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The Billings County Pioneer
Beach, North Dakota
November 29, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 29, 1945

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At all arug stores. Feather-Trimmed Hats Bringing SEWING CIRCLE PATTERNS Drama to Winter Style Picture Slim Princess House Frock o6P~le~ N420 4~9,286isandde~igglqeSdi~~ 3S6tZes~3)~ By CHERIE 'NICHOLAS FEATHER-TRIMMED hats are making one grand splurge in the fashion world this winter. And what a stir these feathered beauties are causing! They are so lovely and so colorful they top off the winter cos- tame with a witchery all their own. The current collections include types suited to every occasion, from conservative turbans, toques, tiny sailors and chic berets to fabulous hats for gala events. Outstanding ]n the displays are gay little flatterers that look like a paul or pompon of ostrich fronds. These are worn tilted over the face. They are very lovely in pure white. It's important news that quanti- ties of wings are being used this year in white, also in lovely pastels and vivid colors. The tall wings, soaring high at the front of the mod- ish hat shown above to the left, are in soft rose pink. The high crown of smooth pink feathers is circled with )lack felt that parts at the center to reveal the handsome wings. Birds are in the news, too. That pretty chapeau pictured to the right above is done in turquoise velvet trimmed with,a flock of wee birds in matching blue. The arrangement of the birds is unique. They look more like tiny wings until you dis- cover the little heads nestled close to the hat. To be sure, they are simulated birds, but they come pretty close to nature's own. The forward-tilted breton of gray Felt below to the left shows a clever use of gray ostrich feathers. The high crown and soaring feathers ac- cent ~he new taller silhouette. The toque below to the right gives emphasis to the "new look" being designed, so it would seem. for a sophisticated lady. It is elaborately draped in a high bulky contour. The .velvet that makes it is in the very modish electric blue now featured in dresses and coats as well as in mil- linery. White feather wings and marabou make a striking contrast. One of the highlights of this sea- son is the colorfulness of hats de- signed for dinner wear and other dress-up affairs. For "above table" glamour milliners are creating bright little confections such as a peaked little strawberry pink felt with soft ostrich plumes in tearose shaded pink that curl around the crown. Very new is this trend of pastel felts trimmed with feather novelties. The all-feather hat is as style-im- portant as the feather-trimmed felts. There is wide versatility expressed in these feather charmers that look so enchanting with winter furs. There's flattery galore in the little calots covered with flat feathers with a sweep of brilliant tail feathers falling down over one side to the shoulder. The tail-feather trim that falls over the hair is most pic- turesque, and it is getting wide re- sponse. Those in vivid yellows and greens and scarlet compete with ex- quisite types formed of long sleek glycerined ostrich in white or in pas- tel colors. Other feather fashions in- clude fetching, little numbers such as the crimson feather-covered little sailor that has as its sole trimming a gorgeous huge rose made of feath- ers with stems and leaves done in green feathers. Released by Western Newspaver Union. Dramatic New Breton This stunning bowler breton is a black felt with velvet accent. As you see in the picture, its profile silhouette is most dramatic and very attractive. A velvet-topped crown nestles inside the huge bowl brim which is edged with a wide velvet band and a soft velvet bow that accents the upward movement. Pastel Satin Hats Enchanting, Chic Just about as gala looking and as prettily feminine as any hat could be are the enchanting little forward-tilt- ed hats made of satin in lovely pas- ~el shades. They are just what you will be wanting for cocktails, dinner and theater wear. Their simplicity is their charm, styled as they are with a blg pour of satin encircling a flat little crown. You can get them in such exciting shades as pis- t~chio,~dusty rose, ice blue, cerise i and gleaming black. High Necklines Call For Chic Necklaces Lots of jewelry will be worn this winter. Not just,helter-skelter pieces but selective items designed espe- ! cially to complement and uniiy the costume. The new high-throated necklines are causing a rush to jew- elry counters for smart chokers or necklaces, either pendant style or formed of multi strands, some of the more elaborate in deep bib-like effect. Tremendous interest is shown in earrings, and the ~ewest stunt is to match them to something or other about your costume, maybe your necklace, your scarf, your jeweled belt or possibly the color in your hat. In order to match you'll be needing a collection of earrings to tune to occasion. Bracelets! Count 'era! It's the latest to wear several posed one above the other, almost to the el- bow. If the bracelet be massive and wide, as many of the newest styles are, then just a single brace. let looks best. Rich, Radiant Browns Are Gaining in Popularity Even if you have never especial- ly admired brown, you'll simply love it this year. Never have brown tones shown up more beautifully in the fashion color scheme than now. No wonder the rage for rich radiant browns is spreading throughout the fashion world today. It s the color ideal whether it be in the chocolate shade or in the~ reddish autumn-leaf tone or the coffee or toast shades to choose for your fall-winter cos- tume. Highlight thesuit or wool dress with a stunning mink hat and throw about your shoulders a voguish mink stole which is the scarf-wrap de luXe for this winter. If in doubt choose brown! It's the latest for your dress, suit, coat and" accessories. HERE is a simple and very etf ficient looking house frock start your day off right. The be- coming square neck and side clos- ing is edged with colorful ric rac, as are the scalloped pockets. Make it for afternoons too in flowered rayon or lightweight woolen. sleeves, needs 4~,~ yards of 35 or 39-inch fabric or 3 yards of 54-inch; 2 yards tic rac. Due to an unusually large demand and current conditions, slightly more time is required in filling orders for a few of the most popular pattern numbers SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 530 South Wells St. Chicago Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No. .Size------- Nam~ Address , " 2 ".I" So Cold! "It must be cold up in the Aleu- tians." - "I'll say! 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