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November 22, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 22, 1945

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/ "'" I 1 [ : KU~bl rUIIL[Cb li ~ ralsea ~u per cent, prices must go up I ,am i i imi.~ ,-- ~ l [ I,q ii I I jmunists and nationalists bogged and J ~I~. :.~; r effort to prevent Chiang Kal-sneK's ~ ~ I ' LL LL nff any reversal of policy in sup ! I|BBI,I Shoreham hotel apartment Baruch's WNU service, tot~ ~:ye street,e n J rch 31,ter vyacneslav me~:~::~:~i u u=luea ~emoerauc aommauon ' dent C E Wilson that ff wages are VOL. XXVIL,MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Thursday, November 22, 1945 NO 24 -- KLY NEWS ; -: L-- Plan to Remove Food Subs,d,es. o,v, ,oo e ,o,t' I . . ! P o . I1" ' I China as negotiations between com-i f= ' i I '1 ,TJt ,t iAtom in AZlteSlt e.ed, too to eo.ense!naolbee Internal LFISIS il mi I II IM,I [Postwar Dmlomatlc Movements l,oroos ,tom ,n.ltratmg ,nto eir t A"--.':---- n n :,t1|! I 1 -- We ! northern strongholds | = m mm~u~ Ibm Released by stern Newapaver Unlon, As a result of the outbreak of hoe ~IICLIIHg ,SNOTE: When opinionsmreez ressedtu these eolumne, theyarethomeot "I JJ|ll i (wED~eTrOnRz~ewip=per Unlo~', mow, Hab.s~ and n*t arll, et tale ww=,=,er.) tilities the U. S. decided to with- I IIJ ! I BAaVC- PREDICTS INFLATION ~, I draw Amer/can troops from the l [|~,WASHINGTON.--Elder States- ~i::ii: :ii~~ii!ii~ili!!~i~ scenes of combat, the Yanks having Report Army Looms as New Power as Fao-,I man Bernie Barueh revealed some ii!i{~~ been used'to aid nationalists in tak- "i""" "l^sh 0v^r Br^-d Partici--t=^- ~i,I interest~g figures on inflation re- i~!:~~ incf nvd=r fnrme ~T o el territor t Ull~ 1.# d t~ UCt IJct lull j~i~,eenuy m an off-the-recora e smn ~~='~!{:'~:~:-il r ac-h d Y. ~~~ Removal of U. S. units did not big- In Postwar World Affairs. lint ~ with 14 younger congressmen at .i =~tin#-Chiang however, with re-I I|~ ~ I prediction was that the nation was "~, - - - - : - -- - - - : - L "- . ?" - -- ' ld ] I I Il I hell bent for inflation and soon - -- == ports ma, ,he aam,n,s, - eOnalWa By BAUKHAGE ' " -- " ~~: = - ~ [ continue to offer him mat " " - I Piecemeal increases in wagee. Thus did the threat of civil war, News Analyst and Commentator. " ~ profits and the cost of living have foUowing close upon V-J Day, damp- ~ N W " to assure that it is true In "reef I been uneven, Baruch said, with ~ - ~~~- -- : -: en long-suffering China's hopes for " " [ " --"; i wages lagging behind. For that rea~ n ' 't "n wasmngzon, u. t;. mere was a spil~ in me att-powent~ . a permd of peace and Ira qudi y x / [ ,~; ~ ~ ~ ~ ,~o~. q,~,o [ son he no longer favored hzs prewar ~~~~ hLhw "c to unifv~ the nation politically } What' nappening insiae ~tussm:~'ohcmal'f ~'='~'~" " ~ureau is a small body idea of a freeze on both prices and ~~ and lay the foundation for economic Where there's smoke, there's fire: [ / wages. Our only hope, said the el- . . [ c[iosen zrom me cen~ra~ uuzaml~eu Vehement demals of the death o der statesman h can - - ~-- - ~:= ~ --: development and modermzatmn. - - ' ] of