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November 17, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 17, 1960

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VOLUME XXXYI MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1,960 NUMBER 25 im ms Couple One-Car Accident I Free Gemination Soil Sampling Indianor Almost!Summer Observes Sunday Evening '" " Hits kly Day Nov. 12 Lawrence Lee, of rural Beach,I ~J-ld Purity Tests 600 Wee Milder eather here the past Veterans was taken to the Johnstone Mere.~ few days apparently is in Miss ,Ramona (L. Nellermoe, Hospital for observation and for The deadline for free ~eed ~tiout 5,200 'soil samples have Indian Summer category, or very Several delightful musical se- Glendive, Mont, daughter of Mr. treatment, last Sunday everflng, tests by the State Seed ~pt. is been received in the soil testing close to it While daytime high lections were the tnghlights of and Mrs. Carlot Nellermoe of Nov. 13, after his car went out now set by regulation at Dec. laboratory at N~DAC since Aug. readings, haven't been so hot the recent Veteran's Day pro- the Trotters community exchange4 of control on a straight stretch 15th. t Tl/is~ is the largest number of that coats and jackets would be gram, held in Beach last Friday, wedding vows with Daniel W. of road, west of Beach, and cameI A charge is made for~ all setup- samples ever received during this tossed aside and heating plants Nov. 11, at the Legion Hal/. The Kukowski of Glendive, Mont to rest in a deep ditch. ' les arriving after Dec. 15. Charg-'time. of the year. completely shut down, they have main speaker was National Vict been sunny and pleasant, for the Commander Willie Brandt and son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ka- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mosser es are as follows: G~rmination The samples, are coming in at!most part. IEarl ~'ischer of Golva, who is the kowski of the Beach rural area, came along just secondsafter tests: $1 per test with the ex-~a rate of about 600 a week, andt ,Last Sunday was one of the on Sat .Nov. 12, 1960 at St. John's the mishap, and summoned the ception of wheatgrasses and blue- will probably; continue to do so 'coolest days of the week, accom- IState VF~V Vice Commander, Catholic Church in .Beach, Re ambulance from Beach. Aside grass for which the fee shall be until freeze-up. Soil reports have made a few brief comments. Gerard tFinnegan officiated at from some bruises and scratch- $1.50 per test. For mixtures the been sent back to well over half panied by drizzling rain in the Earnie Schmit of Fargo was the 10 a m, single ring ceremo- ^ ~ wa~ unnurt, ann was re- fee shah be equal to the sum of of the farmers sending in setup- forenoon and late in the after- also a guest. ny, before an altar aecora~ea leased from the hospital Monday the fees for the components in les noon, maz mane aeer numersI Mrs. Margaret Walz sang The with bouquets of yellow, orchid ;,~, the mixture 4Purity tests are $i o01 ~ t,~t 1~ h,~ ~omnl,~ walk briskly to preventbeing St n ~ d ~nner aftor the -- d b- " ' " "" ,- s ~.- ~ ' :. ar S. anje B and white taurus, and yellow an with the exception of bluegrass, I should come into the laboratory uncomfortably chilly. [Colors were advanced, and then white tapers in silver candelabra " * " ' t" Completes Training reed ean~ grass, rescues, which dry If the soil is wet when talc- ~r ,~ ~ !joined Mrs. Virginia Finkle in Mrs. Margaret ~Nalz was SOIOLS. Ii are $3 and bromegrass, ryegrass'in~'a sample it should be air valley I a duet "Now Is The Time". Don- Miss Marilyn Nellermoe o I ,----- and wheatgrasses which are $2.50.~ dried before mailing it in ~.P ~[llrl~'.~r.~ l-~v~, nmg a Navy outfit, Mrs Finkle Dickinson, sister of the bride,~ Mailing envelopes are avail- - ff " ~'r ~ !san~ a novelty solo number, was maid of honor, and Gerald' bestl able at the County Agonts office. Ii.