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November 29, 1962     The Billings County Pioneer
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November 29, 1962

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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1962  i: THE BILLINGS t;OUNT I'IOtIIEK M2Dt)ItA. r. u Glass Eyes Organizer Inspects That See Local "C" Chapter An informative, fast-moving Mrs. Ann Westey of Bismarck, and challenging series of demon- State Organizer of the P. E. O. strations with l,ht is the for- Siterhooc, lid her annual visit ..'' mat of the film "Glass Eyes That to Chapter "C", at Beach on ....... " See' to be shown this Sunday Tuesday, Nov. 20. "U' Answ ''' ":: evening at the Beach Evangelical The meeting was held at the Oues tions 0 'ers United Bret.hren Church at 8:00 home of Mrs. Irene Thompson, . p.m. The film is produced by the where a luncheon was served at III ]|] Moody Science films and is part rmon. Mrs. Westley addressed =,'--,,*,,,nv. m11Imuig/Tl$1 |"-'Wm -- of the demonstration that was members :of the local group on II I SKUIL-r="--"----" ,,. presenled at the SeattLle World's matters pertinent to their u... ,A.,, ]?air. :There is no admission ganization. or- m,,,.,,,,o,,,n charge and the ptblic is urged w.,- .,-,, Mrs. polly Thompson is presi- ., v-,=N.. o see this firm. A free will oex- dent of Chapter "C". ,..'. :: ing will be received to pay the Readers are invited to submit :.,. :,  : rental of the film. ANSWER: You milt, not.,:e I  Holiday In Lau:-- their questions to Social Security entitled to any svciat, securty Dinne: G Mr. and Mrs. ,Dan CaKerty, dministration, P. O. Box 869,  benefits this yea, I Dr. and Mrs. Luke Braxrneier Beach, traveled to Laurel, Mont., Bismarck, N. Dak. Questions will be etttitled to beni' foP, same i and family were evening dinner and sper#t Thanksgiving Day be answered in this column axl months next year .... ot shQuld i _guests of their friends, the Chas. with the Melvin Bakers. While an individual reply sent to each:visi t your social security oice Prices ast Sunday, Nov. 25. The there, Billings and that area re- writer. QON: I am a wlaower and I've been reted by my com- pany this year. I get $120 a month from social security. Re- cenily, my former employer call- ed me about part-time work at $200 per men'oh for all of next year. Can I get arty benefits next year while I an eaing $2400? AarWrlR: Yes, you would be entitled to receive $40 in social security benefits. If you didn't work, you would get $1440. Wdle working you lose $1 in benefits for every $2 you earn above $1200 and unde $1700. For every $1 you earn over $1q00 you lose $1 in benefits. In your case, you lose $950 in benefits for your $2400 earnings, leaving you $490 in benefits. QJ]B'I20: I was 72 years old in May of last year and I earned $2000 in wages. I reported these wages to the Social Security Ad- minisa.tion early this year. I will also earn about $2000 this year in wages. Do I have to re- port these earnings to social se- curity at the end of this year? NDWtgR: You need Rot repor your ea.'ning for this year since you were over 72 in all morths of the year. You can receive all your benefits, regardless of your earnings, beginning with the month in vhieh you reach 72. QUTJTION: I reired last year and began getting my mon*hly social security checks. This spring I accepted a job as. City Parks Superintendent at a yearly salarT of $4000. Since I am work- ing, do I have to notify the so- cial security oice .to stop my checks? : You must report your work at once to social se- curity. You can do this by fi%ing out and mailing a ,post card as soon as poss.ble, and they will Braxee r family left this Wed- ' ceived 5t inches of very wet help you deterrmiwe what bene-'nesday morning for Woodward, srmw, which kept the Caffertys fits you would be able to receive, i Iowa. They sold their home re- from returning until Saturday. QU,ESTION: I have been re- cently to Sivert Vanvigs of Mrs. Minnie Sorer, sen accom- relying some monthly social se-, Beach. We extend our best panied them to Billings, Mont, curity benefi{s for the past five wishes to the Braxmeier family to be with her son Bruce and years. Last year I earned 151800 in their new location, family. and reported this to the social security office. I also: told' them that I would earn !ou($100 t,kis year; however; I was aid off in June and I:dbh.'t expect any more this yean I earned bout $8(}0 this year: bore I was lid off. Shotfld I i'eport this to the social security 'office? AN.NR: Yes, you shouI'd,ito- tifF your nearest social secm'ity I office. Eplain thaVyot v/nt to I revise your estimate of earwings for this year. : QU,ESTION: I will soon be 65 years old, and our 'cona, n y re- tires its employees on the last day of the month in w.h.'ch they become 65. I pln fnd sgvne work on a part-time basis.