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December 8, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 8, 1960

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. DAK. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1960 I 4-H Winners Cheer For Safety [ L E G A L S NOTICE F D/~LIN(.IUENT TAX Leading 2~ million 4-H members in a rousing "hurrah" for safer highways, homes and farms are these eight national winners in the National 4-H Safety Program. Calling for even greater en- thusiasm and emphasis on the traffic phase of safety is Anthony G. De Lorenzo, vice president in charge of the public relations staff of General Motors, which is safety program awards donor for the 16th consecutive year. Each of these winners received a $400 college scholarship from GM. In addition, General Motors gave them and other safety winners all-expense trips to the 39th National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. Left to right (kneeling) are : Elsie Clasen, 18, of Glenwood, Minn.; James Fassett, 18, of Alstead, N. H.; Christian Scherer, 18, of Olney, IlL; Pamela Gay Chiles, 17, of El Reno, Okla.; Frank Klepetko, 15, of Golden, Colo.; and Richard Hatler, 18, of Crossville, Tenn. Standing are Vivian Warminski, 16, of White Deer, Texas; Mr. De Lorenzo; and Gweu Anne Smith, 17, of Reno, Nev. SALE, 1959 Billing County, North Dakota Purstuant to the provisions of Chap- ter 57-24 North Dakota Revised Code of 1943, and under the directions of the Board of County Commissioners of Billings County, North Dakota, notice is hereby given that all lands and village lots and acreage situated in the County of Billings and State of North Dakota, and on which the taxes for the year 1950 remain un- paid at the date of sale (except those struck off and sold for prior years taxes, to the county) will be sold at public auction in the man- ner provided by law, at the Court House in Medora, Billings County, North Dakota, on Tuesday, Decem- ber 13th, 1960. A list of all lands, lots, acreages, etc subject to said sale is on file and may be examined at the office of the county audtior at Medora, North Dakota, and a copy of said list, with the names of the owners and description of the land and tracts involved and the total amount of the taxes, penalties, and in~erest date on each tract has been posted t in the U, S. Post Office at Medora, Fryburg, Fairfield, and Gotham in the said County. I The figures given under the head- ing "Amount" on the lists include the original amount of the taxes and all penalties, interest, and costs zo ] the date of the sale. Said sal~ willt begin at the hour of ten O'Clock I A. M and will continue from dayI to day until all lands or tracts are] sold, but said sale shall not con- tinue for a period longer than ten What a heavenly idea @ ~.XPENDITURES OF GENERAL FUND Amounts Paid During Year for the Following Pt~pomm: ,1. AdmtnJ~ration 722,80 2. Instructional Service 15.943 66 . Other Services 229.34 Operation ~f Plant 3,~9.2S ,5. ~r~alntenanee of Plant 184.55 ~. lel~l Charges 1,969~9 7. C~pRal Outlay 230.02 D. Total Amount Paid During School Year by District Treasurer 23.118.94 E. Cash on hand in General Fund as of June 30, 1960 (Item G. Treas. Revmm'L tnrludtng Cert. of Deoosit and U. S. Bonds 20~.71 Cash Balances in Spoclal Reserve, Building, ROC~Nt~ion, Bond, Co~s/l'UC- lion, High School Tuinon, and High School ~aflon Funds. Cash on hand