the r'ommunist "art~" which is the 1,is t at we weath- ~i - - J" - . -- ] Marshal Stalin were followea nnai- ["~ v .a, . er the next six to nine months with- O government spOliCy zormmgenuty : : : : ~ FINLAND: i ly by admission that the man wh [ ' " . . :[ out running into serious inflation. If ld n]s boa lscomposeo oz power~u~ - - - --~==. ~ ~::: - ~ r . [ had more power than any czar cou [ ~ . . Y. [ we do that our chances of a strong eaaers boast of was wearv That he was ' ~owec ieaoers ana t exerts a grea~ / ~ ? .- ~~- =-.~:~i r a" I I recovery ~rom ~ne war Doom are i:~ Char ed with refusal to mediate well but that he was shedding some aeal oz .mnuence. . . ~ ood differences with Russia and prose- of his responsibilities. I ~c~or.axng ~o me.reports / g "The huge pent-up demand for curing war on the side of the Axis I It is interesting to note the reac- ] on ~dwmov s pos~?o.n, me rol/~-la~-~ products which we will scc dur- instead, eight prominent Finnish teen in this country. The wishful I reau was snarply awL~ealn~o lso "/ ing the next nine months, is a leaders were arrested by the new I thinking of those who first an.] z!oms~s an.a ~nose WhO mozect upon] very leriou threat," said Bm- r th me res~ oz me woria w~m a ross government and scheduled for early t nounced the death rumor eve e ] / ruch, stressing the importance cted in]aunctlcea view At mat ume ~aun - trial in the people's court. ] air and in print was not retie I " ] of holding prices down. In the unprecedented movement of i official Washington [ wa sam co oe watmng a ugnc-rope,He am or annsickmseaseq n 1 " . azea nls listener ny say- No longer c~pable of doing heavy m~ a !an s-a country to punish former leaders I The very day before the first story [ between the.two and choosing care:. ~ inn that he is completes, on~osed to pirited, German prisoners of wsr remas ce ny =tussmus urez mrougn Ber- for their official acts Vaino Tanner [ a"-'eared a hi-h -overnment official ] 2uuy zowara wmcn sine ne woum / . '= v ~. vv were,' vv r, ~ ean " liev that ~ax reaueuon or any nature at this homes in the 1 Lxtvinov who be ed fin on their return to " dominant Finnish politico of 1941, I expressed the opinion in my hearing I I time "Not h, does the -overn was " " d" !ILls In COUAa not uve Dy ner e~z aria "~"~ - " ,T~nr~v~T ~=~avr~o accused of fmhng to take a [ that the hope for understanding be- I ~^ ~oa ~, a--a = o"m { ment lose needed revenue but it is SUBSIDIES: runmt.~ Arr2~tnD: van}age of a U. S.-British offer to ] tween the United States and Russia I =::X.';L~ %7.%: :::~Lh an unhealthy thing for our general m. n t A,~;,- ~/~n]/~ meaiate with Russia that year. denended largely on Stalin. This was I v=-:~--~ o:-: ;".'. ~ ":'. ~. / ,~nnOm, " =.~,d n=,~,~h 1lme 11[emovat$ ,~u,o-, ~ [ Tanner again was named for fail- } after the Ion~ series of ,disagree- I worla, nan been completely sne~vea| --"'- ----, . --:~.