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December 6, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 6, 1945

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TT-T~ I:~.TT.TflhT(~ COITNT PIONEER YEAR-ROUND TONIC % I THE STORY THUS FAR: Thunder- head, commonly known as the Goblin, is the only white horse ever born on the Goose Bar ranch in Wyoming. He grows from a misshapen colt to a powerful yearling, resembling his great grandsire more every day. The grandsire is a wild stallion called the Albino. One day Gob- lin wanders into a mountain valley, meets the Albino, and barely escapes with his life. After his wounds heal, his 12-year-old owner, Ken McLaughliu, be- gins to train him. The McLaughlins secretly hope he will develop into a racer. The Goblin Is difficult to handle, but one day he surrenders to Ken, and sets off across the prairies. He runs with astonishing ease, speed and endurance. CHAPTER XIII As she approached him, every- thing forgotten but the longing for closeness and understanding, rhe looked up at her. Her iris-colo ed eyes were dark with emotion. They were shadowed underneath, but they were full of gentleness and affec- tion and her smile pleaded for rec- onciliation. Rob held out his hand to her. She leaned over to kiss him and he kissed her in return. Their eyes did not quite meet. "Are you going up?" be asked. "Yes." "Don't wait for me. l'm going to read awhile." $ @ S The "track" was a half mile oval on the level range north of Lone Tree Creek, about two miles from the ranch house. This had been selected by the boys immediately upon their arrival home from school this summer as Thunderhead's practice and trial ground. There was a natural grand- Stand to one side, a peak of craggy rock spearing up. They had out- lined the oval track by setting posts at the curves. These posts--Thun- derhead must understand--he was to run outside of, not in. Sometimes he did, sometimes he did not. Not that he did not understand! They had painted a broad band of. white across the course at the finish, just in front of the grandstand and here Thunderhead had run many a mile, wondering, no doubt, where was the sense in it. Running to shelter in a storm--running away from enemies and dangerous places--just even running with his own band for fun and exercise on the Saddle Back-- this could be understoood. But run- MARY O H A IIA W.N.U. FEATURE.$','-~ ,-- ~ - make a person suddenly stop in Thunderhead when we train him, or passing, look again--then stand hyp- by herself." , notized. The intensity of the black "Mr. Sargent," said Howard, our eye with the thin thread of white two-year-olds are going to be gelded Burglary Scare By JOYCE N. MARTIN McClure News~Japer Syndicate. WNU Fen tures. DEPUTY Bill Riordan j~st couldn't get Ellen Maybury's face out of his mind. It had been SEWING CIRCLE PATTERNS Gay Jumper and Matching Jacket / around it--the wildness, the implac- right away and dad says Thunder- there ever since the night he went l able determination--the bigness of head's got to be gelded too. Do you to her house about the burglary / the head the way the heavy neck think, he ought to be?" scare. It had struck him then that curved and drew the chin in to the At this unpleasant reminder of she had the whitest skin and the sad- chest--then suddenly flung the head the one thing that was preying on dest, deepest eyes he'd ever seen. high--with the black muzzle reach- his mind, the happiness went out of Somehow, he couldn't help feeling ing up--the nostrils flaring-- the day for Ken. that she really was lonely, and that "I'll be damned," said Sargent Nell's cheeks colored with anger all she wanted was someone to talk weakly again, and she turned away and walked to for a few minutes. "Isn't he a racer at all, Mr. Sar- over to the "grandstand." "Come "Well, Riordan, how do you think gent?" along, Howard, give me a hand up you're going to like being a Los An- "He's not a racing type. Not a here! We'd better get started!" geles County Deputy Sheriff?" The runner. Not that he might not, Sargent looked at Ken's white, sul- desk sergeant was speaking. perhaps--beat a racer--! With that lea face. "So far so good, I guess," said ex- power, no telling what he could do! "What's the matter, son?" Marine Corporal Bill Riordan0 tak. Is he fast?" Ken gave a little jerk of his head ing hi~ uniform out of his locker. "Well--sometimes, ff he wants to toward Howard. "What he was say- "Only there's one thing that bothers be. He really can run, but'he ing there. Dad's going to have all me " doesn't always do it." the two-year-olds gelded." "Yeah?" " "When?" "Maybe it's Just because "I was "You don't think he's too heavy, "Some time this week. He's sent stuck in the jungles all those months and never saw a white woman the Charley?" Nell asked. Not like a word to Doc Hicks to come and do whole time. But--strictly off the rec- work horse?" it whenever he's in this neighbor- "My Gosh, no! Those legs-- hood. Then dad won't have to