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December 6, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 6, 1945

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AGE EI T THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER : THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1945 Questmned at Pearl Harbor Hearing Robertson Reports ommitteman On Capitol DoingsiHaveBig 1946 Job [' Tuesday, December llth = BLASE' WA~S~.~q~TON, aecus~ sits down with his netg~,bor to tomed as it is to High Moguls ana ~ ~. ~ ~. ~^~ ,a~ ~ ~SALE STARTS ~AT 10:0O A. ~ SHARP m~ke f~am v " Brass ~ats has been trea~a ~ [muc~ conserva, tion can be o~ained Free Lunch ~At ~Noon an unusual array of titled visitors~ with available funds will be an ira- recently. Prime Minister Atlee of lpo~tant question. More conservation LIVESTOCK Oreat Britain created no little for each dollar spent ks the aim ZS0 Good Young Breeding Ewes, 1 Reg. Columbia ,Ram, purchased / :/ WASHINGTON, D, C.--S0undphoto--At the senate hearing ca ~earl Harbor, photo shows, {left to right) Gem Waiter G. Short, who was in charge of army forces in Hawati, and Admiral James O, Rich- ardson conferring with counsel for the committee, former attorney general, William D'. Mitchell. ~e purchase of Dakota Public ~. Service Cora~ny and Knife River aOn~h, Vice Presidents, F. R. Gain- Coat Mining C~mpanv uy ~on~anK- ~e and Aytch, P. Woed~n, Sec- Datm~ Utilities Co, Dakota Pu~c rotoary. Service Co~l~ny provides electric se~rice in 91 communltle.s in ~ estem North and South D~ota and steam heat In five conm~unitles. Knee R~ver Coal Mining Colony ~- Mr, and Mm. Alton Kluc~ and ates a coal mine at ~e~l~, North sum~ daughter, Arias, of Center, ~ere gusa~s 9~t the C. E. Adam's Dakota, and, m ~ddltton to ~UPI~Y~ ~'mme d~rir~g Oh Thanksgiving ~a- ~g eo~l for the generation of power oagion. ffor I)ak~ta Public Service OomI~aY, coat in ~e I~otas. As ~r. and Mrs. H. I-l~tram, ~r. and Mrs. O. F. "l~lkin~n were ~t restttt of the merger of the twa t~tllity propertle~, Mon~n~t-1~tkota ~ guests at the Verne I~tng ~tflities Co. now supplies electricity ~ne Tlranlmgiving d~y. ln, l~ commaml~i~, natu~l or ma~- ~q~y ~rrand, a ~enlor a~ ~e ~ed g~ in 80 cormmmiMes, ~9.T.C was ill ~ ~ flu w~ile end steam heat in seven ~om- ~t Imme over t~e week end. ~Mle Jes~clm caned at v~4ous m~l~les. The area served includes ~aes the p~st week In reg~ to ~l~e Dakotas, Mon~0a~ and Wyo- ~e ViOtory Loan B~nd drive. mlng. The assets of the Company ~l:r. a~ M~s. Emll Stand. Mr. ere in excess of $42,000,000. axed Mm. Verne King and Witting, 'I~is me,wet is of great Import- ~. Ruse011 Logan and Bonnie, ance to t~e ~mm~unlgies served bY ~e~e among t~e Dickinson ~a~pers ~he Dakota Public Service Corn-ca ~atmxla~. ~tny as it eventually will make J<~nn Pilot, a returned veteran ~Vatlable to them cheep electric ~ the Paoi~ area, son of Mr. power from Port Peck Da~ located an~ Mrs. A. 'O. Pilot. former re~l- In eastern Montana. ~on~ana-De-dents here, visited at the L. O. k~ta D%lllt~es Co. recently entered ~anvik home on Tuesday. John w~ll into a contract with the Fedm-o.l e~zx~tl at the D.S.T.C. for the win- C~overnment for the distribution o~ ~er qt.~trter. '~rt Peck power to its c~ Nev~d~ Por~er spen$ the week in eastern M~n ~ta and western end with her paten%s, My. axtd Mrs. ~orth Dak-ot~. I.~t May ar~tl, "Ik)m Porter, a~ their ran~ home cltmted savings were passed on to ~ou~h of town. t~e ~ers ~hxoug~h s~n lal Sg.m. Ellen Jahnson ente~ined a - reduotion~ in electric r~tes. The n~er of friend~ and neighbors Company plans to extend its mai~ ~t ~ card party in honor of Mr. ~'an~mi~lon lines from CHe~dive, ~nd, Mrs. George Woolsey (nee ~ontan~, Where Fort Peck power is C~mde J~sucks) on ~turday ~recelwd fro~ the Feder~tl Oovern-'eyeing. Elg~ g~mes of whist me~, to connect with the tEOp-~ere played, ~ ~flg~h h~)nors crates o~ the. Dakota Public Service going ~ Mm. Woolsey and Joe (~ompany, ,one llne to ,be built east Lup~ak. Low scores were held by ~fr~m Olendive to Dickinson, :l~th Mr. a~t M~. Verne KLug, Mrs. ~kota, and the second l~ne from ~hrason served delicious refresh- {B~tker, Mon~na, to I.~nmon, South me~ts ~al~a ~ccording to the sta~e- ~s. Andrew M~r~i~n was hostess ~tent issued by Mr. Hoskett teddy, ~or the ~l ,du and C~*~ter chub on in~tl~l ra~e reduction~ will be made "I~z~lay 9. m. 2~e mce~ .was effective in t~e area formerly ~r- ca~led bo ordor by the v~ e-president red by the Dako~ Public Service ~s. H~nvik, WR~ 8 me~bers en- Oo~paay in an.ticil~tlon af deliv~ ,~e!~Ing tO roll c~l. M~s. O. Talk- of Fo~ Peck power to the new ~on ga~e an l~toresting account rea. Additional rate reductions are oL her t~ip to Fa.n~ as delegate e~pocted when increased facilitie~ ~a Bglings Oour~y. Anniversary at the Fort Peck Dam ~e l~rge~ g~ wa~ presented to Mxs. Mar~dan q~mnti~ies of po~er available for by,:M2s, .A~ms, the h~ter w~u~ing distribution .to the general public~ ~he hostesa gift. ~l~e club will hold W'~ile economies will be effeoted their annual (~ls~as pa~y at ~rou~ t~e combined oper~io~he Emil ~trand home on Tuesda$ of the ~ro~perties it is no~ ex~ct~ ~, Dec. 1~, l~e Marian as- that t~ere will be any displacement ~ by M.~s. Id~ar~vik, served ~t af ,4~ersonnel. There will be som~: ~lelicious lung. ~ransfers of e~nl~loyces to new ar~$ ' ~s. Coy Cepevly has been on of operation because of the short- ~he sick li~t. age o~ manpower, but all of the ~. S~rand. Mrs. lVfattesvn and Crossed Columbia and ~P~m- this fall at Nations/ ~Colum~, stir on his visit to Washington to of the 1946 Agricul~urai Conserva- bouillet. Sale confer Wit~ ~e President on the atomic bomb and other vit~ sub-]~i'on Program. 6 Crossed Columbia and /h~m- 3 Good JVIileh Cows Jects. Tlcke~ to abtend the JointI 2~nat is One reach why more re- boulliet Rams Z Calves session of Congress at which he lsp ns~bility is being shouldered by 4 Work Horses 2 Good Broke Saddle Horses spoke were much in demand. Fol-It~he community comn~teemen. ,MACHINERY towing in his wake came General] They kn~w local conditions. They "~0" r~e E~emhower, Fleet AdmL~a~ Er~- know ~he farmers. They know the 1--Oliver ~Row ~rop used on 1--Oliver Mower fore various Congre~ionul Com- mittees on Peace-time Mdlitary Training and a Unified Service Oo~mand. The Pearl Harbor In- vestlg~tlon has also brought in its slmre of hig~ ranking Service per- sonnel. ~man n~ture is much ~he same in Wa,~ing~on as obher places. and wherever Iggh-ra~g ~flc- ia~ put In an ~ppearance, the hero-worshiping public runs, cranes, and streto~e~ to catch a glimpse. est J. King, Admiral Chester W. conservation needs. It is up to Nlmitz, and others to testify be- ~them to make available funds go as far as po~ible hel~ing famters ~o conserve our ~rm land and the ~wter resources, l~zmers are dia- c~ouraged frown ~pplytlng for pay- mdr~ts for 'ToutAne" practtoes---~he ta'-dng~ he v~ald h~ve dz)ne anyhow. Each cour~ty wR1 be given so much m~ney to a~sl~t its farmers in con- serving the soil. AA~ county and community comu2~ees wi~l n~'ke II~DIA~$ I~. Another ~or- ward step has been made toward providing long over-due Justice for our first .American citizens-- the Indians. The House C~tmi~tee on Indian Affairs, of whloh I am a member, has favora~)ly reported bil~ to create an Indian Cl~Ims Com~.Ission. Under this bill the OommA~sion will be empowered to thoroughly investigate and to ado judlcate ~ii clainm within its jurls- diction. ~t was my plea.sure to per- scaly sponsor H. R. 1341. the Rrst bill introduced in this Oong~ees to create art Indian Cl~ms C~m- mission. C~mnges in the bill were in C~mmW~ee as a result af hs~ring~ and a new bill perteceed bears the number, H. R. ~~' S'I~IKE has beon cl~dming much attention on %he part of mem~rs of Congress from the mid-western sta~es re- cently. One of ,the dl~tculties aris- es due to the Union's insistance that all truckers throughout the east-central and mid-western states sba~l be governed ,by identical con- tracts. The facts are that working conditions are v~tly different In the bwo areas. Throughou~t the east-central states truckers are able to secure a ~reig~t haul both ways beeeuse of the industrial aotivitles in thdse states. Whereas, in the told-weStern states it is a ques- tion of a one-way haul consisting mostly of grain and s~milar pro- ducts. The wage dispute growing out o~ this situation led to .the strike sometime ago which resulted in Government operation of the trucking lines under the Office af Defense Tran spoa~tion, and sab- s~a~Jtl~l financial losses to some of t~e lines. IVow ttmt the war is over no Government agency ,has jurisdiction to operate trucking lines. It is therefore absolutely es- sential t~a,t employers, employees, and the Union come to an ami- cable settlement in order to carry Oil. yasmms TO BE wrr - I:~AW~. The St~ilisation 2~dmin- ~he final decisions an hOw the m~)ney Is to be spent. How muCh conservation the U~. gee~ for each dollar spen~ will be up to them. Walter Christensen To Head Vet Group A Billings Oour~y ~$erv~ce %o Veterans' C~n~ttee, headed ,by WM, ter O. Oh~i~en~n of Med~, was n~med recen~ly by Gov. Fred A A~nda~hl. Similar comm~tees, to act in an advisory c~paclgy to County Service O~icers and to vetevan~ seething ~vice in employment," business enterwrises, agrlculCural ende~v~yr and in o~ther fields, are to be named by C ~Tv. Aand~hl for a~l the cour~aIes of the state. The committees ave named upon /~e recommendation of R. J. Dow- ney of Fargo, Oommlssioner of Veterans' Ag~airs. ,The groups a~e also to lay plans in t~eir respeotlve cour~bles for the advancement of veterans, says Mr. Downey. Oha!~ter 237 of the North Dakota z~sion laws of 1945 defined the 3uties of the Commissioner of Voterans' Affairs to provide that, :m,ong things, "it shall be duty of the Oommi,~ioner .to ~s~i~t C~un.ty Service Ot'ficem in -~e fo~ma,t~on of county Service to Veterans' Committees and to out- line and assist and direct the ac- tivi.