mn By that th- ,ms-| dtm~bvmaeh/n~,vmim~-.~ -----|t pack their hap" zaere be~ ,ders eo "==" "'-'-" " "--"" ~ ~ 1 h~r o~e of them eonter~ees with Hen-,tham beyoml~-~re~ltt~n. It ~'e!m ] I/eite~. plans ~ ship l~L1 Cop- m~,s/oner mea~ the eharmek by I prodaetion. Norls the Personnel a,mor? pre sla,nUa |u~k~ 1 q~t. ry Ford II, gov~mmt o~eiels e=- betieved'~hat tim rumalns may h~vu led them a=d men returt~, mere tre a.wnue -z~tman Io~ ~ ~tmll. " " - "" " a which we eommunteate and are I the ~ o that O*r~uae~ ad.| a o --- ~ prenea conaaenc, a sammtexory/ ot~m, mrmer orona ~p am m~] as ur~usm~r~, =~ ~m m" ,~-mmunieated wtth--readin|, writ- [ quate, i .vu: ~. ~u,~n=~ ~ .~,m. .m t ,= d =" =" -- [ e.= ==