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November 24, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 24, 1960

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER. MEDODA, N. DAK, Holiday Confection Tree To help the young fry through those exciting, "isn't Santa here yet days before Christmas, set their hands to stringing bright jelly drop candies and soft miniature marshmallows as trim for ' this gay caramel popcorn tree. Here's a wonderful gift to deck mantle or table with a festive air. Divide the caramel corn as you would for balls, shape into trees and decorate, and presto -- you have miniature trees to serve as name-card holders at a holiday party. They're such fun tomake, so sure to delight, that this confection tree may well become a tradition at your house. Holiday Confection Tree 25 Caramels (7 ozs.) Miniature Marshmallows 2 tablespoons water Spice jelly drops 2 quarts popped corn, salted Place the caramels and water in the top of a double boiler. Heat, stirring frequently, until caramels are melted a~ad the sauce is smooth. Pour over the popcorn and toss until every kernel is coat. ed, With hands slightly moistened with cold Watdr, mold caramel corn into Christmas tree shape. Let stand i until surface is dry. With needle and thread, alternately string marshmallows and spice jelly drops. Beginning at the top, wind: strings around the tree. Secure at several places with toothpicks, Insert birthday can- dieholders and candies in jelly drops. Top :tz~ee with a star secured with a toothpick. Place tree on a tray and garnish with holly leaves. The Dishonor Roll by: je'rry Marcus II~A1~lOOlrOFMVWAlnlm~ ~, ~ ~. MY LAND ii! il .'::::::: LIKES COVER" :i:i:!:i:i ::::::~:: -:,:.:+: :.:.:,;.:. W CA LL THAT iii!ili!! :::::::::: BBLE MULCHING i:iil]iiii Radar Base Hawks To Play Sentinel Butte The Sentinel Butte Hall will be the scene of one of the finest basketball events to take place in Sentinel Butte this season. The game will be played at 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2nd be- tween the Radar Base Hawks of Dickinson and the Sentinel Butte Indies. Most everyone is familar with the brand of bal,1 played by col- ored boys, so we can expect some of the comedy and basket ball magic of by-gone days. Moth larvae feast on soil in clothes, especially food stain They are supposed to like only wool, but they'll chew synthetic fabrics or anything else in order to get the food from the stains STA~NT OF TREASURIgR'S ANNUAL REPORT FOR PUBLICATION from other Revenue Receipts, 2596.38 16. Amo~nt received from other non-revenue receipts 3898.15 B. Total Amount received by School Treasurer during year (Total of items 1 to 10 inclusive) 41,001.25 C. Grand Total amount received by School DistrictTreasurer includ- in~ cash on hand (Item AIII and item B) 67,112.77 EXPENDITURES OF GENERAL FUND Amounts Paid Du~lng Ycmz foz tha Following l~arpol~s-" 1. Administration 795.17 2. Instructional Service 20.~16.65 3. Other Services 9382.54 4. Operation of Plant 1680.31 5. Maintenance of Plant 710.83 6. Fixed Charges 1731.61 7. Capital Outlay 341.89 D. Total Amount Paid During School Year by District Treasurer 35,459.00 E. Cash on hand in General Fund as of June 30, 1960 (Item G. Treas. ]~eDort). including Carl of Deposit and U. S. Bonds 31,653.77 CASH BALANCES IN sPECIAL RE- SERVE. BUILDING, RECREATION, BOND, CONSTRUCTION, H~GH SCHOOL TUITION AND HIGH SCHOOL TRAN'SPORTATION FUNDS Cash on hand in Building Fund as Receipts in General Fund of June 30, 1960---See. 5%1516, 57- (Amounts received by school Dis- 1517 N. D. Rev. Code of 1943- See. trlct Treasurer between July 1, 1959, 57-1516, 57 -1517 -- Sea. 57-1517 1957 and June 30, 1960) t Supplement--~Item U. Treas. Report) A. Cash in General Fund (in hands 14,119.00 of District Treasurer) July 1, 1959. 3899.41 Warrants issued July 1, 1959 to June 30. 