~ies of sumh Committees," said ~ov. AandahL Other members of the Billings 0ouney Committee are W~liam W. Kunkel, A. E. Bolncourt Rnd Harry ~>be~gs. all of Medora and Oust Wog, Frank Hol~er and James Pale- 1 nuk of Be~field, N~th Dakota. ~VIr, end Mrs. H. E. Haney left ~%urday to ~pend ~he wir~ter at various points in the south. They ~)lan to return here in the spring ffor a shor~ t~ne to wind up ,busi- ness and ~hen go we~ to make ~thelr h~ne. We are sorry to lose t~ese ~ol~s b~t wish them .the best ever, w~erever they decide to lo- cate. ls~ra, t~on ~as issued a statement that the Government clans fo~ ,~aurenoe (Bud) Ne~s, recency the d*Iscontinuance of food subsidies ;di~charged from the n~vy, is spend- 4m~ng a few. d~ys in Belfleld vi~th~g by June 30, 1946. For the current ~u~" . Rsoal year ~lo~ne Congress auOhor-eriends. ~ud plans to return to ~nls pve-wa~ jOb d~ving the l~ord i~l an e~pend~ture of $1,79~,00@,0@0 for this vurpose The subsidies ~rt~ ,~rucg out of Dickinson. which are-to ,be "discontinued in- ~Jss Pearl 17~smussen of Rocky eludepayment, on dairy produc- ,R~ge school, sou~. of town and tion" fluid milk- feeder c-.~-~,*" ~mme l-iayaen s~aie a march, on beef; sheep ~nd larabs; a~d flour, their friends Satttrday going to No final determination has y~t2 Mor~tana, where they ~ere n~,rried. been made as to the ending of the'They were accompanied by .Mr. subsidies on ~u6ar and oil seed and MRs. tiarvey Wosmk, sts%ex and payments to non-procesaing ~and br(~ther in ~ of the groom. s'laug~.terers. Belfield "fiah eaters" are plan- ~ISOLATION~SM HA~ NOBZ~E n, ing ~o a~end the annua~ h~te- MEA~IN(L l~u response to a iV os- fish supper Tuesd,ay, Dec, 4 a~ the p~esent employees of bo'~h corn- .~ms. Gillen'burg assissted at ,the ~anie-s will be re~ined. A~ soon clinic held at the school house on as rrmnpower and materials become Wednesday. caw broadcast denouncing "Ameri- Memori,al Hall, ~th Hugth HoWie, available, the Company plans ex- O. F. Ta.ll~ington and Russell can Isolationists" and mentioning ~s c~ie~ cook. ] Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kanski, Snow, ] tensive additions and improvemen~ ~ogan ,were succe~fttl in bagging ~en~tor Ta~ft, Senator Wheeler, and .were vistt0rs in our "city ~urday. ] to 1~ ~as ~d electric facilities. The deer on Thursday. Herbert Hoover by a~ame, Mr. Company expects to be very busy Wits. Emma ~hell, who has lived Hoover made this s~ateme~t: ~vlrs. Tina K, ruger, o~ Ohelan,I W, ash is visiting at the home of during 1946 and 1947 carrying out~ vn t'he ~orrner Andrew Derylol '~f advocating human ~reedom, ,htu. d~ughter, Mrz. Vic St.igen, ~h.e exI~ansion and moderrd~agion ', yhce for ~he past six years, i~ dis- 1 jtmtice, the compliance with agree- pro~m. I~0~",mg of her ranch l~tereSts and] merit, ,the use of American resourc- Fairfield. ,Montuna-Dakot.a Utilities Co waslb'~s advert~ed an auction sWle for]eS to relieve suffering and their Belfield had another business organized in the spring of "1924.1Tu.