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December 6, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 6, 1945

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/ THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER PAGE FIVE predicted that approximately 2,300 scientific inventions and develop- ments of the war ~in be released in one ,form or another for civfflan benefit. Some, as you h~ve no- ticed, ha~e already been announced and others l~a~e ,been pictured in their $inal market form. Everyone, no doubt, will ~be ,benefited and will ,h~ve direct and far-reaching effects upon every Americah community, t * * * been appoinf~ed to take his place. U. S. Marine Corps, and a former peal and v~%ed in ,Belfield last Meal, era boy, is home on terminal S~turday a~ternoon. M y S pply, vo .0re on State a u Tuesday. John w~s in the thick of Mrs. D. L. MaLeod came In from ~the fight in the Pacific but is %~e ranch Thursday of last wee~ U S With, -,Casol~-e to be discharged the first,enr ttte to Dicki~n. While xt " part of January and is to eeachl~icklns n' she received word that agriculture in the high schOol at her dau~l~er, Carol, was in the From Lignite'Coal a~ 1V, fi,ssoula, for bre~tmen~ He~tinger, N. D beginning in the ~or hemorrhage following a ,toneil- near future, leetomy. Mrs. ~ ~ook the Alex C. Burr, Bismarck, direc~r lxrmng those attending ~he ,fa~t train ix) M4ssoula, and we are of research for ~e North Dakota Ia~leS Aid supper and ba~a~ at ha~py to rel~r~ t2tat s~e found ,Dispatches during the past weeks Research Poundation, seys the ~ e town hall last ~aturday even- Carol much improved. point to ,further aid f om America production of gasoline and ot~er ing were: Mr. and ,Mrs. Dan Con- for China in their war against the liquid fuels ~om coal is no longer nell, Freddie Ellis, Gwendolyn Ctm- ~,~ena~nce a~ une Oongreg~,tion~tl a dream of long-4mired scientists nell. Mr and Mrs Sidney Connell church services ha~ fallen o~f badly Communists. Further assistance in in academic la~or~tories. -- o,- af ~ ~, ~,~,~ ~,~ ^ ~ n recer~t ,weeks, and we are urglng ,~anding troops ~vas indicated, ~ar a ~ ~ rex. ,~ ~ha~ " ~hile Communists charged that It ls an .industrial fact. ~Vfrs O E Mesohke Kolbtorn BYe av~ aH members and all friends ~merlcan tanks were being rushedEventually, Burr says, this can l~e,mr.'" "-~:'~,m ~Mr'~. ~,~m~a~'-~:'-: "-2Y-~-w~on. ~ ' make a special effort to attend to Manchuria. Meanwhile, Ru~ia an outlet .for an enormous tonnage services every Sunday a~ternuon g~ve Jurther notice to the wo~ld of North D~ko~m lignite coal, which My. and Mrs: Mugs Yanvig stop- ~ 3:30 p. m. ~hat she is withdrawing her troops is sullic~ent to supply the nat4on peal off in Medora briefly on %he~ completely from the growing danger with gr, soline If necessary. ~ay o .Dickinson Monday. mr. a.n.a Mrs. R~c~ar~ Anderson Large scale experimental conver- were u~cm~ sh~l~pe~s Tuesday. ~die Tetly, one of t~e directors spot. Which nation--the United sion of North Dal~ta lignite to of the Medora Grazing Associat~on, ~lmar W~te lest on the early States or Russia--, has followed the best policy here? What inter- motor fuel, Burr says, is now as- Wended a meeting of tha~ body mormng bus for Cat, wright Tues- pretation can be placed on this sured. Conversion facilities have al- held here Tuesday ~ta.y In an effort to find a house contrasting line of action? During ready been acquired by the U.S. " [where he and his v~fe can live. the pas~ two weeks ~tussia again Bureau of Mines. I~ consists of a l~r. and Mrs. George Radl~ff put forward a bid for veto power $17,000,000 ordxtance plant at I~ouls- were d~nner guests of Mr. and Mrs. ] ~r. Cll~ord W~gner went ~o in the control