1.960 (Item B, Clerk's annual AIIL Grand total cash on hand Report) 35,459.00 and money credited to General Fund STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) (Total of items A. AI. AIL) as of County of Billings ) ss July 1, 1959 3,899.41 Fryburg School District No. 6 Lassie's Pal Gds TB Demonsiration Lassie, star of television, looks on as TV pal Jon Provost gets a demonstration of the tuberculin test to determine ff the TB germ is present in his system. Demonstrating the test is Dr. Hymen W. Gierson (right) Chief Physician, Chest Service, Los Angeles, (Calif.) County Hospital. Looking on at left is Dr. Floyd M. Feld- mann, Director of Research, National Tuberculosis Association. Christmas Seals aid in discovering new cases of TB. I. Total amount received during [ do~ solemnly swear that to the year from apportionment of State best my knowledge and belief the Tuition 20326withinis a true and correct report 2. Total amount received during of allmoneys received and paid out 4-H'ERS GEAR FOR OFF-THE-FARM JOBS year from County Equalization fund by me as School Treasurer. county share 3213.38 Esther Johnson 3 Amount received during year from; Treasurerof ~r"bur"~ ~chool r'i~t State EqualizatiOn Fund: ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o ~, ~ - a. ~(State Share) County Equalization riet No. 6. fund 386 62 a Subscribed nd sworn to hefore me Total of a and b 386.62 this 15 day o~ August, 1960. |||Ill 4. Amount received during year Beatrice L. Thomas from Federal Aid 1288.69 Co. Supt. 5. Amount received during year -- NOTICE OF DELINQUENT TAX from ~axes levied by L~L~ric~ ~cnoot ' SALE 1959 Board (General Fund) 1634.87 BiUings County, Nozth Dakota I0. Amount received from other,on f ha I non-revenue receipts 12~1.97 Pursuant to the prey'st s o C P-i B. Total amount received by tar 57-24 North Dakota Revised CodeI School Treasurer during the year ~ 1943 and under the direetions of' ~q liMp~~ (Total of items 1 to I0 mclu~ivei .-' ."'i . 7958.79 ~ne ~oara or u~oun~y ~omm~sslonersI C Grand total amount, received by ofBillings County, North Dakota, ! Sch'ool District Treasure~::~uding notice is hereby given that all lands! cash vn hand {Item AIII and Item B) and" village lots and acreage situatedi " . Jl,8~.20 in the County of Billings and State t of North Dakota ana on whmn the l Amounts paid during ~year for the " , following purposes. ': . " taxes for the year 1959 remain, un- I Ada'ninistration ::.: 245.33 paid at the date of sale (except t Instructional Service 5960.64-~a:~ struck off and sold for priorI 3. Other Services 330.50 y.~rs taxes, to the county) will be] 4. Operation of Plant 359.19 sold at public auction in the man-t 5. Maintenance o~ Plant 1010.82 her provided by law, at the CourtI 6. Fixed Charges 118.9~, House in Medora, Billings Celerity, I D. Total Amount paid aurmg North Dakota, on Tuesday, Decem- i school year bY district treasurer h~ ,~ E. Cash on hand in General Fund lA list f all lands, lots, acreages, f w~tytuh~htl~epa~ed by ~id~s : ~n ~:rr ?ptNat~4HS--lneeC mm'gtesbI": as of June ~0, 1960 (Item (~. Treas. etc subject to said sale is on file1 Report),n includingn Cert. of Deposit and maY be examined at the of.eet Son :~ae a d U. S. Be ds 3812.77 ] nE;0::2oiStt nin i Cash Balances In Special Reserve, of the county audtior at Medora. O will make his livelihood by own- besides other incentives in a eol- Building, Recreation, Bond, Construc- North Dakota, and a copy of said Ing or operating a farm. lect[ve effort to-help 4-H Club tlon, High School Tuition, and High Hst, with the names of the ownersWhe~ this ratio is applied to boys and girls become respon- ~c~ool Transportation Funds , Warrants issued July I, 1959 ~o and description o~ the land and 4-H Club members who are sible self-supporting citizens. June 30, 1960 (Item B, Clerk's annual tracts involved and the total amount brought up on farms and ranches, This support is provided through Report) 8045.43 oi~.Rhe taxes, penalties, and in~erest several hundred thousand each national and regional 4-H pro- STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA ) I year will choose off-the-farm oc- grams arranged by the National County of Billlngs ) s~ due on each tract has been posted cupations. To better prepare 4-H Service Committee and the Pioneer School District No. 15 ),in the U, S. Post Office at Medora, these young people for jobs inExtension Service. * I do solemnly swear that to the IFrytmrg, Fairfield, and Gorham in industry, education and else- Award donors whose support best of my knowledge and belief the said County. where, the Cooperative Exten- of 4-H programs ranges from 15 "the within is a true and correct re- I sion Service of every state land- to 43 years are: International port of