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November 17, 2016     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 17, 2016

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The official r II II ~It ~'~ ~ Billings County, North Dakota USPS 056-180 Vol. 100, No. 10 ~-- : ~ ~ "~..~ i~ # 75 cents November 17, 2016 .r~ By Richard Volesky Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Justice of the Supreme No, 106 Kelly Armstrong, 5,065 Court, unexpired term: Editor/Reporter '492 Court: Measure 2: State representative, District 36 Lisa Fair McEvers, 9,070 MEDORA - A total of 604 ballots ' United States senator: Robert V. Bolinske Sr., 195 Relating to oil extraction tax Dean Jay Meyer, 1,011 Judge for Southwest Judicial were cast in the Nov. 8 general elec- Eliot Glassheim, 43 Jerod Elton Tufte, 299 distribution: Mike Schatz, 3,766 District: Lion in Billings County, according to John Hoeven, 537 Justice of the NJ0. Supreme Yes, 287 Luke Simons, 3,840 William A. Herauf, 9,975 anofficial results. Robert N. Marquette, 16 Court, unexpired term: No, 287 Governor and It. governor: County commissioner at large, The 604 represents a turnout rate Representative in Congress: Lisa Fair McEvers, 479 Measure 3: Marvin E. Nelson and Joan District 1: 83 percent, which is the highest Jack Seaman, 25 Judge of the District Court, Relating to crime victim rights: Heckaman, 1,302 Pete Kuntz, 6,963 ',rate of all North Dakota counties, Kevin Cramer, 500 Southwest Judicial District: Yes, 328 Marty Riske and Joshua Voytek, Clarence Tuhy, 4,043 isaid Marcia Lamb, Billings County Chase Iron Eyes, 67 William A. Herauf, 512 No, 255 370 County commissioner at large, iauditor. A few more absentee ballots Governor and It. governor: County commissioner at large,Measure 4: Doug Burgum and Brent Sanford, District 3: :were to be added to the total, said Marvin E. Nelson and Joan District 1: Relating to tobacco tax in- 10,309 John Frank, 4,635 iLamb. Heckaman, 46 Joseph L. Kessel, 314 crease: State auditor: Dean Franchuk, 5,369 '. The turnout is "something to be Marty Riske and Joshua Voytek, Lester Iverson, 267 ~ Yes, 149 Josh Gallion, 9,457 County commissioner at large, '.proud of," said Lamb. 21 County commissioner at large, No, 444 Roland Riemers, 1,694 District 5: Statewide, the total turnout was Doug Burgum and Brent Sanford, District 3: Measure 5 State treasurer: " Jay Elkin, 6,989 161 percent, according to the N.D. 534 Jim Arthaud, 450 Relating to medical marijuana: Tim Mathern, 1,851 Leslie Ross, 3,551 :Secretary of State's Office.State auditor: Supervisor, Soil ConservationYes, 287 Eric Olson, 751 Supervisor, Soil Conservation i For statewide races and ballot Josh Gallion, 503 District, Stark and Billings, 2-year No, 303 Kelly L. Schmidt, 8,938 District, Stark and Billings, 2-year Imeasures, most the outcomes were Roland Riemers, 67 term: Stark County unofficial results: Insurance commissioner: term: '.the same in the county as the overall State treasurer: Dean Baer, 464 President and vice president of Jon Godfread, 8,907 Dean Baer, 9,412 iresults for the state. Exceptions were Tim Mathern, 67 Supervisor, Soil Conservationthe United States: Nick Bata, 791 Supervisor, Soil Conservation :for Measure 2, which was tied; and Eric Olson, 38 District, Stark and Billings, 4-year Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Ruth Buffalo, 1,652 District, Stark and Billings, 4-year iMeasure 5, which was defeated, ac- Kelly L. Schmidt, 479 term: 1,745 Public Service commissioner: term: !cording to unofficial results. Insurance commissioner: Roger Klym, 488 Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, 522 Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, 1,357 Roger Matt Klym, 9,196 ; Other counties having turnouts of Jon Godfread, 483 Supervisor, Soil ConservationDonald Trump and Mike Pence, Thomas Skadeland, 793 Supervisor, Soil Conservation imore than 70 percent were Bowman, Nick Bata, 36 District, Stark and Billings, 6-year 9,718 Julie Fedorchak, 9,190 District, Stark and Billings, 6-year ,Emmons, Grant, Kidder, Logan, Ruth Buffalo, 58 term: United States senator: Superintendent of public in- term: iMcLean, Morton, Nelson, Oliver, Public Service commissioner: Robert Wock, 464 Eliot Glassheim, 1,096 struction: Robert Wock, 9,150 Sheridan, Slope and Wells. Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, 40 Supervisor, Soil ConservationJohn Hoeven, 10,592 Kirsten Baesler, 8,088 Dickinson city commissioner, Other Billings County unofficial Thomas Skadeland, 44 District, Golden Valley: Robert N. Marquette, 319 Joe Chiang, 2,256 unexpired 2-year term: results: Julie Fedorchak, 491 Dick Knopp, 29 Representatives in Congress: Justice of the N.D. Supreme Peggy O'Brien, 3,081 President and vice president of Superintendent of public in- Measure 1: Jack Seaman, 681 Court: Jason Fridrich, 4,215 the United States: struction: Relating to legislator residency Kevin Cramer, 9,881 Robert V. Bolinske Sr., 4,171 Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, 58 Kirsten Baesler, 413 requirement: Chase Iron Eyes, 1,446 Jerod Elton Tufte, 5,231 Results Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, 31 Joe Chiang, 123 Yes, 467 State senator, District 36 Justice of the N.D. Supreme (Continued on Page 8) 5%; second in region Above: Posing with their second-place trophy at the Region 7 Tournament in Dickinson on Nov. 10, from left, are assistant coach Roz- lyn Cerkoney, assistant coach Laura Steffan, Becky Binstock, Ashyln Privratsky, Bailey Olson, Bailey Boltz, McKenzie Buckman, Katie Keator and coach Hope Klein; front row: Alexis Urias, Margie Silbernagel, Bayli Krance, Jenna Obrigewitch, Laken Jacobsen, Tori Tooley and Afton Shyposki. Top left: Heart River play- ers follow the ball from the Hazen team during the cham- pionship game. Bottom left: Belfield and South Heart students cheer on the Cougars at the Knights of Columbus Activi- ties Center. The Cougars won the first set, but lost the fol- lowing three. Scores were 19- 25, 25-17, 25-17 and 25-11. (Photos by Richard Volesky) tion BISMARCK - In conjunction bugs" can quickly spread to family quite serious, or even life-threaten- with Get Smart About Antibiotics members, schoolmates, and co-work- ing. An example is Clostridium dif- Week, Nov. 14-20, the North Dakota ers, and threaten communities with ficile (C. difficile or C. diff) '\E epartment of Health (NDDoH) illnesses that were once easily treat- infections- these are bacterial infec- ~ants t~ere~e awareness that "an- able. Antibiotic resistance.~!~a-grow- tions.-that cause severe diarrhea: In libiotics aren't always the answer," ing problem, and the main cause of the past, most C. difficile infections says Faye Salzer, a NDDoH coordi- this problem is the misuse of antibi- were connected to a recent hospital nator, otics, the NDDoH says. The CDC es- stay. Studies show that children in The Centers for Disease Control timates that more than two million the general community - without a and Prevention (CDC) and the antibiotic resistant infections occur recent hospital stay - account for as NDDoH reminds residents this cold annually in the United States. many as seven out of 10 pediatric C. and flu season that antibiotics don't "We need to be better stewards of difficile infections. Many children work on viruses. "This isn't new our antibiotics," said Salzer. "This who got sick with C. difficile had re- news. It's a long-documented med- can be accomplished by making sure cently taken a course of antibiotics ical fact. Antibiotics can only treat you take antibiotic only when they for a respiratory infection - infec- illnesses caused by bacteria. Colds, are needed and used as they should, tions that are usually caused by the flu, most sore throats, bronchitis, When diagnosed with a viral illness, viruses and therefore not even and many sinus and ear infections are ask your doctor what you can do to helped by the antibiotics. caused by viruses, not bacteria," said feel more comfortable. Your The CDC Get Smart program fo- Salzer. provider may suggest you drink cuses on common illnesses that ac- In fact, antibiotics