of Japan. ~ces this ian~, Missouri, which was used for Paul W. X.ebo last Sunday. [Dicldnson from ~e ranch, by p~ane, have any relation to the situation ~he production of synthetic am- leo ha~e some ~ine~mLvV~rek d~ne. in China? Does it indicate that monia during the war. ~eveml oases of flu a~peared in Icier and his become Far Eastern policy, rather than Burr says North Dakota has been our local school the past week |definitely air-minded, and Cliff is ~-'uropean, is the crux of the whole active in urging the Bureau to with Virgir~a Ray, Paul Alan ~ ]~al~ing flying lessor~s at Bea~. , and Bunny C~n ell absent[ ~ , tions?questi n of Rnsso-American. rela- congresseXpand itsto studieSapproprlateand thein urgingneces ~tmcause of illness. [ ram. A-~ur Boyd under~er~t, an s~ry funds. " ,Mr. and ~s. John Taylor and]~t'~ " ":-:-==- - -= ~/ P,~ypresentative J. e r r y Voorhis In this, he says, a North Dakota Mrs. A. J. Anderson returned last [ ~ | (Dem.) California, has this to say delegation has been successful in ~eturday ~rom Miles City, ~here ]I !?~r~]~V~][~ ~bout "Atomic ,Energy". 'The funds,- getting a $30,000,000 appropri~ion they had spent several days visiting,] ~ l~Oll[/~k 1 llJl~ | mental values of life as ,we have for the Bureau of Mines. relatives ~ * ! known them are severely threatened ~e says the Bureau has already " [,Please Notify W. J. Ray of[ in this era by ,blind and tem'~)le carried out laboratory tests on 1We. El ,P oy Sondreal, wh~e ] ~Medora, North Dakota, of all] vices. Millions of people throughout 'Beulah and, Velva lign~tes, report- lvorne is et Finley, No~th Dakota, ~,Cattle or Horses branded the world have been killed in the ing n~t yields of 30 to 35 ~allonsbUtpoet nOWin Texasis on furloug~visited Irmafr mMaylI'hts [ (~enows) on Left Jaw, ~L~ most terrible war in history. They of gasoline per ton. are pl~ued by fears of unemploy- ~urr adds ~ some $300,000 has ~ebo at her home here last Sun-,|Shoulder or Hip; (Cross- merit, ~'m~t and poverty. They are s/Iveady been spent on studying day. ~IL) Left Side on Cattle; i plagued by confusion, hopelessness, t~e gasification of llgnRe at the and, if this were not enough, the pilot plar~ in Grand Forks. The H. 'H. Paas~ and Herman Urban. e ~ ~ ~Left Thl-h~ on- noraes;-- ml were in ~m Tuesdsy. wnne .her,/i( ll scientists have unlocked the secret process being developed laere, he ~ Peasch purdaased 'a tract off ],TC) Left Side Cattle, of trememdous storehouse of energy says, holds promise of providing contained wit~Lin the atom and cheap hydrogen needed in the con- .~nd fr(~. ~ ~ank of. ~Io .r~. D~. -- [ ~running off Submarginal Range, have brought ~ithin the reach of version off coal to liquid fuels, kota, amt ~tr. uroan naa nm ctm-[|South of N P tracks or East of charge ~ tare army recorded. [ |Submargln~ fence on North man the fundamen,tal power of Ad I Islde. The ~llines C~x~ty Wet[axe ~ t God'S~en univerSe.we have "finisbeen is conffrontedthe time "Want s held their regular mon~xly,You will be reimbursed any with the danger of giving way to meetang "iMeelay forenoon. A. T.| [:xpens e in Any in- J. J. E~f0on le@t lain Sunday for ],ormauon concermng the taking inordinate .fear. In my opinion we Anna Lawrence announces she Bi~maxck to ~eek the services of a/|or stealing of this livestock will 'have our choice of giving away to has a nice assortment off Xraas ~Ibe rewarded under the Stock- ~at fear or search for the funda- Greeting cards, Also many oth ea" specialist in the nopes oz e~smm I t-r an --era'tion~g owers ~'ocmtton F, ewara as mental truths of life in the only ~ich he under~ve~t at the Mayo/[P ~sl~. place they can be ~ound, n~me2y, items sulto~ble for gLfts.