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November 22, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 22, 1945

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PAGE EIGHT THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1945 m : m MF "OUR DEEPEST, MOST HEARTFELT THANKS, 0 LORD, FOR THE BLESSINGS OF LIFE, LIBERTY AND MATERIAL WELL BEING, AND FOR THE JOYS OF FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP AND HAPPINESS" NOTICE--"Fo~d and Fancy work ,Sale." Ti~e Presbyteran Ladies Aid will hold a food and fancy work sale in the ehm'ch basement Sat- urday afternoon, Dec. 8th, from 2 to 5 p. m. Coffee and cookies will be served, adv. Captain Woodrow Reddy, who has seen several mont~s service m ~he Pacific theatre of war, Ls visiting ,his s:ster, Mrs. Fred Johnson and family. W. F. King and grandson, l%obert, lclt Wedhesday by bus for Cali- fornia. W. F. will visit relatives a~t San Diego, and l~obea-t will study piano wibh Mr. Melander at River- side. Mrs. P. J. Loffelmacher and Mrs. Verne King were hostesses for the Preabyterlan Ladies Aid Thursday afternoon. It was decided ~o hold a food and fancy work sale Sat- urday afternoon, Dec. 8tlh to which t~e public is cordially invited. Mrs. H. E. I-~aney had clmTge of the meeting due to ,the absence of presiderrt, Mrs. O. F. Talkir~ton. 6"~anley Adazrts, a par~t, rooper who has been recently discharged from lhe service, is doing carpenter work eat Beadl. O. F. T~lki~ transacted busi- ness ~t Blam~rek, returning by ,bus on Wednesday. 'Mrs. Alfred l~atteson and chil- dren, E,~ar, and Jo Ann left ~or Portland, Ore Friday ~here they will visit Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Deal (nee Lorraine Matteson.) $$$ PRAYERS such as above are being offered all over the country today, just as hey were when that first group of grateful colonists offered theirs in celebration the first harvest in their .new land. Hundreds of harvests, 'hundreds of Thanksgivings have passed since then. As a Nation, ,'at of these Thanksgiving observanceS, we have had much to ;be thankfml for; each of them saw our ountry a little further down ,the 1,cad of history, a land rowing in power, in area, in wealth . . . and, most of all, in the happiness and well being of a free people. TODAY, Thanksgiving, 1945, we see our country emerging from the thongs of war--we see our country engaged in the remendous effort of converting from a war-time an everlasting peace-time economy--an effort testing all our wtpacities for ingenuity, skill, ourage and patience. We can be thankful---and with confidence in future---that the past has proven our ability to solve 'them, and that .while our present position is a new one in history, 4t is not without recedent in kind and most certainly will yield to olution by the combined efforts a people made incredibly strong by the blessings of nature and three centuries of freedom. As individuals, as a nation, as a people under God, we have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. Let each of us individually, or as groups, offer our thanks as we sit down to that bountiful feast that is the )utward sign of gratitude. (Last Week's News) ,Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Talkinwton returned on Tuesday from their t~wo weeks trip to Ck)lorado. l~- ~orie has resumed her studies a~ the UniversiCy at Boulder and Betty is teaching in a kindergarten in: Z>enver. While in Denver the ~tlk- ing~ons were dinner guests of Ma-s. Eli~beth M~udlIn and d~ughter, RuVh, who were former Billings Courtly residents. ~V~rs. Emma 8~me~l was hostess ~or the Sti~h and Cl~tter Club at her home south of ~own on Tuesday a~ernoon. Ten members ~'ere presm~t and the event proved ~o be a gala one. as a bountiful hea~ant dinner was served, the .2~smn being Mrs. Schnell's birth- U,'. Mrs. Haw~vik presented her ~i~.h an embroidered dish towel, a 2ft f~om ~he Cltrb. Mrs. Mae Olson .