~,~,~, l ~ nn INarrow ~scape i it,s A Sailor's Life For Me". KUa~kO~v:/~. ~etdi:eChwa:h. ~ ush- ~ ~u~t~l ~L~ ~U [ . ~ ]A brief history of the local Le- as [ A fathe~ and two sons of va1 ers were Ronald ~enermoe and' Lars Johnson Dies While Eating Meal Cit", had a narrow esca;e igi n Post was read by Dan Car- [ Y ~ ferry. 1 during the deer hunting season Michael Kukowski. "[he bridei In New Mexico ~ One deer hunter had a bitof " " The program ended nleasant- was given in marriage by her! ~ . ", ~ -~ -- ' 1 s just past Blackm McCutchan father, and chose a Goor length . . misfortune whhe m Beach a t~ ' . ,ly, with a bannuet surmer, serw gown of lace, net and taffeta, l **The !~loneez:was.mformed bY ~t weekend' ,tie had stopped at theland family were returning homel, ed by membersof the~l~al Aux- ~wr. ann l~rs. :L. ~. srown ot ~e-iPark Care to get an early break-l about 10 p~m. one evenmg w.nen,iliary, with covers laid for ap- ~'tyled with a round, scoop shap-i oora on vveanesaay, ,r~ov: l~m. fast, parking his car just down lmey neara a, number o z ri~elproximatately 120 persons. In- ed, scalloped neckline edged in ~na~ mey nan recezvect worn ma~ the street a few doors. When he lSno~s. '*~laczm namrany mougnz!c]uded were several out of the sequins and seed pearls, and ~a~ Jo.nnson had passed awaY~came out to the car he found lit was a wild deer hunting par~Ylstate hunters who had come here long, tapered sleeves. The fitted a~ ~armmgton, 2~ew Mexico. ]that somebody had lifted his gun. and wanted no part of it. As l for the deer season. bodice was also adorned with lwr. and Mrs. Johnson had leftIHe went back into the care and he approached the scene he[ ~equins and seed pearls. A halo "about .v month ago for an extena- the local authorities were noti-thought he had better stop be- headband embroidered in pearls ed wmt m the south and weretfied but the weapon couldnt' be cause he didn'twant any shots To All Taxpayers and rhinestones, with daisies at the home of thmr daughter, traced. It is generally believed fired his way. Of Billings County held the bride's fingertip veil. Mrs. Dan ~Painter, when he was that it was another hunter from When he pulled up to a stop 5b.e carried a bouquet of red ros- stricken. He was ill about four I other parts that stole the gun, the young fellow put down the The ~Board of County Commis- es, white pore pores and taurus, days. as very few locals were present!gun and staggered toward the sioners have asked me to call and wore pearl earrings andI lhey had planned to leave at the time while the cafe and station wagon the three had been all of you to attend a special matching necklace, gifts from Farmington for Riverside, Calif streets were loaded with visit- sleeping in. It didn't take Me- meeting which will be held on me bridegroom. I where they were to spend the ing hunters Cutchan long to figure out that Saturday, ,Nov. I9,1960 at 2:00 ddm ' ' " A reception and we " g Thanksgivingholiday with the " the men has been gased from a o'clock p.m at the tBelfield Mem- ~ " he church . ~wrs. ~elen Ivlinor, wno was oria " " ~reakfast followed m t .I H. H. IHafstrom family before . ,~ ~, w.i, char-coal burner as they were l ,Hall, m order to demde parlors, given by the p. ts o [ STEVI~N G.VvVRYLUK continuing thmr journey. ,~ st ~h,~ t~,~ ,f th,~ thof"passing out and gasping for whether o~ not Bflhngs County the bride, with Mrs Gerry K -] Lars was well known and had seein the li ht of the hunter breath, should any longer remain to be ttrachvel A~m Recruit teven Gawi man f ds g P g kowski cutting the a " Yl ' Y ~ " S ".~'y- y rien in western N.~ D 1 ffered to loan hi n be' He rushed his family to a near- a member of the Southwest North 5ecorated wedding cake. Mrs. Lar-~luk, son of Mr. and Mrs. tete ,He was sales representative for'~.~n in to hei ~= aBog~. 