pay ord---what s a guy to do when he an- swers a prowler suspect call and a they're strong but they're trim and for his driving out and back just for lady with very long eyelashes in- clean. He's a heavy hunter type. four horses." vites him in to talk it over? A very I 2-8 We. All the power in the world there."I "Is he going to geld Thunderhead beautiful lady . . . a worried lady, J At every word waves of hot and ] too?" cold went through Ken. Praise ofI "Yep." and it turns out there isn't any t Jumper With Jacket. prowler at all. Never has been, in I THIS gay little jumper is bound Thunderhead! Power? Ken knew his [ "Well, what if he does? He won't fact. And the lady is just, well . . . [ ~ to delight the younger set. power. Would he ever forget the ] be the only one They all have to first ride he had had on him this ~ be gelded, you know." lonesome, and needs someone to talk I Pretty to wear with snowy blouses summer? It was not just the ride. ~ "But he's going to be a race to'" I or brightly colored sweaters The "Oh " It was an experience of power and I horse!",laughed the desk sergeant, matching jacket has a pert peter [ will that had been communicated / "What's that got to do with it? ["That. You'll soon get used ~ all |pan collar and can have long or our lady wolves. We seem to special- I short sleeves. from the horse's body to his own I Race horses get gelded too--most of ize in 'em 'way out here in the foot- ] and had left a mark in his con-/them. It won't hurt him. And it . sciousness thatwould never be i may improve his appearance. Ihills. They're so thick you practical- [ ~c--~- -.o-c ~-~- ,-~o-~.~.c c ~ erased. /w uldn't like t see tllat neck f his lY have t fight 'em if" But it can ] i O ! He smoothed Thunderhead's nose [get any thicker." be done. By the way," he added ] A$~ ME softly. 'He's strong all right.""But he might die!" more seriously, "you don't happen The stallion's eyes turned a lit- "Oh, nonsense! It won't hurt him. to mean Mrs. Maybury, do you? If ~ ANOTHER f But maybe, if he runs well enough, so, there's a lot I can tell you." ? Ill we could get your father to change Deputy Riordan swung past the ? A Generol Quiz ? his mind." door and stepped into the radio~-~-o-c-.~ c-.~.c ~c ~e~.c. Ken shook his head. "He never patrol car. So that was it! Every- The Questions changes his mind." . one in the department knew that E1- "Never does?" I len Maybury was a widow who lived "No." I alone. Knew her husband had been 1. Why did the Red Cross select // ~ "Well, anyway, let's see what the lost "flying the Hump." Knew that a flag similar (the colors are re- colt can do now. Up with you." He she phoned the sheriff on the slight- versed) to the Swiss flag? f~/~-, clutched the seat of Ken's pants, and est pretext, using the flimsiest of 2. A moth never eats. Why? the boy went lightly up into the sad- dle. He hitched his feet into. the lit- excuses, just so they'd send an ift- vestigator on whom she could use her wiles. Deputy Riordan hoped he wouldn't be the one on patrol duty the next time she sent out a call. Even as he was thinking it, the radio call came through. "Car 33. 3706 Churl- ton Hills Road. A prowler." 3. Over which is it generally cloudier, the land or sea? 4. Hippocrates said, "Art is long, life is short." How ,long did he live? 5. What great English poet died while fighting with the Greeks against the Turks? 6. The study of sentence con- tle short stirrups and grinned down at Sargent. "I don't usually ride with these short stirrups. I ride bareback a lot. It's kind of hard to get used to. But I can do it." He squeezed his knees together, and bent over the horse's withers Pattern No. 8947 is for sizes 2, 3. 4 5, @ and 8 years. Size 3, Jumper. requires 1 yard of 35 or 39-inch material; jacket, short sleeves. I~A, yards; long sleeves, 1% yards. SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 53~} South Wells St. Chicago Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No. Size. . Name Address, ning on the flat range, often at top like a jockey. "Car 33. Willco," he clicked back. speed, around and around those Sargent's long brown face was Prowler, indeed! There never had struction is called what? been a break-in or a robbery in the posts, with a~small demon yelling twinkling with enjoyment. "Give Charlton Hills neighborhood. Ther~ The Answers on top of him and another jumping him a bit of a workout first to warm probably never would be. He thought up and down on the rock--this was ~ htn~ up, Remember, I've an inter- incomprehensible, est in this colt too!" savagely, something ought to be 1. To honor Switzerland where done about this scheming woman the International Red Cross was A The air was fresh after the storm, This was very cheering to Ken as and all her false alarms, founded. ' . ~t. (Auay) ANDEE the range green and dustless. Nell he gave the signal to Thunderhead was in white linen jodhpurs and and the colt started forward. Per- Deputy Rirordan flashed the red2. It has neithermouth nor There's no rationing of / white silk shirt with the sleeves I haps, if Mr. Sargent had an interest spotlight around the yard of the lit- stomach, ness and hospitality wher~ ,-.