~c,n ~he hostess gift. The guests d~p~rted leaving wishes for ninny more happy birthdays. H H. H, afStrem of Cedar Canyon made a business trip th,rough Mon- bana, ret,urnlng Saturday a t.em~on. Mrs. Fred Johnson and ,son, vet- Report On Billings Triple A Farmer Hunting Forbidden vo been visiting relatives at County War Chi t E1 t.~ Puyallup, Wasih. Her brother Capt. s ection Meetings In Roosevelt Park Woodrow Reddy has been spending his furlough ~here. e q ota for B" gs Coun y 'Parmer-Au~A Elect~on' meeting~ Mrs. O. F. Talking, on, who will represent the Billings County Home- $1300.00. 2~he drive has been ex-.will be held in glliir~g~ County's Area Near Medora o,u ~oooa~o ~ ,o, ,tended to Dec. I. Lot us .try to t~hree ctmmaun'lties during ~11e ~a'st keep our reputation "For Going hal~ of December for the purpose According ~to information r~ceived Fargo where she will attend the Over The Top". lV any Per~el~ of d~ famn progranls and tod~y fro~ Weldon W. Griffon, Farm and Home ~ivit, ies. She w~s ~ave not been sollcitect, i~ not send proteins and for eleching Triple-A Oustz>dlan z)f tthe Roosevelt Rec- accomtmnied by Mr. and Mrs. R. W. your dov~tioms to M~ry J, ut~tunen, coamnunity committeemen to serve re~tion~ Denmnstratton ,a~ea, lo- Kerr of Bel, fleld who will visit at ~Bel~eki, or to Ann M. Brown, Me- during 1946, Ohes. I-Ieut, local AAA c~ed in Bt}tings County, 'By Fed- the home of Clarence.H~y, a broth- er~l regulation, no hunting or tr~p-ler of Mrs. Kerr's. blessedd ra' Rememberwith a goodWe haVecrop,all gvodbeen OlmirnmnA completeann uncedscheduie thiSof datesweek'and ping ~ ,allowed ~t any time ont Mr. and Mrs. Verne King a~d prices, etc. Let us not forget to ~tlng places ~ be announced ~edev~l Dam~ administered by the is on' Robert, made a trip to Boulder, 'help a ca~me v~ deh is for the next week;,]N~ti~)nal Bark Servdee, known as ]Colo where Robert had planned to l benefit of our boys a~d Fout~g "Farmers w~o Wattt to learn] the Roosevel Recre~ior~ De~-}sbudy piano but due to the heavy] people. The fund is used for ~bot~t flax peyrnent~, the 1946 AAA]stra~i n Aree (~ttmseve~t Park), l~-[enrollmeat and roont shortage, l~o-l U. S. O to feed our allies, f~rr Roy ~ ,cormerv~tion progrem, the Ing v~ to~ 140, Range 100, [bert returned wi~h his parents andI and Girl Scouts, Young Cltlzerts ~e~t allocation, subsidy payments, l101, and 1{~, and towr~i~ 141, iwilI leave shortly for Riverside, l league~, etc. Price s~ programs, loan pro-[l:~ange 101, of ~Blllings County mad ]Cal~. I Give generously[ No m~tter toJg"nmm, ~t o0tmr farm Im~grtmm]a~riag wt~in town~tps 147 and 145,] ,Mrs. Joe FrRz of Belfleld was ~om you give your s~ool diStrtot]end ~ otig~t ~o meke it a ]Renglm 99 and 100 of M~Kenmie ]hostess for the Wednesday Study ~lll be ~iven credit for the amount.| ~x~ to attend one of these meet-]CoI~. ]Club. Ari irtterestln~ book review "Ilhe reburns are as fol~ow~: ]in~S", ~r. Haut said. "Ills also[ "I~ add~on, ~he North .I~]on "Canal Town", by SamuelA~ ;Divide $ ~.[X}|In~rtar~t ,bintt we get the best]creme and i~ Ctmmalssior~r h~]was given by Mrs. Dele Redmond, Spring Creek 58.{X}jm~',p~l~:%o ~ll the r~ible[de~ the north and ~ot~h]and M~s. C~ay~xm I-hmson gav~ the IL~aer ~0.