all moneys received and paid I The figures given under the head- grant college or university isHarvester -- agricultural; Fire- out by me as School Treasurer. iRg "AmOunt" on the lists include Matt Logasz keying 4-H edu(.ational programs stone Tire & Rubber--automO- the original amount of the taxes and Treasurer of Pioneer School District all penalties, interest, and costs to No. 15. I the date of the sale. Said sale will Subscribed and sworn to before me "'" this 15th day of July, 1960. begin at the hour of ten O'Clock John Baranko ~ A. M, and will continue from day Notary Public, Stark County, N. Dak. to day until all lands or tracts are STATEIVOn~T O} ~UIU~I'II ANI~UAL REPORT FOR PU~LI~TIOH RECI2~PTS IN GENERAL My ComlTtlssion Expires Jan. 19, 1962. sold, but said sate shall not con- tinue for a period longer than ten (10) days. Explanation for the abbreviatiorm as~ppearing on the posted lists fol- (Amounts Received by School Dis. trier Treasurer between July 1, 1959 and June 30, 1960. A. Cash in General Fund (in hands of District Treasurer) July I, 195~. lows: N 4for North E for East $I,III.521W for West AlI. Total amount of Genera] Fund S for South rf~mey invested in UnReal States NE for Savings Bonds ~s of July I, 19~, I Northeast 5.000, .00 NW" for Northwest AIII. Grand Total cash on hand and SW for Southwest money credited to General Fund. SE for Southeast (Total of items A, AT, AII) as of July l 1, 1969 28A,11.~2 ~ for one-half I. Total amotmt received during ]A for one fourth-and one q~.arter year from Apportionment of State'PT for Part Tuition 975.97 2. Total amount received during year from County Equalization fund County share 11,434.28 3. Anmunt received during year from Sta~e EqualizatiOn Fund: a. (State share) County Equalization fund 30@4.72 Total ~f a and b 3094.72 5. Amount received during year from taxe~ levied by District School Board (General Fund) 19,001.75 8. Amount received during year Beautiful Boxed Christmas Cards LOOK M~ MO~ ~OUa Sac. for Section Twp. for Towl~w~p R~E. for Range L for Lot Blk. for Block A for Acre and Acres ARW. for Acres of right of way Incl. for inclusive. ~IVEN UNDE~ MY I-IA/TD AND OFFICIAL SEAL OF CO~ OF ~EM.aggE~, Z~E)0RTH DAKOTA, THIS 18th DAY OF NO- A. D 1960. s/ Daniel Osadchuk Danlef Osedehuk. CO.hey Auditor (SEAL) */qOrl~CE: Any person who renloves or dest~ any delinquent real ~s- rate tax list from the place where posted, betv~en the date of posting and a date of tax sale referred to, shaR be guilty of a misdemeanor. Ch. 5%2405 N. D. Re-,~ed Code 1943. (Dec. 1-8) ~ v v ~ v ~ v v PiOneer: t to current trends in jobs. "The 4-H projects serve as apprenticeships to career ex- plorations," stated Dr. E. W. Alton of the Federal Extension Service, addressing a group of business men and" ~omen whose firms contribute a%out a million dollars to 4-H work each year. "Club leaders are placing more emphasis on vocational guid. ance," he said. Only two out of 10 high schools today offer voca- tional counseling, and most of these scbools are in large cities. Extension workers are teaching boys and girls to "convert the complex cluster of 4-H experi- ences to day-to-day events," he added. A recent report states that there are now three jobs await- ing every agricultural college graduate. They relate to re- search, industry, business, edu- cation, communications, conser- vation, service, and farming. More than 50 business firms, educational foundations and in- tlve care and safety; Mrs. Charles R. Walgreen--beautifi- cation of home grounds; Kerr Glass~cannlng; Coats & Clark ---clothing; Westinghouse Edu- cational Foundation -- electric; Allis-Chalmers -- garden; Mont- gomery Ward--home economics; Sears-Roebuck FoundatiOn--- home improvement; Edward Foss Wilson -- leadership; Gen- eral Motors--safety; Sunbeam-- home economics. The Armour, Cudahy and Wll- . son companies plus Livestock Conservation, Inc each provld~ . awards in livestock projects. The:: following railroads contrlbute educational awards: North West- ern, Burlington, Santa Fe, IVIil-- waukee~ and Illinois Central. Long-time supporters of the 4-H tractor program are Amerio . can Oil, Standard Oil Foundation (Chicago), Standard Oil (Ken- tucky), Standard Oil (Ohio), Utah Oil Refining, and more re- cently, Humble Oil Refining. iN-: [ ,i, l 1 - llli K~E I