- with Andy Anderson, for~ rolled up .on her slender brown i in him too, he might say some-tle English cottage. All doors and ~. The sea. The Fairmont Creame~ arms. Her face was without care I thing to his father about the gelding, windows closed. Everything in its 4. Hippocrates lived to be 100 now proprietor of The~.~N or worry, like a child's when a picnic J Sargent stood looking at him as he place. Angrily he punched the door years old ~cated next to the ~i~i ~p is ahead. She sat beside Sargent in,cantered down the course, noticing bell. There was no answer. A - -- J~argo. You ll like tI~t 1~ for his car, pointing out to him the way ] his action. Then he climbed up on strange, alert feeling seemed to fill ~ ~yron. its cleanliness, comfort !~con- to the track, for it could not be [ the grandstand beside Nell and How- his veins. He rang again. Then he v. ~yntax. venience plus sensible rates. reached by any of the roads on the ] ard. There was a ledge quite high tried the door. It was unlocked. -- ranch. / up from which they could overlook "Mrs. Maybury," he called. "Where In the back of the car was How- I.the whole track, are you?" There was only a muffled UNI UKR ~ ~JJUlJ ~I~U~ ~~ ard with the bucket of oats. Just sound from the den, off the hallway, eas~ Way tO before they had started they had ~ Howard held the stop watch in She was slumped across the wicker [ his hand settee. Her teeth were chattering so card a yell, and Ken came run-,Risllng!, Charlle laughed and,Touch And, Go left her grazing that she could not speak. From hend ~UFFT N0STRI LS ~ 1 ning with a bucket half full of oats looked at Thunderhead. ! and cantered playfully beside her to foot she was trembling uncontrol- and a halter rope. His face showed . ] big brother, down to theUend, around lably. Her face was whiter than embarrassment as he apologized for tle, fastened on Ken. Ken stared,the curve, and back again. The ever, her fingernails blue, her eyes When no~tHt~ m clogged, and your nose feels ~~~y~ Thunderhead and stuck the bucket back. Suddenly Thunderhead's teeth ] white colt moved slowly and easily, pleading. / raw, membranes swollen, r~hfor ~oollng, sooth- ~F~~~,~ tag Mentholatum. Spread it inside nostrils . . . ~t~~~ in the car. "Just in ease--in case bared and reached for Ken's arm. [ After ten minutes or so, Sargent Deputy Riordan hadn't been and snutt well back. Instantly it starts tO 1) ~t~~ he got away or something---and I Ken snatched it away and cuffed ]shouted to Ken, "Get, him going through the Guadalcanal and Bou- rxe~p thin out thick mucus; 2)Soothe irritated ~~ had trouble in getting him back." him, Thunderhead reared, came ] now, son--Let him out. gainville campaigns for nothing. He membranes; ~) Help reduce swelling; 4) Stimu- - - "So," said Sargent, as they drove down prancing. Ke~ hauled on the,Ken swung around to the starting knew malaria when he saw it. He !ate local blood supply to "sick" area. Every I[~~ along, "he.gets away, does he? And reins and shouted at him, Charley |line and flung the horse over it in a lifted the frail, trembling girl and breath brings quick, welcome relief, To open ~i~-,~.~ is hard to get back?" stepped back quickly. ~ ]gallop. carried her over to the bed. He found siutty nostrils, get effective Mentholatum today, ,=mmmmmm~-~ "AT--" said Howard, "he's pretty "Nasty-tempered, ehY',For a half-hour then, Ken strug- the quinine on the bedside stand,the Medicated Nasal-Unguent. Jars, tubes 80 . good. We haven't been training "It isn't that. He doesn't like me." |gled to make the colt give a good Then he reached for all the blankets him very long, you know." "Doesn't like you! Thats pretty [account of himself. He had very he could find and piled them on top "Sometimes," said Nell, "he runs tough, when he's yours and you have |little success Thunderhead cut a of one another. clear off and doesn't come backto train him." ]corner once, Ken pulled him up, for a long time. Look, Charley-- "I keep thinking maybe he'll get ]made him go back and outside the The sad deep eyes were looking you go down this slope here and to like me. Mother's the only one |post. Suddenly the colt got ugly-- gratefully up at him. through Lone Tree -- that shallow he likes. He's never mean to her." [fought for the bit---Ken spurred him "I've known for some time this would happen, and I was afraid to place there." Charley slowed down "Let's look at the fi, lly. Why did |and reined him back, then lifted be alone. So I always phoned the to put the car through the creek, you bring her along? ~ asked Char- |him forward into a run. Touch And sheriff. I'm sure all of you thought "Where does the colt go?" he ley. ~Go ran with him. I was out of my mind, imagining asked. . . "He's very fond of her. She's his By turns Howard and Charley Sar. burglars and prowlers. But