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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
November 22, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 22, 1945

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Forgive them their bitterness -- their scorn. They'll look at the prettiness and safety of home life with weary contemptuous eyes. It's doggoned important, is it? --that wedding announcements are en- graved rather than printed? We've got to have parsley on that, have we, Ma? It broke up Betty's life that I forgot that that fool girl tele- phoned her. did it? They Hope to Shock You. Forgive them their politics. They won't know what they think, but they'll be positive wtth criticisms, opinions, discussion of socialism, communism, labor rights, rights of ex-servicemen, and they will take great pains to say what ~they hope will shock you. Nothing will be sacred to them--in conversation at least--and if you hold for the pres- ervation of marriage ties, they'll ar- gue for license and free love. Forgive them their strangeness. You're accustomed to the daily home events. You love the baby so much--having loved him all those months for both father and mother --that the trouble that is a baby is no trouble to you. With Tom it's dif- ferent. He looks on with curiosity, annoyance, and even jealousy while you care for his son. Do you have to run upstairs every time the kid yips? Does he always smear him- self up that way at meals? Can't we leave him with a neighbor one week-end and go off for one of our old good times? You'll have ~ for- give him that. Forgive them their uselessness. To some of them this terrible experi- ment of war has come just at the wrong time. It's hard to go~ back into college, it's harder still to get into employment for which they're not fitted. They will drift. The ~ig boy just out of uniform will come down late to breakfast--and little sister will look questioningly at you. Is she supposed to hang around until 10 o'clock to cook eggs for Billy? You will suggest to him that he might like to see Uncle Joe about going into the paper mill, or Cousin Roger about a job at the hotel. He will nod, his mouth full of your good waffles, but he won't go to see either. A spring has been broken in his young fine make-up, and it may be months before that spring is re- READJUSTMENT TO PEACE Wives, mothers and friends of returning veterans find that the young men they used to know and love have come back strangely di~erent. They are bitter and cynical often. They are unsettled, difficult, touchy. They w~mt to be shocking in ideas, attitudes and speech, in many cases. They are diffieuh to live with. Many won't fit into any job. They just sit around the house, morose and dull, or else tire- somely garrulous. Going back to school under the G. 1. Bill o] Rights doesn't look attrac- tive to many men. There just doesn't seem to be anything they really want to dO. Some have gnawing con. sciences about incidents while they were away. Maybe they got involved in some black market deal. A number have been unJaithful to their wives while enduring the loneliness and misery ot war in distant lands. All this, Miss Norris says, must be ]orgiven. These men have "survived terrible expert. ences, particularly horrible to young, impressionable soldiers. built, and he is geared to normal home life again. Recovery Is Slow. Forgive him, you mothers of wounded boys, his hypochrondia. He's been hurt, patched, bandaged, he's been in splints or on crutches; his young blood and young courage and young strength has been drained away from him, and he can't regain what he has lost in a hurry. He'll be fretful, talk symp- toms, bore you all with his phyical history. Not for long, but until he gets on his feet, in nerves and mind and soul and body again. And finally, some of you wives for- give him that he put someone else in your place, for awhile. In loneli- ness and distance men need women for comfort, and when any friendly, attractive woman is near, home seems very far away. When he comes back to you, and perhaps blurts out his regret and his sur- prise at what he did, forgive him then. It is part of the total world ruin of war that so many wives find it impossible to forgive this one thing. But it isn't the worst offense a tired, lonely, hungry, despair. ing man ever committed. Cruelty and injustice and abuse of power--- these crimes leave deep scars. But reaching out wearily for companion- ship and, affection, when the home affection and companionship for which he longs is not accessible, this is some thing to be forgiven--and forgotten. As we forgive those who trespass against us, we all are to be forgiven some day. Lay up in the spiritual banks for yourself an emergency fund of divine forgiveness. 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