'Vhe by neighbor and returned to takelDakota Development Unit. ry ~ukowski presided at the ,P. Gawryluk, Fryburg recently the Globe Gazette for many"~e~ filled ~it2 the borr)~ed the men to Belfield where he i This organization is formed for- guest book, and Annette Minor completed advanced individual years, calling on all the county; " ~,called Mrs. Ed Bry, a registered'the purpose of conservation, de- had tr ~ n weapon Tnls man Will long e ~nd Mrs (Russell Nellermoe a'ni g with the 2nd Armored of/ices over this poi'tion of the. " . " ~."nurse, and from there they went velopment and utilization of Ag- ' 'D "ion's ~ . mem~>er me western nosp~ca~y ' ' ricultural Minera] d charge of the gift table, i lws 41st Inf. at Fort .Hood, 'tare. They have made thmr on to the hospital at Dmkmson water an /Both the bride and bridegroomt Texas. Gawryluk entered the home at 404 Ave. C. West Bis-~ltna~ ~eacn extenoea ram. i The men were treated until recreational resources declared a are graduates of the Beach High!Army last June. Ttu~ IS y-at ,~d marck, during the years he was .Another group of hunters, a. the next day and that night the public purpose. School, the bridegroom with the soldier attended Fryburg Nigh with the Gazette but after re- party of 8 from Valley City, ran'station wagon was gone so Mr i 'It is the opinion of the County followed b two school t~ ~ about 8 ears he into a little trouble when Game,Comrmsmon hat o class of 1956, y : . i .: g . y " ago t y ' " McCutehan says, ' they must have~ " ' ers t ur county years military duty, in the Army.~ went to Minn where they oper-. Warden Ed ~Bry of Belfield check- recuperated and decided to pull would not gain anything by its "]2~e bride graduated in 1960, and Car Theives are ated a summer resort for several ed the group north of Sentinel out for more modern quarters." i membership to this unit but that =s employed at the Derrick Caret,~ . ~ ~ro* years, returning to Bismarck to Butte. They were just leaving ~vce taxpayers would rather have ~n Glendive, and the bridegrooml( Llg|l wlDaux make their home. ~for home when Bry stopped to D~r Season ' ,to pay additional taxes without a fireman on the N. :P. Rail-i Funeral services wilt be held check thegroup and found that ~ ~J ,~,-- 'receiving an equivalent benefit road, with headquarters in Glen-I A w~mcnase ms.~-lu.esaay ena- Monday mornina Nov 21st fromin t one of them had tagged l~is UIoses P~OV. ZOIII for the same. dive where they are making~ea w~m me apprenensmn o~ ~o tho Pr~hvtorln~' oh,~oh in ~.ideer" There were 8 deer for the! i This meeting is of utmost im- ti~ home. l Mott youms, cnargea wzm stem- marek'at-lga:m: ~': I hunter.s and why }hey. didn.t t~e; North DaKota s mos~ .~,~.oera~ IPo:,tanee to all of us taxpayers m$ a car t13 ,~ICKInSon, Wfl n their ta s can t oe n urea out oeer season on l eCOlCt will ena be w II "Out of' town guests ~t" the I"" - ~ :' . ~; ' " I g, ' g . .~ " " . . cause e wi have to with- wedding were Joyce Beeler, Mr. ltngnway .ra~r lman nomsi)m~.z a~: ~ ~ [by Warden Bry or anybody else,'a~ sunset, on s, ov zu, remmflealdraw our county from this unit and Mrs. Richard Shieve, Bever-iann a. wmaux 19epu~y ~nerzzt ; lrs. lVlannlna Iu~less they planned to return;H. H. Spitzer, chief warden for now in order to avoid paying ~oo~ me youms mm cusmoy on and et another deer or send the Game and Fzsh Dept th mort l I ~x~o ~ ce !y Scott and family, and Mary ~ - ~ ~ g 1 " e add " a ~. ~', s'n we will ,~. t ~ ~; ,#^ l a sine roan soum oz u. ~. No. u ~-~.t-~,/theirtags back to be used by l In half of our open deer units not be able to withdraw at a out of Wibau. VleS ~un~aV /someody else. the season was for 9~ days. In future date. :--~, C~,~ I The .boys, age 16 and 18, gave~ " [ Bry informed us that the hunt-the other 3. units the seasonI ,Further details will be discuss- ~Jt~tppls~l~ *.