--Lewrence s ~ne aa~er exzecus o, ov l~ U--" in the teaching of the (~aristlan Souvenir And Gift S~hop. Atty. 4t Clinic $~t Roeheeter, about W~o |] celigion. We have but owo elte~na- FOR .SALE--Seed .Wheat. .New tives. Father we shaa,l revitalize the religions ~aith to which we profess allegiance,: and ma~e-$t a guldin~ principle of our aotiotm, or else we will confe~ ttmt the blind ,~oces~ I mentioned ~t moment ~o Imve 0n~ quered us and that we are in- capable of bringing that ~alth to bear upon the problems we ~ace." Basketball Rules Committee To Meet According to the (BL~l~ck Tri- bune, a baskei~mtl rules inCerpre- ta%lon meeting ta %o be ~eld at (Blamarck nex% Seturday, Dec. $. The meeting will be held in the Bismarck high ~ool ~ium at 2 p. m. H~rry Wein~ergt~', vo~ch of the ~S~te Teachers College at 'DiCkin- son will lead ~',-e dtseusslon. This is ~ne of %he meetings sponmx~ed ,by ~he Board of Control off the School ~ue and t~ open o administrators, coaches, offic- ials, and all. persons interested. Is Your ~ipt~on Paid Uo? variety yields 50 bushels per acre. Sampies--deseription free. Write Batz Seed Farms, Sun Prairie wisconsin. 11-4tp. ~ohard seamen took a truck off lambs to l~rgo on Momiay. Bring or ship your deer hides to us, we buy them or tan t~em for buckskin or make in~o gloves. , We pay t~e hlg~e~'t price for ,Mink, Wea~, Mnskra% Beaver, Fox, Skunk ~ a end a, kl f%ms and hides, also ~orse hair, met- ls, iron and dry pmL---le boreas in truck or carload Io~. sh p dry rum by parcel or ex~pre~, we hold your ~mtil sale is confirmed by you. Hide & ~ Co. 801-8{~ ~ont Ave " Bismarck, N.D. H-4etc Children are too young to be P.mponm'bl DON'T SpI:I:D Past School Signs SLOW DOWN Think and Drive Carelully Make aJe Dridn a Habit North Dakota Highway Dopaflmenl I I I I The blouse of this smart restaurant suit by Fash- ion Frocks is fashioned of striped rayon faille, with a flirt of a peplum that flares out from the waist. The slim, plain - colored faille skirt plays a pretty "second fiddle" t o t h high-styled blouse. Many a bride will be married in a suit when Johnny comes marching home, a suit that can do double duty for practical wear a f t e r the honey- moon. , - ~,~. OF REASONS 1 That means a l~t . l{ " ~n c~n:ii~e=!ilL~y ]n~:~a : . " . g Y Y Y e-quarters By reenhstmg for 3 years,retirement pay after 30 ears of :er~Ca~ ?nC%mYA~?b;o?~h of service. And the time I'v::lready e " "~ na r served in active military or naval 2:=::::t~?::e;f~vCi? go to any service counts toward my retire- " merit time. Added up--reenlist; "I get my mustering.out pay, ment seem.t pretty sound to me! A even though I'm reenlisting. ~so, I get $50 a year reenlistment bonus fbr each year I've been ip lllkllliOV qq 1 1B~ theArmy. My dependents reeeiveJRIIURI~I Of, family allowaaces for the fulherm AN IMPORTANT DAT= of my enlistment. And I'll be FOR MIN IN THI AR eli#hie for GI Bill of Rightsl~ne- MY f~? :~en :2:: ::o f the Army" "IN now in Army wha r~enlla! y theS, quarters, b~em Feb ~m,~ I will I~ rlo~. nr medical and dental care are all IIs~d in Im~nt Bmda. Man ban- supplied to me. And I can learn cmmhly dischm11,d can rNnllst any of 200 skills or trade~ i~ the within 20 days after dlschar~ Army schools. "All of us who are reenlisting are going to have from 30 to 90 days' furlough at home with |ull pay and our travel paid both ways. And we'll have 30 day~' fur- lough every year with pay. In grade held at time of dis- charge, provided they reenlis! befem February 1, 1946. You may enlist AT ANY TIM! far 1~, 2 or 3 year periods. (One-year enlistments far men now in the Army wDh at least 6 months of s~rvi~.| BEA "GUARDIAN OF VICTORY, AIR, GROUND, SERVICE FORCES I I D 309~5 ~ St. BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA L