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December 8, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 8, 1960

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1960 THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. ~,[~lmmt~,~,~Hl~I~]~[~lUfil~WJl[l~l~fl~Ui~'i NOW THEREFO,RE, BiE IT RESOLV- Kubik Motor Co Supplies 71.72 Having no further business the boardi NOTIfDE10TFRIP~UBLcICAM~ONI N 7, Capital Outlay 1,217,53 "-"""~ ED by the Board of County Ck~m~s- Henry Frank, Scoria . 165.00 adjourned to meet November 1, 1960. i N. D. IN US AL SS O D. Total Amount Paid During #-~ * ~ioners ,at i~s regular mee, tir~g asses- Alfred Ka.ormas, Tlmvers laa.t~ ~ari Jr. JouDer~ I BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA School Year by DistrictTreasurer I K~]Mfli~]~l/~]~Iptr~ bled this 4tit day of October, ~1960 at Jack Hleblchuk, Snow Fences 18.59 Actmg Chmrman 7 288 34 ILA1tJl|J~Lll k.Wt~ k~ iMedora, North Dakota tha, t its chair-i Alvin Klem, Labor 10.00 Daniel Os adc.huk, ! The State of North Dakota by its 1~ Cash on hand in General Fund man George Kadrmas, and the Oo~an- J,oseph FiScher, ~.aoor ~ounty Auol~or. Industrial Cornmission hereby gives~'~ T~n~ 2fi lC~aD {Itf=~' C'. Treats ][~ /~ ,ty Aud!tor Darnel Osadchuk as clerk, ~ Leo Miller, Scars : 82.50i !notme pursuant to law and the rules ~.~H~ ~/.d~u ~vt of r~enosit ~-~][~i[~l['a~i[~|~(]f~ ]be and are hereby authorized, em-~ Stanley Adams, Operating I ]and regulations of said Commission:L~;" ~"*%=::~- "3~'3-721 ~. St~t.~t~.J~.L~l$~ ~powered and directed to execute in patrol 106.81l ~. I promuleated thereunder of the fol- u.u u. ~. ~.u~ u, , i~u^~ ~ ~,~u~ ~,~ r- ~ ~.~t~ Da-! Ed Le Doux Labor 30.00 ~ ,~ ~ t lowin~ public hearing to be held~CASH BALANCES IN SPECIAL RE- mmmmmm~ ,~=~,a v. ~,:~ev~o~m-en~,t~e.-of 9il ,N~rthwestern Iron Works ~ ~~[~ (~//J~2 lat 9:30 a.m. December 20 1960 in the]SERVE, BUILDING, BECREATIONo Suphes 32. --~--w'w~e ~ ~"C'.~X I I BOND, C)ONSTRUCTION, I-I;IC~H ' Oct 4 196{) ,and gas lease to ~he A.merada Pe4rol- Alex ~hrmantraut, Opera~- ] ~r~~r ~'~ ]mearmg l~oom, :>ta~e t~apltoi, in ~ls-I SCHOOL TUITION, AND HIGH Medo~'a: 1~ D. eum C,arp. Upon the terms and con-ing Patrol : 462.0~. - ~ ~ marck ~North Dakota. SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION FLrJND~ i ~ ,~ :~ ' ' ditions as shown by the lease form State Treasurer, road cocci STATTM ~F x~,~x r~v ~ ,~r~' Cash on hand in bulldln~ fun~ aS : ~^ ~ ~ ~ . c-~,~tv C'~r~mlssioner~ attached hereto and covering that cer- Tractor & Equ p. .- ~,NOTICE OF HEARING,al! .s~,~ .~o~.~ ~ ] of June ~0, 1960-~ec. ~/,1518, 0l- . "" ~ "~-'"" ":"" ~ taln tract of land described ~n@rem, D6 a~o.00~ "='n : v ?~ -- - ~- 1517 N. D. l~v. ~:oae of 194~---S~. met in regular session with C -. in acc~-tance of l~ ~bove dt~-~'ibed Tract~or ' &'" Equip. Rent 1 PETITION FOR ALLOWAHCw- OF Ihaw g any rzght, title, mterest ert57-1518,'~7~1~17 q See. 5'/.15i? 195"/ , 4i~oners KordonoWy', Jot~bert ann ~@ ~ ~ " Patrol 14 : 700.00 FINAL REPORT AND AOCOUl~rr I clai~n in the f~llowing cases and,Supplemeli~Item Uc Trea~: ReDort) ff~as, ,present. ~orrer. " . ." Tractor & Equip. Rent notice to the 1" " ~ 84~,91- ' The minutes of the regular meet- Motion Carried ~ ' '~.;:: ~+~-] ~ 1 02400 WITH PETITION FOR [ pt~ tc. CASE NO. 397.i ~. ; Arrg of. Sept. 6,~I~0 were reaa and ap- I A motion was by ~. $bubert= Tractor" & Equip. Rent DIISTRIBUTION ] On a motion of the Commission to ,mWarr~an~n~zs~ u~ea~ JulY ,t~l~,~l a~nn~ ~provea as reaa . " 168.00' - - " ~" ~ , Mr. Harold Johnson appeared be-~r=cl .se~:md ~. by ,Mr. Kor.dgnow.y to OfTra~ct~r~er& .