in Building Ftmd as of 3"une 30, L960---Sec. 57-~16, 57- 1517 N, D. I~. Code of 1943 -- Sac. 57.15t6, ~/ -1517 -- Sac. 5%1517 1957 Supplement-~Item U. Treas. Report) 8,466.10 J" Warrants Issued Suly 1, 1969 to une 30, 1060 (Item B, Clerk's Annual .Report) 23,118.94 STATE O~' I~ORTIt DAKOTA ) County of Bllli~ I DeMores School Dlstr~2t No. 2 I do solemnly swear that to tha best of my knowledge and belief~ the with- gn is a true and correct report of all ;m~ .c~ys received and paid out by ml ItS SellOOl "~l~sr. ~/ ' Bu~y L. "J[~r r~,' . . of 'DeMotes School Dlst- Subscribed and sworn t~ before me th~ 14kh day c~ J'u~y, 1960. Beatrice L. Thomas. [: ~ co. supt. all sizes pipe, including 2 in, 27/8 in, 3 in, 4 in and 7% inch. i Ph0 e TR 2-3228 ~'~,"'~i~ 'Beach, N.Dak, WE TRADE At a big discount from the regular list price. % New 1959 V8 GMC 4.wheel drive pickup. rryo News 2 daughters and their families. (10)dsys. M,s:" Karcp Paa3ch, daughter Explanation for the abbreviations of Ray Paasch of Medora is at- as appearing on the posted lists fol- Mr. and Mrs. Noah Joubert Verne King home Sun. p.m. tending Concordia College, Moor- lows: who were house guests at the Mrs. Martha Telford was host- head. Minn. She spent Thanks- N for North Boyd Matteson and Harlan Ing- ess for WCTU at her home in giving at the ranch and with E for East man homes have returned to their Belfield Tues. o.m ') members her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. w for west home at Milnor, N.D. were present and Mrs. Ray Bow- Henry Paasch in Belfield. s for South --- Mr. and Mrs. Lars Vanvig of en was'a guest. Mrs. Chester Duanc Urbar ,~ New l,mgland.NE /or Northeast Medora and their daughter, Mrs. Molm ~ave a resume oi the is visiting a,t the Brennan home.!NW for Northwest an w ppu "ra eup" Glen Olson (Velma) were din- speech ~iven bv the National ~His father,Wm. Urban and daugh- sw for Southwest ner guests at the Alfred Matte- Pres. at-the convention held in ter, Dorothy, were shopping in sz for Southeast son home. Mrs. Olsen. who had Portland, Maine. Belfield on Sat. I% for one-halt ,;~ holiday mood been a teacher had stayed at Mrs. ~-~fm ltickey m Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Ed LeDoux who % for one fourth-and one quarter the Matteson home. Mich. recently visited her son spent the weekend in Billings, PT for Part Fred Johnson. who bad been Elwood and family and othel Mont. were houseguests at the Sac. for Section One look at the.shlnlng gift box will tell her you a patient in the hospi,tal at Beach relatives in Belfield. She. in corn- Albert Barta home. The Bartas Twp. for Township returned home on Monday. Fred pany with Mrs. Cora Coe and were formerly owners of the O. RGE. for Range were an angel. ~rou remembered to give her the d ~ Talklngton farm The LeDouxs L for Lot will be a man of leisure for sev- Ray. Robt. Conkhn restore to : " stockings she prefmr9 Mojud, of course, Seamless eral days as the doctor has ordi the Wilbur Annear ranch in the ross ws~teo ~wr. and vlrs. Don-: Blk. for Block Sllwreln~ 1. 4rnll ~.