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November 15, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 15, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1945 Roberts Honored Sunday A record crowd, composed of members of the congregation, and ffr~ends, turned ot~t last Sunday a~ the Congregational church in ~ea~, to honor the 50th anniver- ~ry of Roy. John Robert's yastor- ~ip. The speaker was Dr. Marvin ~. Bxan(R of l~rgo. A pot luck dinner was served at noon, with a special program following, in the church parlvrs. ~ev. Jc~hn Roberts was born in South Wales. Bv~tish Isles There were in this fanfily five children, four boys and one ~rl. When fourteen years of age he left home to continue his educa- ~km flrs't in Higher Grade School; t~hen for two and a half years at '"I~e Countess of Huntingdon Academy," a Congregational pre- ~:~ra~)ry school. While there he became a member of the Ebenezer Congrega,tional church. Swansea. Sot~'h V~ales. As a member of ~he C~ristlan Endeavor. he and three ~ther young men, with ~daer mere- bars vo assist them, conducted ser- vices for a~l sorts of men hl Oom- nmn Lodging Houses. He became a Sunday S~ho~l teacher, then Supt. of the Junior S. School, whicq~ had 500 pupils enrolled. These four 3~oung men, one of whom was Roy. Robert~ brother, were able to bring ~bout the esbablishmen't of the Ebenezer Mission church Which serves the poor and the axeas, and is now in its fiftieth year. In 1895 Rev. Rgberis moved to Bourne-End-on ~es and Join- ed the Cores-End Conga'effataonal ehuxch, and soon after took charge of the Well-End Mission church, where he served for twenty five years. It was here he met Mrs. Boberl~s. who was a nurse in the Great N~)~then, Hospital and a ~eacher in thhe Well-End Mission ~und~y school. He resig'ned from ,hSs post in 1920 due to ill health. from shell shock and over work. In 1920 he sailed from Sou0h- ~ampton, Eng'land to New York City, and t~hma to Canada, hoping *co retrain his he~lCh. In Augus~ he and his wife came m Ca.rrington ~nd Bordtfl~c. N. D where he was ~0~stor f~r seven,a/ years, and where new and be~u~.ful church waa ~uilt. I~ 1926 he took charge of the P~ars~hall, PMz~. and lWax, 1~cmth T}a,k~a churches. 'I~ere he ren%a~n- ed t~hroug~ rrm~y diffi u~t depres- sion years, making many ~lends. and often helping with the wo~ a the Indian Reservation. From these churches Rev. l~b- e.~ts and family came to ~, ~re he ~ serves as pastor ~n Che Be~ch, Ser~tlnel Bu te and Medom churches. His en~thusiasm amd energy for his c~urch work, for the yotm4 people ~f his church, for the 8%m- d~y Scthool, and the community it- self, have earned the adm~atiom of all. We caa only pray for ,h~ the prayer he has prayed for l~im- self, "Lord, give him ~tren~ to ~e end of his work, and work to the end of his sta'ength." Okays Extension Educational Plan A kind word for the type of edu- c~tion~1 program conducted by the ~nsion Service was contained In the 1944 report of the Alfl'ed P. Sloo~ Foundation, Inc. "l~e st~e- ment is quoted as follow~: "Probably the nearest approach to a type of education aimed at improving the econmrde stuns of local groups is found in the agrl- culeuml extension courses widely organized under state and federal allsplees." In North Dekota every county is on a coopera'ti~e basis and the IEo- gr~m of NTIAC Extension Service is statew~de. Civil Service Open 1,656 Jobs in N. W. A total of 1,656 jobs opening in the Federal service in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and the Dal~ms were announced today in lis~ sent to all first and second-class