~ }no rems!anfe when arrested, andI MrsBill Manning 64, of Wi-[ers know better as one of the ended earlier m. the wee~:: ed at the meeting, since this I~,~nQ r~r m~ [aami~tea steanng anomer car a~ ~ ' "- *-~^-'--)~-~-- ;o +~-~ "-~-oident of +h~ ~-1 'ltun~ers are requested to re~ort letter must 'o into the mail o,- .v ~. = -,=;v w=.= any rig vucKs oaggea tm~ xear lmmedlate~ in order to leach [ -- " l at her home in Wibaux last Sun. i ley City Wildlife Club. " ." " " 'y " " 2t. ~)az. s ~ zrappmg sea- caugng In was maaea wzm ClOtn- . i 1,n : - " " noon (CST) ontin- and a new s-are tire mhelmornmg. She had attended early[ There are other stories out ial of you taxpa3eis i t,me to son ~egms a~ g ~ i, : 1. m~l-um~-l-~ ~.n.a. ~v~unr. ~ enable you to make 't~-l-'/ll'*oi~tel2t~ ~, . ,o --. .~^.~ "~-~'e and 'Fish/"ouths made the mistake of -to" I church ~erwces, anu cam~ .um~, aooug cows oelng Kllle~l aIlo ----~. .~ ~ ~.~ " ~ in- at B-'s ice St-'-" ' -- -- or = ~ --.= u.~ : . -,--- :- r t - . " Trapping for mink, weasel and I Sentmel ~lutte,hawng the[ ;o o1, [ ~.~o~ .~ ;$~, ,~ ~. o, .~^. Dak. than do bowhunters, ac-1 Daniel Osadchuk rauskrat begins on Nov. 1~ an tank filed w h g,and then] t cording to information compdedt County Audito," lasts into Dec. Mink and weasel roaring away before they paid} ~'une.ra~ services were ne.ta xoria~u~ a n~mpe. ~e,~g ,~,~eu. w.e by the State Game and Fish] (Nov 17~" will be legal throughout the en- for it. The owner summoned ]ner mls ,wectnes?a.~ m.ormng, a,~ s~no~Z ae~ierYweZa,/ mere. ,s Dept. I +~ ~+~. .u the tra~ ~Sherfff ~av Zinsli of Beach andlme ~t. ,reters ~ammm -cnurcn,~rmc an~ unaer- During th t rs S UARE DANCE ~'*~ "' " ' ~ d t sho "ld h ~, pas 4 yeamot- [ Q of muskrats is restricted to]he warned Wibaux officers to)'W' aux' ~rs" .~lanmng, an. ex-l,~n~1=~Yk~ow ~hat appen, m;)u) o~ists have killed 1,002 deer on HERE SAT NOV. 19 those 14 counties SW of the)be on the lookout for the pair.)C~.Pt~ nany welt known ~Iwe~.~ '-'-d-et wonr~-e s-~--r1--e-s'-:~'~'he highways of N. O. During theI There will be a square dance ~ur~,-i River IThev eluded ~j~li. but werelOZ mzs area, m surv~ve~wJ nerl~=~ ~'~ s ~ ~very --m """e -.ears 'each of which has':- "---'- "~'- ~mao ~. e dealer at~they are retold ~- ~ ~ i,a. ~eacn ~ms ~amraay evening, The mink and weasel trappinglcaught when ~ warned Dietz[ bend, a rea~ e~,~ ~ besid ,[t?cy . " had lengthy bow seasons) bow-[Nov. 19, at the Legion Hall, with season ends on Dec. II, in all)that the boys had turned on thelWmaux,'.an,a ~ ctmcwe~, e~[~ 11, -;.~ hunters bagged only 981 deer. a pot lucklunch afterward. The ~f the state---except those eotm-] Montana side road l many ivmnas. ]l eaGlln l~'or ~ . i members Of the dance club ex- I~W of the Missouri ,RiverI They were taken to, the ~ l ristm"s Mailing, LUT~-FISK-ME&TBALL Itend an invitation to everyone in Bottineau and Rolette~jail, and then to Dickinson thelO ter .New t,lVll ]v v e~ sUPPF~t AT SENT. BUTTE to attend. ". counties, In these latter 2 areas following day, and were given{ ~-ffin~,~ ~.v.~r,~ t The Post Ofl~ice announces that ~M"~rs o~ *~e ~r~in~+-" *~ t , ~ ~ ~, - .-o ~ ----o -"-~, ~ "/ ~ ' I--, u-.-~u~u,~ ,~ ~,~ ~ ~w~ church ^f Se"ti"el = ~ I. . ending on Dec, 18. . . IS t what .their ~ .will be] A new exanunatmn for Ware-irons packages overseas LS Nov. will h,ve th~h- annual lu~fi.l~ ~.1 Help Figh TB Mink, weasel and muszra~ may was unavmmom at thin! tune house Examiner has been an-]20. The packages should be pack- m'" :~b:l'1 su~-,-,r this "gat'-~-~'-,-~"~'l ~;. -? - -- - " - -. be taken only with traps. It is~ . " |nounced by the U S. Civil Ser.]i~d earefull~ sO as to prevent any ,'~:,~'~,=, ~,~=~a w~th'~,~':~,~ '~']~~ ~ illegal tO shoot them or to useI Auxiliary To /vice Commission for filling posa-tbreakage. : . .'~.~.~ ~ ~1 ) '~'~""~'P~ ~ ~"~'~.~"'W~ ~" ferrets in" taking" mink] a salarles" o! u ~,~-, ~,ou p.m .~ .~ " C0lle l tions paying starting ------ church parlors there " :~ n --- I m~ ~ - ~.d ~. a ~ . I " "l'l~e puollc is Invitec~ to ~nel ~ .~.Nfl~ ~ ,5~lqNll~i ~ul?~-may no~ ve nero ~ P~'I /positions to be filled are zoca~-izu ~ ~ ~ -flair made rmnular with local/ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~F. " ~" : " af- The tt~eglon ~~ oz ~t~eacn ,~,r--r more than ten days ed through t the U. S. m field ears th ~ let the m~on ends ItS again collecting gifts this[ . ,0~. =.--i A. repl~en~tive of the Bis folks thru the y by e ex I ~ .~w ~ ,~ ~: --- - tl~ces oz r4~e ~gncum~ ,u~-i .~ u~ .~ ~ c --.- eelleat cooks who donale theirt ~ m. ~ ~ A "" ~ Since mti~ weasel and musk-I ye~ m ~1~ m. !am "~eram~h.~ ; ~,~ ~ a ,~. t,~,~,~; I-~.~~ ~- ~ ~--~ w~u~-- . I ~ - - - -:- =-UZ - :-=~ ~---: on) )~O!]L~'i@ml at Far~ to ~ve all ~"~ ~-v ~ ~w~ ~'T ,m~-.]~lty A~min.: ,will the cmmty ctuin~ skills. : [, ~ . . - - i- - - - rat are the only furbearers Stabii~ation Service of the~ U$~ ~|$|mG$ r ty ouse at Beadh on SOClIS ---- a-- ~ U ,~. ~ep~. at Agrzctutur~. ttend Church On ~unaa ,~ or[to do their Christmas shopI~ng] ]Nov. 17 at 10 a.m. A y ---'-"- ---,:~--," ^-+o --,~t have time of year in which others,)even ff they are ~-ridden. / "l~oq~y:app,lc~---,-~,~ ~-~ su~ o~ ~ ~.on.o~ ~ ~| The gift shop is set up in the|hen apprommate experience or ~T I"I :~ II^--~.:~ ~ ~O0~ f~x'.'covo~e"a~ l~bca~] vets hosvital and the veterans|college study, or a comb!nation of I~I~W ~u~u|uu|ub.y J[Itulsl~|~l may ~ tak;n. " "] ,re w hee!ed in to pickout t e| U . tudy an e: ars senaCewr " ifts zor meir zamiiies. The gifts ~u,v a v " OPEN HOUSE in the shop are all donated by ten test to determine their apti- tude for warehouse exam'ming the Legion Auxiliaries thr, mgh- out N. Dak. THANK-YOU OMITTED BY PAPER'S ERROR An open house will be held at 1he Medora Lutheran Church on Sunday, Nov. 20 from 2 to 5 p.m. in honor of Mr, and Mrs. Lars Vanvig on their 50th wed- ding anniversary. No invitations will be mailed. Everyone is wel- * Hun~er Guesls -- Two nephews of Sid Connell, Medora area rancher, Dan O' Hearn and Bill Foster, were all guests at the Connell ranch dur- ing the deer hunting season, as was ~i]I Hankins, all of Dickin- son, The Connell's daughter, Syd- ney, was home last weekend from work Full details concerning the requirements and instructions applying are given in civil ser- vice anouncement No. 249B. Civil Service announcements and application forms may be ob- tained from Mr. Harold Lang, located at the Beach, N. D. Post Office or from the U. S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, 25 D. C. Visit Daughter--- Mr. and Mrs. Matt Krause re- turned home last Thursday from a three-week trip, spent visiting their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. ~Ienry ~en, at Seat tl~, and with the Jim Hardy, Sr f~t!y,in Olympia, and Maille~ in Tacoma, ~and with other rel- atives and triends 'on the West Coast. The handsome building shown'all walls are now complete. In- tractor. The ,Hospital Board says /s this county's new terior fi~ishing work can now that many have paid their pledg- Hospital located in proceed, no matter what the es forthe new hospital, but that Beach, which has an origL, wl ca- in the line many parsons haven't, and it probity of-24 beds, of if more be t~zeaNd later received in the it is going ahead every general con, few days. The Thank-you adv. of Atty. Wm. Eichhorst w'~s unintention- ally omitted in last week's Pio- neer. and the memLers of the staff of this newspaper w'ish to express their regret for this er- ror, as Atty. Eichhocst had given orders to have it appear in the issue immediately after the gen- eral election. It was OUR fault that it was not in, not his! Leav~ For Tenn -- her studi~ at the business, col/- Mrs. Julia Wischow left Tues, ege ~ Rapid City, ~. D. Sharon t'Nov. 15 for Knoxville, Tenn ,Bgr~~ who attenc~ the same[ where she wl/1 visit her ~On, Rus, ~O0],aeeompanied Miss co |.on and ~i~. S h~ 0pla~ to re- to to visit, her parents |.turn to after the Christmas "b~,*'~ weekend, also. ]holidays. ~