~.ay' Dec. llth. ~e plarm to[use exclusively to rebuild produc-.turnover t.his week with C'h.ris vesicle in Frybuvg for the balance Isolation~sm ~artlng wlt~h the acquisition ~'~oniuk of C~orha~n. fl~xt' ~e ae, hool ear in 'o'~4,~" Hvity In the world is Grenz selling his Bar to Sam electric properties in eastern Man-] ~'~ y,~ ~ ~en the word has a new arid %an% it has carried out a steadd}~o dat~%t~,'F~e, n~y complete l ~oble meaning~to ~f Russi~t &s willing daysHelenl~tSchmelingweek at speng~he homea coupleof ex~a~ion program un'tfl it n~l ~~',~ud~ in fine !Ocu! s~,~ !). ]%o COO l~,rate those buds, I wel- her grandparent~, Mr. and M~. ~erves e, ly / a~ar and M~ Henry. ~Ilen~urg, ap~oxima't 70,000 custo~- " vl ted~sl~' come it. Joe Fritz.,s ag I~ll wlth r electrica rouse'ice"'" N.D:" Ends' Successful from' ill theSiminl W'U. S. Army,l~telYh~s. retu.rneddlS harged Aon 265,000. It op r tteS Bel'field. Bitl saw ser ice in the ectrie Deer Hunting Season the t of LR addition to Fort Peek -- Lloyd I)enn~ was a s~opper In is produced in y 'N~th Dakotas !945 deer hunt- our city ~ond~y. ,ms s, soa, histor Satur- and sh v- least ma y in I lfleI on Sa$- Reports ~0~d~g into ~ ln dl- ~e~ were held in St. Jolm~ c~tes that the greatest percentage Service ~ d~er. g. O. ~, Be~ On Thumday, Nov. ~ ~t ~:00 ~Id near $~ae]~y, ~ call for ~ Is believed to be the first hun~r v'oloek In .the ~ a lines and one noles w ver, others at- North .I :ota to town hanr!y to prove to u mme and were ur ted In Dakota,' all . . om auar by home the e onr m sle was pl ed by Frank. J, ~. ~1~, deputy ~ l~n Buc~man. Bv~h ~ brl~e and ~ the ~t,a~-, ~ ~ have been reoent~y d~l~- added ed from the ed doe to the"d t Nickels dix)ve to Grassy Butte ~. CM~ at ~ e~tr~." last Sunny. season l---3-botton & O Tractor Plow l--1O-ft. ~[oline Double ~Dlse Drill 1---10-ft. Oliver Tandem Disc 1--8-ft. Duckfoot Cultivator 1---~-row Oliver Tractor Cultivator new 1---M,~L @-ft. Combine with Motor l---8-ft. Massey-Harris Grain Binder 1---1Z-ft. Header 1--Corn Planter 1--Single Row Horse Cultivator 1--4-See. Flexible Harrow Z--Wagons 1--Wagon ~ox l--4-wheel Trailer on Rubber l--M~nure Spre~ler 1--Corn Sheller l--Hog Self Feeder l--Haymaster Hay Stacker, new 1--Sweep ~ke 1--Hay ]g~ek 1--Oliver Hay Rake 1--Grindstone 6--Gasoline Drums Several Rolls of New and Woven Wire 1@0---Fence Post and Ties --Sheep Gr~in Troughs 1--Galvaniged Water Tank 1--Wood Water Tank 1--Dinner Bell l--6-voit Winebarger with Tower and Ratteries 1--No. 1~ DeLaval Cream Sepa~tor l---Coppe~ Cl~d Kitchen ~mnge, new 1---Circulating Heater 1--Ice Box 1--6-ft. Servel Refrigerator l--6-volt Phflco Radio l--Trailer ~House 100~Tons of Prairie and Oat Hay ~---Stoek Saddles ---Sets of Harness and Collars WILL ,ALSO SELL THE RANCH--960 acres, woven wire fenced, ,well watered, with complete set of buildings and privilege of leasing an additional ~ ~cres of grazing land, woven wire fenced, iggnch will be sold before the sheep to give the purchaser ~ ~hance to buy ~he ew~ rl~e owner qreserves Ithe ~ght ,to one bid on the ranch if necessary. MRS. JOHN SCHNELL, Owner RAY SCHNEIA~ Auctioneer. -- IAberty National ~nk, ,Dickinson, Clerk L Beach, North Dakota ~r RI If~ #t~/~ P.~ KRISPIES s -oz. ILELLOGG'S PK~S. O%AKES gWtPO~TI~D CHOWDER 2 HEINZ HOUS~FIOLD 8-OZ; CLEANER PEG SCENTED TOILET BO'0b'L CLEANER TOBACCO ~#a "o~ ,t: v:= -~'m BORDEN'S HEALTH DRINK 1-LB. CHOCOLATE FLAVORED JAR --RED OWL FRE$tl I UIT$ AND VEI TAStE$ FOR TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS FULL OF yuqCE RANGES HAMLINS LB. BAG | GREEN New Louisiana BCHS. SOLID HEADS LB. ~AND~