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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
November 15, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 15, 1945

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t THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER # J By Harry F. O'Neill DANTE .' Z WONT ] : BY THE WAX, ARCHANO,TT'TLATER. ARC O l r-'-'------'--~ BE AE~.E 10 MEET 'YDU TO~Y / ~ I ~ T~.RE $ A~O~ER LOADo ll IAGA~N ~EET~ B~.gNC~O ~LL, I I|CARLOS, THF I ~ ]i]l~ PEOPLe. W~O ~RF-. ENDANr-=ER~NG| -- l| LINUSUAL FORE. ~ ~i[~I~ OUR El~TERPRtSE,~ AOlOS,I It OF A C rrLE ]| RANC ,LOSES I i'. I "ll Ii MANNER;5 i iIlill EN.SE NTO T ' ATC IRCbH BuT TFIATS YOuI:;~ 1 II IY us' o " " ' I.'~AVINO I ~ ~k 1 t wl:;~vI I HEf~. ~'AT~E R KNO~NS ] I PE,s oI II I I Too A I BRONC O [] II I taRED -- R C ON I Ec Er llf i :r, T,t II ALONE,II I O~ ~5 I ~ 11.~"~ I I ~ I CA~LO~ I I ~ I luS - s l' ,IIll II I~~~-o I I,-,~- ~.I~ r f You'RE No'nm o 31 1 BuT I[~Ai~IeER,'~OU R.E NOT I IIV[EANWH, LE, TROJBLS )k MORE TO wrr /l I 'YOU'RE wtT i I .'rRou I L LIFE--},~ ~ ITHOU6HT t" C:~NN T~,T RANCH'-I P--~P--~,~li~l ~ I I~ARCH~NOI CARLOS,T~E FORE'I k,~ -'.-~ I~ IO&IZE AND ~ I iI~i:`l:'~'t h'll I I II [ . : " ," i'~ C-~Ol~C= TO ~u' You NO~ ~ FALSE TEETH WEARERS! ACCEPT THIS GREAT FRIEND- WINNING INTRODUCTORY oFFER! President Escapes President Isias MedJnaw ~larlta of Venezucla, who" fled from his MJeaflores residence before it wu -taken ever b7 rebell in mJlita~ ~revoll ~ the government. Women's U. S. Softball Champions The Jax maids of N'ew Orleans, who drove to the U. S. softball chain- plonship to make it the third year in the last four that they hive won. They won in 1942 and 1941, The bevy of beauties hammered out a win ever the Tes~nto club, sin winning the title of world'i ehsmplons. Nine Kar!nn of the Jsx Jdlowed but two hlbI by the Toronto bumieI. From Beat to Opera Iin Cosman, Manhattan patrol- msn, who made his operatic debut as Turlddu in "CavaUerla Rm~ti- cana," with the New York City Op- ere company. He has been oa the ' farce seven years. First (and Last) Aid Teacher--What would you do in a case of asphyxiation? Girl Student -- Apply artificial respiration until the victim was dead. Butting into other people's busi- ness isn't the best way to use your head. Ain't Love Grand! He--Every time I kiss you it makes me a better man. She--Well, you don't have to try to get a halo in one evening. And Mrs. If She Hits City Editor--What do you mean, "For girls, marriage is o hit or ntiss proposi- tion"? Sob Sister--~ell, i/ a girl doesn't make a hit, she remoins a miss. Higher Mathematics Teacher--If John had four ap- ples, Harry had six apples and Tom had nine apples, how many apples would they have all to- gether? Jasper--Could you make that onions? t Teacher--What's the difference? Jasper--I know my onions. DON'T BE A SLAVE TO CONSTIPATION Do As Millions Do---Eat KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN For Lasting Relief Constipated? Using harsh laxa- tive drugs? Millions have solved the problem of constipation due to lack of bulk in the diet. They eat a daily dish of KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, and drink plenty of water for regular elimination! I you have this trouble and will fol- low this simple precaution, you may never have to take a laxative for the rest of your life! ALL-BRAN'S not a purgative. Provides gentle bulk to aid normal, natural elimination. It's a great, naturally regulating food. 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