I didn't 'That's what we'd all liketo little sister. She's kind of a mascot gent held the stop watch. Finally want anyope to know the truth. know," said Nell. ~ for him." they climbed down and Ken rode up DeputYRiordan said, "I don't know "He came back once with cuts "Qh, she's out of Flicka too?"to them. His face was flaming, his whyfl~u were there. Or what you and scratches," said Howard, lean. "Yes. And they always stay to-eyes wild, the horse nervous and were doing. But I know one place ing over the back of their seat. gether. It kind of quiets him, if pacing. "And a terrible big wound in the he should get excited, to have her "Can ~e run, Ken?" said Sar- you~'e been, and not so very long chest. Dad said a stallion hadaround." gent. "What have you been giving ago either. The jungles . . . right?" pawed him." Charley Sargent seemed to have been struck dumb. He stood looking at the horses, first Thunderhead, then the filly, Touch And Go. She had moved away a little and was grazing quietly. Finally he reached for the makings, rolled himself a cigarette and took a long puff. "Ken," he said quietly, "1'11 be damned." Ken, at the colt's head, looked at him anxiously, the color coming and going in his face. "So that!" said Sargent in his drawling vo~e, "is Thunderhead out of Flicka by Appalachian!" "Yes, sir, he's by Appalachian all right." "How old is he?" "Just a short two. Do you--d0 you think he looks pretty good, Mr. Sargent?" "He's nothing of a racer---" '~He isn't!" '~lothing like any horse I ever saw before. He's like a statue of a horse that sculptors think up--all big curves and muscles m that head--" Thunderhead's face, eyes, head, these were, indeed, the outstanding things about him. Such a face would "He gets excited, does he? And mean?" Ken was shocked. "Oh, never mean! But he bucks and fights. Sometimes he runs away with me." "But never mean!" laughed Sar- gent, "I see. But can't you hold him in?" "He takes the bit. ~Ie's better when Touch And Go's around. He's happier. You see he isn't a very happy horse most of the time. He's got something eating him, dad says." Sargent was studying the filly. "That's a nifty little filly." "She's exactly like Fllcka was when she was a yearling. When I first got Flicka, she was just about that age and a bright golden sorrel like that, and the light mane and tail "She's like her sire," said Sar- gent. "She's by Banner, isn't she?" "Yes, and she's very light and fast." "You don't say~" Sargent was not going to be enthusiastic about a colt of Banner's when one of Appa. Inch|art's was around. "Yes, she can go like the wind! But of course nobody has-ever rid- den her. She just runs along with me?" "Oh, yes, he curer-if he wants!" answered Ken passionately. "I'm beginning to think he's too much horse for you," said Sargent. "You know~," said Nell thoughtful. ly, "he really can run. It's quite different from this hard galloping. It's a different @i~it. Doy0u re- member that black mare--Rocket-- his grandmother?" "I sure do--she was almost my mare." "Yes. That one. You remember the time we ran her in front of the automobile and clocked her--and she just floated along without trying-- no effort at all?" "I do. Never saw such a gait in my life." "He's got the same gait. He does it sometimes. I wish you could see it. Ken, let's try again, rll fie up Touch And Go. I think she dis. tracts him." t Nell got the tie-rope, snapped it to th~ fllly's halter and fastened her to the bumper of the automobile so that Thunderhead could not see her. Once more they took their places on the ledge and Charley gave Ken the signal (TO BE CO1VrII~UdF, D} She smiled wanly. "I guess you can call it a souvenir of my Red Cross field worker days. They say it'll passin time---that the spells will be more and more infrequent. Until pretty soon there won't I~:anY:at all." Then Deputy Riordan said a most unexpected thing. "I'm not going to call you Mrs. Mayb1~ry ever again," he announced. "I'm going to call you Ellen. And you'd better start call. ing me Bill. Because, whether you know it or not, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. People with malaria should definitely not live alone. Ellen, I'll make a deal wRh you. I'll play Nurse's Aid whenever you have your recurrences if you'll agree to take care of me when, I have mine--every few months. Is it a go?" Cooking Sweet Potatoes Cooking sweet potatoes in the oven or kettle without peeling saves vitamins as well as time. Tests 'show that when baked or boiled without peeling, sweet potatoes re- tain from 69 to 83 per cent of their vitamin C. Many people add a little sugar to the boiling water to give the potatoes a sweeter flavor Ben-Gay acts fast to relieve . muscular ache and pain--be. cause it contains two famotm pain-relieving ingredients known to every doctor. Yes, ]~en-Gay co~taim up to 2 Va titt~s more of these tested in- gredients-- methyl salicylate and menthol--than five other widely offered rub-in No wonder it's sofast, so lfiagl f