--- ----:~:- Designed to hold down living costs I The red-hot question of sharing ttie I ure to accept a U. S. propesition to I ments beg~g with the breakup I for hi ideas. / Keg. ,=,nay ulemi~ler oz MilWaukee dur wartime, government ub i"I ate.talc .boron zeamred the reeent I concmate finnish-Rub inn c ffer-I ~, th== Foreign Ministers' meetin-in I Little more was heard of these/ asked what Baruch thought Of the mg r ueer and proces-diplomatic news a ences in 1943 alon with former ! " 7 tho~=f nl ~f W,l~ tn ~k~= ] rumblings until after the end of the / statement by General Motors' pres- dies to food p od . g Land i ' oved tothe U S, Britam Pre iden n war when the Red arm became sors will be gradually rein . ~. ~ t Risto Ryti, Foreign Me-I aetive part in the United Nations I,Y [ . -"'- " . . . lessen the impact on the civilian] an~ ~u.s ia coo un- ~~ t ester Henrik Ramsay, Prime Men- I Food organization meeting in Que- [ the ymbol of Russian salvation. ~ . price tructure, Stabilization Diree- [ uect me~r pome tug- ~~ I later Edwin Linkomies, Gem Rudolf bee the objections to various moves [ Then it appeared that the i~olation-| au per vent. Baruch talked at some for John C. CoUet revealed. ." I of-war :or xavorame ~~ I Walden, and Finance Mini ter Tye- made by the members of the United [ i t Ru ia, the big-army RLmsia, the,length on the g~meral question of rib- Tentative plan call for the avon- I po mo.n.s m me con- ~~,ko Reinikka. I Nations Executive Council Every- [ Ru~ ia which wouldn't take anything,ing prices, but gave no direct an- teen of sub idles on vegetable bert- [ trUct~on of the ~~ I r~'~r vr/~.t~o " where "Russia objects" seemed to I off anybody, had a new and power-| swer. Finally, BiemiUer repeated enmg by:December I, I ,945;,cheese' [ pos worm. -,~ ~~. ~J~tJ, JL4J~ll~'. ' the one answer which Ru ia'e ~ fed backer--the ofl~eer$ (and per-| hi question. not later than February ~8, 194~, I *~t~. = touching. ~l~l No Trend J~epre entative had to offer to the I ha- o, =o and = / --7= afraid I .can't agree with Mr. uno tl~ Foreign nauu and the $1.30 rollback per 100 po I " ~~ I C-n ] suggestions made by the American [ well) of the Rea army. wilson, ~arucn ala. ' on pork not later than Ma } " I / I/and other government In any case, we know that the high " k a - lotov tarredthe of the big cities and Republican in- . WAGE NOT PRICE INCKE SE 194~, with the remammg per P Y V-ache= When the real h,story of th, in-, ofl~cer' of the army received aft k ,ohed ed to go not inter Wap I h~.u romn~ .? . ote, / 2;?ked .st :ec~e~u .m.~,lelpe-uee,ternational conference,begL~ing I sort of perqul ite,rewards and/ . "" ".J' " ==, 1946 In addition, uDsPaaare s on the eve m.v e.~em eteeuon re~utm I ~th ,ha Mn= nw ,~h,r,no, wh/rh,privileges, which only the highest o4'I give au per cent wage increase J.une 30. " n ve-eta- I o, the 38th annlver- - [ and offere~ little eros to a political, -"'"" 7" ::" ~':.-=:--7 "."=" l .~. ~ ~ -. - l without having to raise prices more dies on ca ,nn e,a an~ t~-o .~e :and [ sary of the Red revolution, d~ciar- [ trend prior to the all.important con- [ ~.ecrem. r.y of ~$~aje ~uu a~e~ea ,6, than about ?~ per emlt?" Biemiller Dzee, ~ co, me veau.=, ~, .=-,- .L,f. *-=- -~---"~c a=re no such,gre lona! elections in 1946. j mrougn xalta ann ~'ot~em, xs writ-,'D-J A.-- ~r isted. not later than June 30, 1946. . . I o in-~"Istron-~,old Ca.ln" uvon the un- [ made nece ary by hi own eel-l l Barueb alee ~ hls imests With th~ ~.~l~tment o~ agrxet~-,u=e~ as a w==t0~ u~.l~.- :~=~: ~- . ,~ =~ .= or-,leagues' tubbornnes . i not only. me tsotauonls~; out m,~lmt he tell we were maldb~ a the cost of food ub-taining aavantages, moto~ov, also .~u~.~ re=m ents o~ me e~ty o ralty ~. . I communl t party as a WhOle, mSt l ma.tldge '- -.-------.'~"m'" ----- ---~m'"'~" .t~.e est~.atmg -.~ xt I Paid that its real effectiveness for [for an imparual ramer than a labor . ,~.i~u oe reca~ea mat wne~ me,influence. There has always i ,~.- ialel tot" the ~ aL year m~,s ,e . . dominated admin/strat on,mvkations to the meetinff at ~an - "-'-" . Nm ,-o,menta[ ~re ervmg peace has yet to be| i,Mayor[ Jealousy between the two, though, of| inlts~reseltsitmstl~n,~ M 4tree ~J a~ ~t, luo,~,~, v a I T . . I Jemnes won re-election over CI~ I #ranclseO went out ~t wa armouncea I -, ~ -~ ,o I " . ' -% ,'Y'. on slaughter of livestock are ex-, te wa, ," .Frankensteen a " ' that Russia would not send her for- ' w =, ,= = = v ,-~-.-v- tt seems ~ me~ ~ 'r' ~ ~mNm. dairv~ Indirectly an wering Molotov inl" ,by e.or0-[ [ in many cases. You will recall that,~lsertol)l~ml~alm~lywitilde- l~c~m o w~a~ ~o,~ -,---, --,tormme margin eran minister as head ot me aelega m a190 -,Britain house of oommon,the . . [ [ at the beginning of the war civilian I mobill~atlm In eider tlmt -- pro lueuon, loo~,u~o, uw, =,--, ~,Maln~aming their dominance over uon, out woma ~eave mat post to . ~ "- uaU tough Foreign Mlmster Er- . . eomml~ars were attached to army mot ~mlum emr= dvee at a v . declared, pa De o- . umte an the. censored all oraers, w~n --wet ,- a---r--tr, -,-, crat handswon the ma o al con ~a'nm maae u oad lmpreu~t, "" " "=" "- ~ "" that it wa entirely [Y y r ties i ~med by the offleers. The proved u mt " LABOR-INDUSTRY ] ,o. Boston, pitt~btlr-h I for it looked a ~ Stall~ were darlm- I I D~scu~s Bargaining J ~~ ~a%a~d'a "~d-the'*"U: ] and .Cleveland while Repu';lican"s I in, the affair with faint upPm-t. I ~;l,t,-%, ;~T;l~,o i-~,%:~ /~,"~ : ~a~ae~,~'-"-~ ~ -,-~-. won o~ek Bunato N Y and New. ! ttow~ever ax~er tDe Arnerlean nowso [ s q~ | lu ~.eo we.A / r ~ o e- ChieI~am wuuusm ~. ~ w Vx~'~ m~w-,". ' ~,=-. - - .--,~,-, ~,: o -*- - Backed by AFL I ~~ "" -- "-- ---~-'== of,Haven, Corm, after more than a do=- ~ paper ounded off on the eubJeet, I then withdrawn and onl, thoee with,fauver at Chattanooga, to harp e~b- t~reen a~a represemauvee oz ms-- i *~~ ~y ~ tu~ qum.t,tw.~,I ~* t~--.~ t. t. I " . . . I Inet members and other hieh c~ I~ 'I en years. [ -o-- --=. -- i " a ement, burly John L. Lewm et the sharing the atomic military tra.inlng. were ap.po. cisl a ear on th fl r g . . . - haps the death of Roo evelt, which " t a fl pp e oo or con- United Mine Workars ripped, the CIO,~~:.~ bomb m view of. it |i ' ] I occurred in the interim 8ffected his,~'~j:r aUmmOerrl~ l:/t:e~at t ~e~t~;,gr~,~I where they een be que tio~d propoeal to tie wages into the pres- tremenaous paten-," . oec me me &ea n ~ " . |[ Rep rrl,course. Molotov wal duly aletgned / - [ by congressmen. Such a pmcUee --- .