~ ui~ Rent STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA /consider the reasormble nmrket de-Report} '/,~8.S e Board of C~mt C~- ~appmnz Jamee u~ra as J~ce o~ ~ne,~t ~. fore ~ Ylea~e a tract .Peace of Billlr~s Coonty i::~ Pete of ~cr~per . 335.00 COUNTY OF BILLINGS [mand for crude oil and natural ~ gas STATE OF NK)RTE[ DAKOTA . )> ~s,~wi~t~,~tneAm ~eerarda~ Petroleum Cor-,N~rthrop resigned. Moti0n Carried. Tractor & Equip. Rent i IN COUNTY COURT to be produced in the State of North County of BilHnp. ~ ss . ~----- . ~ .m ~ av ~ ).~1TM = "~'ted Patrol 12 10dO.O0~ ~ ~ ~c~n~ot ~nszrlot ~o ;~ ) potation being 4~0 acres of l a.nd In and approved'for Da~rr~evtt::, I A matron was made by Mr. Kor-I BEFORE HONORA-BLE ALICE L.I du zng the pror~tmn period I do solemnly swear that to the the SW~ of Section 34. T~p i~o, County Treasti~re~. --Sup~|~ ~0796 don~wy to have John Phills for Court~ LF, BO JUDGE b'eginning at 7:00 a.m. on 1 January best of my kno~,vled~e and belief the ~North, Range,100 mWa~:.b" Mr ~r-' .Fred R4chard, ~atrol ~- ~ ,House ~n t~hhee ~o~On~nt BOufildin~6~.~un~e. IN THE MATTER OF TH~ ESTATE' 1961. CASE NO. 400: On a motion'0~ within is a true ~a= i. correct report zz~uuu, w~,-~- "-" --r" azor : ,: :a~ya,ls ~=~ ~.v.~ # s o all moneys receives ann pals oil ~n~Yroavend ~e~C fo~2w~ ~r~o~u~ ,lya~tr~e~e Symlortow, ~eratlng285 69 tloS~n n2aredriebdY. Mr. Joubert ann the too- OF LOUIS RICHARD MANCA DE =~.~=::=aC npme:::l::: a~o~- by me as School Treasurer. " ~ ~S the ~nt.y o~ ~t Ui~r~l BenJar~n V~l~:"~ra~g " ' County Treasurer, Salary John S, VALLOMBROSA, DECEASED. I r "o " ' - Sidney T. C~nnell ~te ~f No,tin ,l~alco.ta ~s :tne:ze~, ,C~t . .: - . .: . 28360.Phill 266.00 Richard P. Rausch, ) ip, v a~z n zor an oraer amenamg the Treasurer of Lebo School District o~an lnT, ers~ o lana st~ua,eo ~n ~,u j h C. ~rnbrust r~, ' " o br )} ' "~ii! M~aU:~soCK~:: h~urt~'i:~nf~}a~nyn" N~ ~:rt~tYe, ~ate~~Lrs oi er~!l~a~le~bon~:y, t00.(~ '~~n n~o:~bf~ll~ ~?!~;il! v~. Petitmne~ t u~cribed and sworn to befor, me o~ n"~ ' t : " '." ' ' ,' - .s" ce y' g ' Antoine Manca de Vallom- ) I "," ' - this18thday of J'uly 1960. "l~"~']i~*~"a~emsaidration desires~Am~rada*~o pur-Pe" :in,g M~ner 7 : :.7, .; 31.43 court house basement. ' bl~osa de Mk~resAthenais ) I ty, and the East Wioga-Madis~m and Leo' J Ray wn,--I .~Jarl ~" jouDer~ ~amry ~ The Auditor was instructed to pub- ~ ~ " ." troleum Corp~. :. Mileage ,~ 265.40 lish a notice in the Billings County Ntanca de Vallombrosa de I i wnzze ~artn-~laaison pools, in Moun- . hasea non aeveiopmert~ *~yoe ox o~~ "::". ' e . - " - ~ "~----t"' u~e01-ge ~aarmas Satary~ & Pioneer and the Belfield News, di- r- ~ =~.~ T~n*~. .Tr~t ~ trailCounty in so far as the re ~ = ~ . ~ and s lease cram r-~lSAnrl~ ~t~l v )~ . - ga . ~ DIiheage 186.30 rectlg all landowners In ~Jllhn~s ' "~ ~ ' " i . . . ~a~z~ #xvu~ v~,=-- covering the sma tract ox tuna a~ Peter Kordonowy Salary & ' County regarding chapter 350 of tl~e Dr. Maurice Fourcade Jeans ) !quarements for Gas-Oil rats tests described in the atta, checl form of Mileage ' ' 190 02 195,5 Session Laws of the State of Pradere Felecie Pradere Eve-~ !are e~ncerned, lvLr. ann mxs. ~ar, ~.