past offices in those states for posting ~by Rena B. Smith, Director, Eighth U. S. Civil Service Region. Two hundred seven~y-vwo of the j~obs were open only to veterans, w~dows of veterans, or wives of disabled veterans. l~emainder of the jobs, all o~ which previously had been ope~ only to persons with veteran status have been thro~vn open to the g~- oral public. The latter group inclUd- ed requesSs for 400 mtmitions lmndlers, 200 hospital and mess at- tendonS, 50 laundry workers. The announcement stated that 1,718 persons were placed in Ft~l- eral agencies in the five seates of the eighth region during Octob- er. Four hundred slxty-five of the apl~lntmer~ went to veterans or wives and widows of veterar~s. Veteran appointments by states were Minnesa~, 175; N~, 141; Iowa, 87; South Dakota, ~; North DaMota 27. (~OLOR INDICATES RIPENESS l~anas are In the Ideal stag~ for e~t2ng fres~ ou~ of the hand when the peel is g~den y~l~0~" flecked with brown whioh Indicates the flesh inside is mellow and ful~y sweet, The Week Around Medora Due ~o~'snow. sld~pery roads and Mrs. Paul W. Lobe. statler of 'Mr. ~ther causes beyond our control, our news staff ands little to write a)Dattt this week, b~t we will d~) our and ,rmke promises for the Suture. Thanks, folks. ~h'. ~n.d Mrs. l~e~ford Va~vig and Mr .and Mrs. Bil~ O~o at- te~,ded the fiance given @t Belfield laat Nronday evening. Evexe't)t H. Roberts a,nd his son, Leo, ,~4ao ~az recently d~scharged I~om 'the navy, were 'taking care ~(~f business ma.t~ters in Medora on Tuesday. C~a~'les Madzo was in ~own ,Frid~ty to rove% a certain very nice young 'l'ady who ha~2s from iX~t~- ne~p<~li~. We d'id no~ have the I~laa.~ure of meeting t.he lady and ,C~m'rles did n:)t, ,confide ,any secrets to t~% but we hope for any oarly e.l~rfficatton of the mystery. ,:~r. and Mrs. E. K. Rt~s'th spen~t la.~t week end in Glend~ve visiting r~is~es and taking in a meeting of ~e ~on~ of Norway lodge. The R, ed Cross workers will corn-I mence their Work this wiz~ter by[ ]m~ting in the Com*t House, and l haki their first mee ing Wednesday~ of t'l~ week. ~3ill B~xl. rece~r~ly disc~.argL~ al- but no~ up to par as yet, asi ~Vfonday. Mr. and Mrs Dot,1 Dehner V~h~te of Fairview, emme to perhaps you have decided if you SlauE~ter. Inez Ruf and B~d An- visit a~ t~e PAChard Anderson h@m~ heave read the news r~his far. derson viMted ar the Richard An- Tuesday night. Floyd rezm'ned to derson home in Medora That Fai~wi,ew, but Dehner ~t~yed here ~ar~s, ~uesd,ay noon. 7mat evenin~ Ira V. Tisor, and son. Lyle, and evening tahe young foll~ al~ took and is to ~o to V~a~ford City to re- Ihhey ~t'ook Mrs. Lebo ~o D1cklns,~n LeSt er Tis.or and wife wen~ to in the Arrnis.tice Day dance at re~ter. '~o visit I'rma Mlary and Joan Lebo. Diekin~n Sunday ~o visit Mrs. Ira Belfie,ld Mr. Parks is to be discharged from Tisor who Is h~ %he hospital there ,'.'he Army ~ater ~his month and will ceeovering f .om an opera, tion. She Pfs. Nick R~es, of Belfield came CANADIAN THISTLE SPREADING return to hls old job w%th the is doing nicely a~d is to be dis- in to have his honorable discharge Recent years of more plentiful Wilwaukee', rail,road at Miles City, charged soon. ~ecorded and check records in the moisture have been favorable to aRer a~n absence of nearly five The Ladies Aid gave a fareweld Court House. ~t,he spread of Canadian thistle, years all of which has been spent party for Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Support of the War Chest Drive says the NDAC Extension Service. in 'the Army. C,-eea~ucn at the Roy Lfllibridg~ is' just as alU~h of all obligation PRI~ESS (Mr. and Mrs. Gus Meschke were ~anch la2~t week. on our part .as ever. Why not call on one of the solicitors and get Pricks received by dairy farmers in tx~'n ,last Friday on their way Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Ray ~rmnaged yourself in g~md standing? DO durin,g 1946 are expected by U~Sff)A ,to Belfield. ~o negotiate the road in from IT NOW. to average slightly lower than in the ranch Monday and shopped in the larewcus 2 years, due vo a weak ~own. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Howes and ening in demand. ,Lloyd Lindbo has es,tab~hed queue a record ms a coyote get~ter. Tuesday he came ~o the Court House and cashed in for bou~] y, 23 ~,wn coyotes and 3 coyote pups ~" which he received $105.00, all of which refl~ts the results of placing proI.~r and suffieien~ boun- ty on preda,tory animals. Mrs. E. J. V~in Doren was a ~isit- or and s'hopper in the Queen City of Di, ckinson Wednesday of 1.a,Yt week. .Mr. and Mrs. Don Short vkMted wi,th friends in town last Sunday. Leon Helli~kson shipped" catMe to market Monday, and wer~t on to Beach Tuesday. J~ohn I-/i,nkel w,en~ to Dickinson Wednesday of l'as~ week to put- ter ~ long period of service over- chase supplies for the Roosevelt s~s, ~t ~ttrned from Btsma~ck last Park Ca~e. ~ga~tur~ay. Ke advises us that he, Ires t~ken a ~osition with ~he ~'t~te Among ,those calling at the Cuurt ~i~h~tay Del~a~nen~ at th,at place House Tuesday on business m~t- and wiU b~gtin work in the near ters were George Armbrus . James ,Tu~ure. Ew~niuk, ~teve Jilek. Jr and Cliff Wagner. Art C~oyd ~as recently discharged ,from 't~e Army and arrived hgme ~a~t S~tur6ay evening. lWr. and Mrs. D. L. McLeod sex>p- pod In to visit friends Monday ~hile on their way to I)iekinson on :~hopping exoedl 2on. A very d, eligh~ birthday party ~as given Lars Vanvig at his ~ome l~st Sunday evening. Covers were 1,aid for ~welve g~e~ts and a ~fried chickens upper was served. Those a't~ndlng were Mr. and Mrs. J. F. ff~et 1y, Mr. and %~ cs. L. G. Brown, (Mr. and Mrs. Wm1%er O. Christen- ~en, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Barn, ~r. ~xi Mrs. 'Lloyd M~Cutchan, and ~rs. E. K. Rusth. F~owing ~he ~us feed, the evening was sp~Jt playing carets. Lars was the re~e~ of many ,u~ful g'lfta. F. R~a'ts and w~fe were in Me~z~ ~ Tueed~y on thor way to Dickinson. "1~o ~MBn~s Oo%m.ty boys were ~ent rm Fo~t Shelling ~l~t 1V~nday ~or ~elr preindue~lon tests. M~s. ~ocleme Myers and Ma~. Orel MbC~ d~ove to Dickln- sazt last week ~o try ~elr luck at Shopping. Hope they h~td ~t. " W~tlt Neuens braved the snow and slippery toads W~nesd~y eve- ni~g of .last. week %o come in .to ~ov ~ vlslt w~tah his family. ~. John I~kel has spe~t ~he week In Oaniso~, S. D tak- t~m~ents from a d~t~r a point. Mr. and L. G. Brown were hosts at a dinner party given at ~heir ffm~e laet Monday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Geesa- , man Mr. ax, d Mrs. H E. Haney; t Mr. and Mrs. H. H Hafstrom and ,Mr. a~d Mrs. Harry Roberts. Lucille Cossette. secre5ary of the local Farm S~curity Offi~, ahapped in Diekins~on on Friday of last week. Ke~th Moore, reached here for a visi.t wi~h rel~tives ~nd friend~ while enjoying a thirty day fur- l<)ug~h from the Army. ~vlr. and 3Ylrs. Bi41 Otto returnga 0 t~is vicinity h'om California Where ~laey have been enjoying t~heir Imneym~on since last fail. Mr. H. H. Hafstrom, prop iet~r of the Cedar Canyon Camp, re- turned from an e~tended trip west' S~tua-d~y. IM~rs. H)arry l~oberts and daughter, ~oberta, and M2"s. J. C. PJaxmussen at~ended the church party held