-~---;--a,-tr, conference m i -:~ tialities m Dnafly I I u~ m ~ a~ ~.~j~ ~,~.~ ~v=~.~ I I / mlJ~Llteg~.y. I -- J -----, - . ~- ---- --.~ -- en~ ,~u~=- ~uu. ~ ---/ ~~!~| "7 " "" "h e//,* * I / to me ~on. / /woutu ma~ xor muea grea~er eo- putes. . [ m~ and not scma- / ord.6reukm.$ pertor~e 9t Br~" 's [ be sought to grease the wheel ot~ mals ',Present in addition to Biem[Ue 1 Lewis said. I Bwnes nrojected the U. S. into the [ ~ ~.{I." P---m~ ", 3 I I ' ' "P ' ~ '," Even as the 36 labor and manage- I ~rnati'onal pic- [ u~s; Irom~n'.cago,:"~d~r~-~hi~ I l~olafioni=M I when he suddenly gave up a widely h into hours cma 4~ mmme, ~ advertm tri to nite t~uwuni IN ~EFEAT ment representatives pitc ed I ture with the reve- ~ "" i C~ in 2 hours and 46 men- ~ --- ~" I " ed p the U d States, | ,~ = or h~o brewed in the I ~~ I I~ ~ co Y . ] ttiOC tzrowl I which it was said he had loOked for,Winston Churchill recently told "=~'" ~==~" """~"~ lateen Of mls eot~- a=e=. z ' I ward to with con iderabl I friends how he felt after his defeat automobile v~nd steel indu tr/e,w'th ] *-,'s sunnort of an ~ I ] There is reason to Dee]eve ma~ j I --- ,-, m me ~riusn exections The flr~t the CIO asking the government to I am=.4 co~nmission ~ I NAZI SPY: [ the 'no vote attitude of a number I This might have been a signal that " ! ne o ~- Soviet leaders who o osed ~ew nays az~er ms aezea~ were ter intervene following collapse o g " ] ~ ~,=rantee free ~ I ~.~. ~ t~n ~D~ [ of the PP I Russia was drawing further within i '. . " tiations with General Motors and [ acceSs'to the Black ~ ~ T ppea u//rm I what many have considered too I herself rmm, unurcnm confessed. The very U S Steel corporation over wage in- ne As ertin that his only intention in deep entanglement in international g t ed -"^'-'- '-t-in wartime take- ] or Mcdlte.rr.a V ~ ] g i. to the U S I airs wh has been in evldenee Some believe that it indic,}ed that because there were no dJp~0matie ea- I through me v,- ~ I aeeompanym~ rs - . aft !ch . Zhukov was the chosen =ucces or of -- man r e bles to read Thro l~ the war his home pay. I ~ n~rdanelle and "~ ~ in 1942 was to get out of Ger Y, I for a rang ume, nnaay w eeked th Stalin and that until a new regime - . . . . ug , -,~.- I ~'-."--,:==o -traits ~ I a Nazi shy disclo ed the whole en- I Foreign Ministers' conference. I was firmly establi hed the ~:,',i nrst morning cnore was to read the AItL~L I : I :~;";el;;se of ~ ~ emy pl0t'for damaging U. S. planes,A8 early as the time of the. San i would ma-intain a negat/ve po~;~;,to l~eeret military and diplomatic Step Up Dl$ch(IF~e$ I Italy's territorial 8ec Byr ~i'=~"l~and facilities and terror/z/~g civil*I Frlncl eo meetin~ there were hm~ ~ foreign relations,~m:Se~Om au over the empire; ana Me=fly European vete or.igina]ly I views. . liana to the F.BI, le.a.ding,~ =thee ar]aY ) of 8 gr~w]ng ?solatLo~ st~ opp~ii- I In any case, it Is clear that the / 1V ?or (ida,up andt*d2yh~t-e, r2Lt~e~-nt.: ~.a for rede,lo,ment to me ra- Allied commls-, rounou,~ at me entire clique aus~ma ! clan l~e Z~.u~a, wu~u reac~ I ,~ .s- L / J a~ 6 -,-~,u~ ~s ~ u~m,==~. =" ~ ~y e81UDK ~u~ ms= =- =tu~tt ooje cs pOliCy wae inaugu. ~~r~:;ed~ o~etetPToS~; I ~Ts~Yr~::t~:t ,ffiredaTr~i ~en~f :e. /bYL~tb;~e30 years lmp~l o~ent I ;;rt:i~o~b~: ~atyh, eb~:::e: ] s~teed :::::::::::::::::::::::::: ] eU~ibl~ for ~narge, me army re- i st~ateg/e strait,but countering me I the trlal relultmg in me ~u~, I u. "J"T v.= ? I bah with the Allies at least ~ o,A I T .~.--=- "~. ,u .~ ~ . -- . . = . -;t;,o bases t ol. of the aD@tettrs aria a u~e I Mmllter Latvmov, ~tusaia I oraeK I L ~ .~ ~,st~ur/ff~n~n mmg8 OUt. ~'~=" . I ~u~lslen a~maum tm ;a,-"='-="= George [ Ai,~tomat who ne=otiated the re,pom~ w~ere progress seemed to ne t rm aa amm~e tence zor ano~er~ =vT, ~. ~,~ o emauy ~ w~n( Qown to me soum At the same t/me, me a y - t~l wsterw~Y~ to een ~ along the vi ~ "-~'~" " ' ~ - th it- made toward working agreements, ~no~ ~ ~ ~ man wlth [ ,I~,~: Ira# .I~I~. ' ' - " .:.:-' I~, nemed .t~.~'~,~l~:~. [ ~mption ot ~lat, lon~ ~,the U n ". I Washington I by no m.ns ~ I ol France, Churchill conl.ed. 411 or mot~ num~e'ot ~lv~ settee .J In submitting it= te~,ito~ial v,ew~,tors and o~rnishe~ ~ttot~ ~Uv~ ] ~ ~ ~,e: 8~erm~ ,o2g mat=tin =o~ i to him ,rein the i a??L=reated, well these, z ~ J~ ]~i0, ~ be ~t. Italy "agreed to read~ttst~ent of its| which el~a~en um f.l-mer~ ~ w,mwmg worm~ war ,; ~ m~.~,~ = ~ I Meanwhtl* the on- t~ pe~'t~ea Hverat ~etures a~ they ~vet~mz t~r permanent ~uty excep F~e~eh end Yugoslavian boundafle=,their movement, an= ~aeK m~m,was repor~e~ mat vmuv ~=u. u~m= [ which ~" ~-' ~ ~-,y~=u= vz.ew / te~ me lome wondertud food. ~t - ~or ~. specialists, r~ar I a~d e~tablishment o~ Allied bases ia,down in New Yorl ~ L~ a,go, ~.u purge~. ~ts was not io, ~,~ wn.a I situation ~-~'~-Y'="e--?-v?me~-U-s-sten,st/ll z couldn't get~ver this idea ot ~lm.~l~t~lmm~d,~lmU~ I it= former Nort~ ~L~'lcaa eoionie~ [ In detailing the salmteurs mte-,haft was .mat me ~m~la /," ~,~ ,"~=~'.~ mawr. m~ mat mere / no cables enming kt and no eatdes ~,~pt, ~ overseu a -I of eertain i . Desch Said the FBI that the/ ob~t=" emmem naa mensged to[ ~ =Pine K~na oz a enange taking/ BMnff out. Eaeh~mo~ina I fretted but asked for ~t~mtio~ ~ton. : ~ - - ac m~ -. -' " .: - - or men ~ ~ Nrvtt~, or men- I ic value.- [ along with /mportant I~.u~ .1~,eral views. . ~. Lin ~ ~ .=tautog n'm~ms,cme morning I felt better. It eugb - . . ] plu~ eot~idetttio= of the ~Je~tlO~ o~,york City, - - ",; [ viet leaders un'il ~ ~ m" are e~. aa .s~. ce ape:,trolled Pale~tlne were re~.te~,t/on, the laboteurs plalmed to+.~er-,lleve lS now oaring up into ~,-= . . i ~ ever since." tai~t=. Nut!ca who are ~o y.ears ~ I part 0t BritiSh M/atster Att-,ror/ze civil/~ns by ptantf=g tree i flame men .toere Is always another,Note -- ChlmddU's health Is ageorhavn129o/ntsw/llno~l~eNmI Ice's s ,ehe~ dls=ullli~n$ with |bombs indepotloeker anaerowae~,"~e s~ory ~ me eve:iT wmen [eel| .~. uonwh/eh.popeup a anuplana.| ~ sml are, His ~eet~ Ires overseas. I Pr~ Tnnnau. I =tore=. I up to me mwmov a~m has never I uo~ ot =m~=t anything t~ days-- I ,a~llved Idm ts cut ~ m Ida - [ ~be~m confirmed, but it i~ reelo~ble / the atomic bomb. ] ~ ~ /rb~Inl.