~aKer re- oil and gas lease which xor re~erencei Miracle ~as"Co'"-P'r'o~n:e" 72'50 North Dakota (cutting weeds and ' ' " N turned Tuesday, Nov ~ zrom a ~/~OSr~iuSlti~%n~rmanent ~aart oft plPeasnama Carbon Co Sttp- 4090 sg~a~se~ig~dwJ ~i~g c(>unty and town-]lyne Gre,g, Respondents )) Joh~'E,lnI~aUiiilalGoC m?r~.ssl n plane trip to Lebanon~ Oregon, ,~ ~ r~.~' ; ~.~er~ Pe t w~t""Plaiz~s~'~i'~tric":k~ 1~'78 A motion was made by Mr Kor-i,- where they visited a sister, Miss donowy and Seconded by Mr Jou- THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA I v v a -1 ~- -J a#: -~^ troleum ~Jorp. nan mace an o~er ux, ranama ~Jar~Jn ~, ~up- bert toapp~ve the follox~ing resolu T-- T--E ABOVE NAMED RESPOND i ~'~Ol'a JUfLI~II :4II~t II'I~IIU~ ~.VII~$ D ~- 8.00 - O iI - '. STATEMENT O} TRrJksUBER'$ ~0.00 bonus consideration ~ora five piles . : = : ~ : tion: 'ENTS I trice Spies. They spent 2 weeks year n~n-deVel~pme~t x ype ~ . O Ut ~aul ~ .l:,e,~.o, :~aatary 7: 36.37 BE IT RF ,SOLVED BY A MAJORI- : [ ANNUAL REPORT FOR and gas lease eovenng tna ce.r~mI ~m.g.nt ~,mnt}ag~o ~uppnes2,34 there and reported an enjoyable ITact Of land pr0vioing zor annua~ as-i r~Ort~nern ~n(~ ~up~Plies, ~up- TY OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY' You anti each of you are hereby! Ptl~LICA.TIO~ RECEIPTS IN GENERAL FUND Miss Jordan and Miss Spies (Amounts Received by School Dis- lay rentals in the amount of twenty- Dll es = = :: 16.00 COMMISSIONERS of Billings Coun- notified that a petition has been filedi visit. r~ I umey's *nc0rp. ~uppnes 4.90 lve ~ents ttu).z~) per ~u ~. ',ty, that Aircraft qualifying under the in this Court for the allowance of the ~ trict Treasurer between July 1, conduct a radio Gospel program Globe Gazette, supphes 3,31 regulations established by the Game Final Re~,~rt and Account in the l1959 and June 30, 1960. I Ddward ,M~lone: !Lodging & Fish Comissioner may hunt coyote ~'~ j A. Cash in General Fund (in hands N~ W C~.OS~R t~Myron A~rs ~.2 ~ 45.00 and fox within the above mentioned]above matter with a petition fordis- of District Treasurer) July 1, 1959. 5,985.19 ~*rr~,J~eacrice Tnorf~s, .WIdleage 81.50 county, except that hunting may be tribution as provided in theLast AII. Total amount of General Fund Alice L. Lebo, Mileage 28.60 done on private l~nd in a closed area[wil1 aud Testament of said decedent; m~>ney invested in United States "~t]'T~-~ r~ Ted Cornell, Mileage 55,60 V.~t~w.~.a~u Mauric~ Ellingson. Gounty UP~anvithe rn%qUe~trOf the landowner, land you are herebynotified that Savings Bonds 'as of July 1, 1959. CLAY PIPE A,en, 73,22 g u r ner ousmess me, 1,440.00 AIIL Grand Total cash on hand and II now available f~om our new money credited to General Fund North Dakota planfl A high q[u~- (Total of items A, AI, A/I) as of July! 1, 1959 7,425.19 pipe at great savings io you. 1. Total amotmt received during C~a'act your ~earest supplier, Acm~ Welding, Supplies 2.40 year from Apportionment of State ~Flq~e 0] can. Kordonowy Garage, Repairs 35.82 Medora, North Dakota ~ house in the City of Medora in the Tuition 175.44 DTf~ .~---r~. f~T 4~T Tractor & Equipment Co 6744 10A00 sO~a ~kmA'tinM~" was called b t County o;f Billings and State of North l 2. Total amount received during ,;-l~.JJ[Ac~. ~,j~l ~u~101ies : th r ~ y l l year from County Equalization fund --~" lies ~v ~ CO Wm. F. Sylvester, supp 5.50is el boa d to, check the, furnace that, Dakota on the 30th day of December, ),*o-~:~;j ~ ~.~r=~, ~ q54 R1 I'~JMU~,I~ * Gambles, supplies 5.70 coated in the register of deeds t,1960 at the htour of twoo'clock p ~ An~o~nt r~iv~d du ' Telephone 224-5155 Rough Rider Care, Repairs ~ .