~X}[ ommn~mtty ooms~Ittee positions. [RoOsevelt ~ a~ a P,~ST ~, ]vocabulary tests. Highland 25.00| T~is, is a cr~tica~ tlnm for farm ] whi~, by State authority, profits ] l~Rsses Ruby Strand and Betty 8&00|e~s, We oani~t ttrge too ~trongly]bUnt~g deer on ~hese two ereas]RUth Joubert, students a* the Medora l~8~0[U~at 'Billings county farmers Join] during 1945. These lands ~ be Gorham L{X}|~Itah ,a~er farmers in the l~atlonlP~lled agains violations on Nk~] )STC' spent the week end at their / respective homes. Pioneer &0@[ in p4enning thetr own farm pro-[vember ~lS, to 30 and at other tlmes~ Helen Loffelmavher, daughter of ~,~oky Ridge &00|ga~tms.', We get out exactly w~h~tlof t~e year." Misce,llaneo~s '4"001~'e P~ in' n rniabter wll~ it is'l S F--~ ~-~l* * ]Mr. and M~. Paul Loffelmacher isattending hlg~HaIleySdlOO1 at Belfleld. Tots, $ 3~1 I't's Up to every single one of us ,oILa t c To o ~ Ra~nce to Ohe goal is $900.~.1 I Won't you h~Ip? ] I M. RP~WN | I~:Y~E[RTA M. RORER'I~ l On Trial Wm. Rodakowski Claimed By Death Bill Rcdakowski, 67, of Belfleld, died Ngv. 12 a.t St. Joseph's Hos- piLal, Dickinson, after a three mont.h illness, caused by in~eetion. He was born in Austria on Jan. 14, 1878. He was mare"led to Pauline Paczkow ki in Austria. They resided ~lear Gorham ,from 1891 ur~til they they moved to Belfield in 1937. Mrs. Radako.w~ki .passed away in 1943.He is survived by a broLher, Nick Rodako~st~i and two sistel~, Mrs. D. D. Hlebichuk and Mrs. KatieDutka. Funeral services were condu0ted by Father l~eszler at 10:00 a. m, Thursday a~ St. Bern~ard's Ghurch MANILA, P. I.---Soundphoto-- in this city. General Yamashita, on trial for war crimss in the Philippines, is shown listening intently to testi- mony as his trial opened. He is ~bown seated at the defense coun- Mr. and Mrs. John Shlcurupey, sel table, :Snow, were Belfleld visitors and on Saturday. Wit. and Mrs. Rill Attderso~, I soubh of Re, field, were B~tfleld and Dic~nson visitors on Saturday. Arr~ong Medora visitors in our City Saturday, we noticed Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bowen, John Tester ond John C~y. ~Ir. and Mrs. iV~att Dutk~ ~op- in Belfleld this week end. lV~aynard Fritz of Leavenworth, Senate Bill ~No. 198, as passed Wash recently discharged flx~n the by the lot session of the North lWarines is spending a few ct~y~ Dakota Legislative Assembly, :with his cousins, Leslie and Henry prohibits the retie of "big game" t~ritz, south of town. 'Mr. and Mrs, Jack OCBrien, Who hunting licenses after the open- recently ddsposed of their ir~ ing of ~ueh hunting season, ~-~t l~Irfl'eld, are moving to Belfleld cording to information relayedthis week. They will ocollpy t~e to the News office today. A~ber~ Thomas home. This means that when the BeLfleld has a new electric ~op, season offlef~dly oim~ on No- opened l~tst week in the building vember 26, and you intend to formerly occupied by the Pearl go Deer hunting, ~you had bettor S~u,~ BeaL~ty Farl~'. The owner, have your license on hand as Tony Oin'usz~a, is prepared to do the penalty for hunting without all kinds of eloo~lqtm'l re,air Wo~ a license is severe ~nd a care- So brlT~ m a~l ~he" eleC~lqC g~dg~ ful check is to be made this ~at need repair. year by the State Game amd ,Mrs. Helen BlOop and gland- Fish Department during the ~lildren als0 Mr. and Mrs. J0o season which closes November Fritz of Bel@lekl enjoyed a chicken 30. dinner trt the home of Mrs. Addle Anderson in Medora on Sunday. The ~ .has terminated Its set- Don O'Brlen, recently disv2mrged aside order on turkeys for Crov- from the navy, re,~urned home ernmerrt procurement which was week. put into effect to obtain an ade- ,Mr. and MYs. p. J. Doyle le@t quote supply to provide traditional Sunday to visit Mrs. Doyle's parents holiday dinners for the men and in Minnesota. They are driving women of the armed services, their brand new Pord coupe. Beach, North Dakota