-I ,have heard so many stories as .to'how much I can earn and. 'stitl get monthb- paynents ttit I .do not have any idea, of vhat I can get. How can I find out? ANSWER: You can write the scial security office and ask for pamphle OAI-23 ,,,hich tells about receivSrg monthly benefits while you work. I possible, you should visit the ofice and ask I them to give you dgtails," Hunter Guets-- Mr. and M. Sidney Connetl were host and hostess to a group of out of town humers dtmhtg the recent deep hunting season. Their guests included Mike Me- Cone and son of Bismarck, and Mike's brother Ernie of Mandan, Bruce Foster and Bill Foster of, Dickinson, and Fletcher Harvey i of Bismarck. Some of them + :Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Houck .band, Mr. and 'Mrs. Carl A]len, lin are shown at the time of their Beach, with many friends greet- 40th wedding anniversary cde- ing thevn at the open house hours bration held on Sunda', Nov. 18. that afternoon. The festivities were held at the home of their daughter and hus- (Cameo Photo) WALT'S SUPER VALU and that tlne roast be done slowly in a 300 oven. Roast today at this pedal price. ,. Or, you can use the slices for pork chops pre- Country Style SPARE RIBS 55c Center Cuts PORK CHOPS 69c Essex CERVELAT 69c Super Valu Lunch Meats Bologna - Olive Old Fashion - Liver or Pickle & Pimento Loaf i form, OA-C669. You pr0bb]y batched at the former log cabin were given this form hen you, hme of Charlie Cornell, across[ applied for benefits. If you can't the iver from the Connell ranch. find t, visit your social: security oice to complete the form. ORGKNS -- W* ha,. two  3 pkgs. 89c ,. QTION: I will be 6.5 in' Organs, one l', and one wnts me to keep working on a i vicinity. )iscourt ,  quick part-time basis at $150 amonth, sale. Terms available. Will 0NG [ I accept this job, will I be able : take piano or organ trad-in. o get social security benefdts at Write or call collect.,'. J ..... M. /o/ the same time ? Wylie Piano Company; Bs- 2do00.5%  ark, . k. ...... [p JUICE ,,,o,. FARM KND-IIAN(I -- " " gllhngs County Pioneer Land Bank 00oans ,= * cultural purpose. Buy land, make N& .q, Fro.,, A CominuaUon o, improvements. "- 39' 29 "THE BADLAndS COWOY" You can pay in adva;'t nners ,..,.Sas...k ,k. S C S.. "'" " ' o- C. Established in 1883 penalty. For further iroion Serve pkg. ALIC- L. LEBO, Managing Editor Noct$t.te ' WALTER R. BRATTON see or write 5'"q - Meet Pies .,,.,,.., .,.., "" Sur,n: ,,.., r year tn advn, Known for Famous Br ]xtered in the Poet Office at Medora, 28  Ave* :W.t "-*'*  county, North Dakota, Feb-  N. *SI:. ruary 15, 1934, a seea class mater. - .. . .: under the  of March 3, 1879. , ": ':" '  o..%%,?o'thU%,... I , ,, , .': ",,:)| SUPER VALU COFFEE 2 pound tin 99c ! tlD i ]     1' ": " '4 i ": CORN whole kernel or cream style 6 for $1.00 "'"7[==J[tl=x'"'i ""i: i I -"w',";n .PEAS your choice 5 $].00 attorue'y l * :",",FJl .tt o.,,, =, r, ,  in ,n ink__t.of our __ :ln LIBBY PINEAPPLE-GRAPEFRUIT DRINK 3 for 89c i   I m, ,o, ,con00 :i I . " :' .O.VA.S . WZDSZSVa, , t ..... ""' *" ' Libby Catsup 6 for $1.00  .o   ...._ mn i x. I ] welcn rape Juice ;$-1 _ __ : IO t mmttamm : M R n o n  i  I ""' .... _/ ,_ _/.  . $1 . 0st0f Living Increa 1949.1962 . / =:. : [ ,.. , -- , ... essorrea %.,OOXles.. 1' pxg,. l .: ,iN, 'm tOKely Apple auce noe, _  ,, : .ousi;::::::::.':.'::: :  z  [ *6 for8 , . ..^.so..^.o. ....... 4, . 9c Navy Beans.... 2pk,. ZY : ooD ............. o,=, : l BROGAN &. BROGAN, INC.".."][ Stokely Green or Wax Fla#-O-r'Rife R|,. 2 :,.9e "'"" _= 1109. First Ave. N., li Beans 5 for $1.00 c.oo00 v.,u, Choose the Montana i[ Temt Luncheon Meat pears 2 can 3 for $1  GP - ] i Phone Bllhngs 252-4159 'i*/ :* i[ 39c Colby Cheese. :: . 49  of ;uf " It or " , |  Gold Medal Flour , ......,,_.,,.. _ with | BROGAN & BROGAN, INC: i/ i HI 10 lb. hag99c '=.'. ] iP | P.O. Box 607, H/ Rap-In-Wax Paper - -t.----- " mtl | Beach, North Dakota ! !' |] U * Phone 872-3224 " N] 100. ft. roll 25e WALT ' S E" l We have an unlimited supply of cash for:' t| Charmln Paper Towels lm...__. | first mortgage ram00h ,oan00 |I 2 for 39c 1 B Licensed and Bonded in Montana |/ Phone 4511 [ UPiCK VALU[ | and North Dakota ., II eFr::o::lI a  J Kids Fre n Be ristmas