~ office since the performance of the* ' "~ rmg year from ~'~ heater ha IM of that day or at such subsequent]State Equalization Fund: DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA Joseph Sivak, Dozer Opera-, ~ act veen saus~actory, -l-nel." ,~ = ~ ~ ~ ,~' h ~.~1 a. (state share) County Equalization 1~ vo lme or o ] r ~ ac ~ . m ~ , tar ' : ! : Board m~mbers that were present 1 fun,~ o~ ~o were Kordonowy and Joubert The! hearing may be adjourned or trans- ~ "4 "~"~ i decision ~f the board was to' have* f~rr~ at which tim~ and nlacevoui Total of a and b 235.19 II II ~ 7 - I ~ -- i e Auditor call the Coast ,to Coast I 5. Amount received during year Store in Dicklnsn and tr and have mayno nearolzyou wish " " Y ' 'fr~m taxes levied by District School Let service of this notice be made Board (General Fund) 2,562.45 LOOK AT ME I'M SET FREE BY ELASTIC IN Q. What's the bra you're mad about glad about A. Rave by Formflt! Q. And why A. You feel FREE because Rave makes the most of elasfid . i,~. t he represen,tative from this firm check the furnace and see what it would co~t to install a more adapt- able furnace, Billings County Pioneer A Con~mustton of "'THE BADLANDS COWBOY" E.~tabIlshed in 1883 ~kLICE L. LEBO. 1~arm~Ing Edltor WALTER R. BRATTON dltor - ]Pub~ Subseriptlon: $1.50 per year In advance ~itered in the Post Office st Medora ulmgs County, North Dakota, Feb- -uary 15, 1934, as second class matter under the Act of March 3. ~g. )~!icial Newspaper of the COunty o~ ~aumgs, State of North Dakota, ar~ Drtnted at Beach. North Dakota. ELASTIC around cups cflngs gently to curved ELASTIC stitching under cups flexes when you movel ELASTIC underarm permits low cut, extra freedoml ELASTIC band around low back keeps bro in placel ELASTIC back gives and moves with youl YOU can get in tha swing of tha fres and easy way to fashion with Rave. Ask for Rave No. 559 machine washable embroidered cotton with clrcle-stltched cups. 32A to 38C. White or Black. (Also available In, D cup, 32 to 42,--- $5.00 as required by law. 6. Amount received during year Dated this 30th day of November from other Revenue Receipts, A, D, 1960. 287,34 BY THE COURT: 10,Amount recelved from other : non-revenue receipts 1,185.23 Alice L. Lebo, i B. Total Amount received by Judge of the County Cou~t,i School Treasurer during year (Total RAIISCH &: CHAPMAN of items 1 to 10 inclusive) 6,400.46 Attorneys for Estate C. Grand Total amount received 410 Thayer Avenue by School DistrictTreasurer inelud- Bismarck, North Dakota. (SEAL OF COURT) (Dec. 8-15) Attend Conference -- 'Attorney Orrin Lovell and Mrs. Lovell drove to Grand Forks last ThUrsday, where Orrin attended the-States Attorneys' Conference. They returned to ,Beach ,Dec. 3. ing cnsh on hand (Item AIII and Item B) 13,825.65 EXPENDITURES OF GENERAL F~l~rJD Amounts Paid Dtwlmg Yeas for ths Following Purposes: I. Adxnin~stra t ion 219,50 2. Instructional Service 2,608.73 3.Other Services 2,830.99 4. Operation of Plant 228.84 5. IV~aintenance of PLant 58.35 6. Fixed Charges 124.40 ANNO SCHULZ BUILDING to give the complete have opened the latest and most modern body and paint shop in the area public the fastest-most efficient service possible. SPECIALTY All body and paint work. Complete glass replacement service. Paint Mixing for Popular Colors. Steam Cleaning-autos and tractors. Storage by night or month. STOP IN& SEE US FOR YOUR ESTIMATES- I