at ~Beach last Sunday in honor of Roy. J~m Roberts', commemorating his fl ~ty years in church wvrk. J. F. Tester and (~rls Oa~k~on visited in Beach Sunday afternoon. ~)bert E. Lee and his sister N~ncy ~t, ~ere In r, own ~ae south coun, try Monday. W2tMe enro~te to Olendlve last ~Y~on~y, Mrs. A~bert Oytms s~pped in tow~ to vi~t Ma's. A. J. An- demon. ~aaynard F~tz has ~en dis- dmrg~d from the ,Mlavines and visited the Dle.k Andeesons MDnd~y night. (Mrs. J~ck WoJrbis 4eft for Huy'nes, for a few d~y~ visi.t wi~h relatives and friends. our society edi.tor, Paul W. De~, was confined to .his bed over the week end w~th a case of acute tonai~It~, but is back on the j~ O. ~. ~n and SI S~ther- .~ were v~ttbi~g friends in Me- l~hlay. Mr. Su,thevl~nd, W~) is ext old timer in these ~is no~ living ~ a son in Dakota. ~ef Wavra~ Ofl~i~er Duane and wife of MII~s City, ~at m~tved ia Med~m v~t Apply Science to fishing w 4 TbouMnd0 of eotbuulaatla Rehermen u14 lind pr~i~e ~I~)~LURE~. Stlri eatebins YOUR limit EVER Y tim~ you fl*b. Order tim amaMnl; new G LO-LURE today. O~ Id~ l,l-hl $l.~l%pa~p~.Daubleyo~rmone~ :L~ , QI~%LURE CO. 340S N. Clark St Chicap 11, IlL A drertisem~t From where I sit '. Ay Joe Marsh Only one side to our railroad tracks heroes have come from obscure homes and greatness has overshadowed wealth and shal- low social definitions. From where I sit, it all comes down to toleranre tolerance for what a man is and does tolerance for his freedom and opinions, whether he's rich or poor, likes beer or cider. Shake- speare or the comic section. It's a great thing--tolerance' Folks who are better off in our town live on the west side of the railroad tr~icks. We've got a lake there, and the local park, and some real nice land. There used to be a phrase"from the wrong side of the tracks." It meant what you think . but you don't hear it any more. Not since Charlte Jenkins came home with the Purple Heart, and Wil- lie Wells got the Silver Star. There isn't any "wrong side" of the railroad tracks now! And that change is going on all over America where our Coto, righ4 1945, United States Brewer~ Foundation Beach, North Dakota' PRICES EXCEPT ON PERISHABLES GUARANTEED THRU NOV. 21st HALVES & SLICES IN SYRUP F & P BRAND CAN BUTTER 2 20-OZ. 25( KERNEL CANS PEAS LAROE ~0o~ FCY. SWEETS 2CANS 2S~ STOKELY'S 18-OZ. l0 TOMATO CAN JUICE GRAPEFRUIT 46-OZ. HEALTHFUL "CAN 29( MAPLE F~VORE~ ~ . 19~ MOLASSES FOR LB. BAKING JAR 37 FANCY 14-OZ. VERY TASTY BeT. SWIFT'S "PREM" 12-OZ. ',OOKEI>--READY TOSERVE TIN FIRM AND FLAKY WHITE SOAKED, READY FOR COOKING MAKES MANY DELICIOUS DISHES FANCY CUSTARD SOLID PACK MAKES FINE FLAVORED PIES 29-OZ. CANS WE HAVE A COMPLErE LINE OF FRESH HIGH QUALII Y HARVEST QUEEN SPICES. NO AITTIFICAL FLAVORS OR SUBST|T1JTES. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED IN BULK FOR TASTY PIES FRESH CHURNED CREAMERY NOW ONLY 8 IuOINTS sPRy SHORTENING '-LB. WHILE IT LASTS JAR 68 RICKERT LASS 2 '[-LB. BAGS IN rLB. 29 BULK BAG ( PEANUTS FRESH ROASTED LB. 2S~ K~X FLAKES 12 V~-OZ. ~, WHILE iT LASTS PKG. ~]}~ SlilAI~ SOAP LGE. ~E]~&~ WHILE IT LASTS BAR 10~ RAISINS GO~EN BLEACHED POWDERED LB. L FOR ICINGS BOX ( BROWN LB. 8 MOIST BOX ( SUN- M-OZ. 20 MAID PKG." ( 1-LB. CELLO fie ,0-,0o zLB. SIZE CELLO PENICK'SLB. CORN ]PKG. CHAI~MIN BRAND 4'-ROLL SOFT--SAFE PKG. HOLIDAY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PLUMP LUSCIOUS RED BERRIES ,TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS FINEST FOR EATING AND COOKING LARGE FANCY HEADS CALIFORNIA VALENCIAS. Heads DOZ. 1 SOLID HEADS TO COMPLETE YOUR DINNER LBS. POPULAR BRANDS PER CARTON .45 &