can even be plenty of fluids, get a lot of rest, use count for most of the antibiotic harmful. Taking antibiotics when over-the-counter medications as di- prescriptions written for children and they are not needed is fueling an in- rected, use a cool mist humidifier, or adults in doctors' offices and other crease in drug-resistant bacteria, gargle with salt water. Do not ask or outpatient settings. Some illnesses which cause infections that are more pressure your provider for antibi- for which antibiotics would be difficult, and sometimes even impos- otics." needed are whooping cough, strep sible, to cure. Almost all types of Antibiotics can also lead to side throat and urinary tract infections. bacteria have become less responsive effects, such as diarrhea or an upset For more information, to antibiotic treatment. These "super- stomach. Some side effects can be visit Presidential turkey pardon began in 1.863 By Tom Emery Upset, Tad reportedly cried, "I can't "Other presidents have been more For the Pioneer help it. He's a good turkey, and I serious-minded, but that's how Lin- Each year just before Thanksgiv- don't want him killed." Lincoln coln could be." ing, the U.S. president ceremoni- gave in and wrote out a pardon on a Some of Lincoln's successors ously pardons a turkey, a card, which he handed to his son to have shown less ihcIination. After light-hearted moment in his other- appease him. President Obama's first turkey par- wise grueling schedule. "Tad was begging for the turkey's don in 2009, one commentator found The tradition is traced to Abraham life," said Dr. Wayne Temple, an ac- that the chief executive "did not Lincoln, who wrote a pardon at the complished Lincoln scholar who re- seem all that thrilled with his role." behest of his youngest son, Tad, in cently retired as deputy director of Seven years before, when a female 1863. the Illinois State Archives in Spring- turkey - a thirty-pound gobbler Fhough the origin is debated,field. "Lincoln was always looking named Katie - was pardoned for the many researchers believe that Lin- for something to amuse the children, first time, George W. Bush absent- coin was the first to bestow a presi- so he pardoned the turkey." mindedly twice called the bird "he." dential pardon on a turkey, thus The president's playfulness re- While many researchers credit saving it from the dinner table. The fleeted other episodes with his chil- Lincoln as the firstpresident to issue reprieve, though, was actually issued dren. In 1861, he had written a a turkey pardon, others cite Hany S. at Christmas. pardon for a soldier doll, also named Truman, who was the first to receive In late 1863, the Lincolns re- Jack, that Tad and older brother a gift bird from the National Turkey ceived a turkey as a gift, and though Willie, who died the next February, Federation in 1947. However, offi- the bird was intended for Christmas had sentenced to death, cials at the Truman Presidential Li- dinner, nine-year-old Tad, an animal In 1997, Bill Clinton referenced brary in Missouri have found no lover, had other ideas. He made a pet Lincoln's story in ceremonies to par- evidence of any pardons given by of the bird, which he named Jack, don a sixty-pounder named Willis. Truman to a turkey. and taught the bird to follow him George W. Bush also made reference His successor, Dwight D. Eisen- around the White House grounds, to Lincoln's pardon in 2001. hower, ate each of the birds given to On Christmas Eve, the president "Lincoln is probably the only tried to tell his son that the bird president with the sense of humor to Pardon would become the family dinner, pardon a turkey," laughed Temple.(Continued on Page 8) Five Great Reasons To Shop You save time and money because you don't have to travel. You help provide jobs for your neighbors and friends. You receive excellent customer service. You help our local economy and make our area a great place to live. You. help pay for city services such as taw enforcement, fire protection and roads. 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