~o~l ~,~.l All. :,l t~g : ~' *^--~t ald Wanner who live in Billings i- -o A r - -- 1" -,* ~,~*-~*,m=*v=~u -~,~ w,* s,a$~t~s,s.vL~usa ered a complete rest and specia ,t~anolanos. It was a DeautliUl s A t r c e ann Acres e,~ dav and the herd of buffalo Mrs. ttarold TalkinW~on and, ARW for Acres of right of way ]or nawmss ht at ankles and calfs~ greater than ever diet. His friends all hope for a were ~razin~ alon~ the highway Mrs. Ray Bowen visited Mrs. Em-IIncl for inclusive ~ snag resistance to'0. Your choice of s leg colors speedy recovery. : :f ~:t layj ~:p !:~: ~; ~::e Mr. and Mrs. Verne King spent ndM~3 ~c~nd Mr;etJu;m:~ Oh; DKe::inaston.St T~eyedictk h;ir~'t:[~EIV?FFf/2L~R S;~L H;ND :21~D p S, allglft.t~wra;pedfo; Thanksgiving at the Phil Tuss a r home at Ft. Peck. They returned from Canada which took them~t Mrs. Ken az it w,r he~ birth- COUNTY OF BILL]~N'GS, NORTI-I Y g $I.00 to $1.85 pr. home on. Monday accompanied as far north as Edmonton and day t DAKOTA, THIS 18th DAY OF NO- by Mrs. Virginia Tuss and baby northwestern AlbertaThe'.-e Mr. and Mrs. Emil Strand re-'V~ER A D, 1960 J' ~ - ' I " " " rmrt a wnn nl "n ,i*h " turned Sa~ from their vistt to s/ Daniel Osadehuk Robin. Phil ~a'rived on Thursday derf,trl --.~n free I " ~r ~ /~t D A ~ and the Tnss family returned to n~or o,~mlna ,~d ~ ;, Portland, Ore They were house DanielOsadehuk Fort Peck on Friday. Mrs. E. C. Bredburg were to guests m the spacious new home Billings County Auditor ~ v ~ m. ~ .m ,m d~ .m Mr. and Mrs. Ed LeDoux mot- Bismarck on Monday to consult of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smrth. (SEAL) [ ored to Bill~ngs,~Mc~t: ~fifid Spent her doctor. Mrs. Bredb'urg has 'They visited : with Mrs. ~,lice ~ '~IVOTI'I21~:. Any person who removes I -~--:-- ~ ~-~ ~, Cheadle and son Joseph and Mr or destroys any dehnquent real es the weekend wit~ their son Rob- v~, ~m~ermg ~rum ~ uuu cu~. - ' - - - - ert who makes his headquarters ~Lowell Loffelmacher enjoyed and Mrs. Arlo Geary who called rate tax l~t from the place wherein at the Smith home one evenln posted betw a waffle supper at the Kings on ." " g. ~, een the date of posting i~ there. They returned home on Sun evening followed by prac- They made the acquaintance of and a date of tax sale referred to, I~ D A "~tT M nday" Jack Redm nd did the tice on Christmas music" I their great grandson, a child of shall be guilty of a misdemeanor I ~, RANCHER~- chores while they were gone. We d " " " "- Mr and Mrs E E Martin of n a Smith and husband, Stan- Ch. 5%2405 N'. D. Revised Code 1943./~ Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Matteson ~alrwe -, -I " ) I~ were Thanksgiving Day guests at "~ " ' " ~""~ " "' ; ~ ,n ho ~ ley Arness "Phey attended fun (Dec 1 8 membered to their friends eral services for Dan Schwelitz~ ~ ~rw ,1 a 1 o =. " I @ thgBeach.LyleOtherAdamSguestshOmewere near inMr. this area. They visited their[wh was instantly killed by s TE T ~ Have available for immediate mku truck At .~Ao.=~,t = = ~ v - ~ ~ ~ ~,~ ~as,u=aa~J a~,~ and Mrs. Guy Brown, Mr. and daughter, Mabel and family who P P . the coffee hour, ~AL REPORT F~R ' i ~~ ~,~.s~' L~t.~ ~-~t~a llSLItaaq./~41JLtUi, ibq.z Mrs. Alvin Cheadle and family now live in Spokane, Wn en-lf ll wing services, Mr. and Mrs. I n PUBLICATION " ]~ ~ le and relatives of the Adams tam-joying the trip very mucth. Strand visited with all members (~r~o~lunPt~$R~eiv~ed~l~b~hoo~l~g~ [~ eeilverv. ily. It was reported that 52 per- The Junior tti~h Fellowshi~ isl f the Schwelitz family, all of t.rt2t Treasurer betweenJuly '1" ~ =]- t- Whom were form~- " " ~a~ and June 30 1960 '& sons were present at the dinner, planning a Christmas cookie and . =" ~" ~ '~~ - I a~ in - ' . -' . X 1 ~1~ ~ I O 11 loan,s ; ~. t~eneral ~'und (In hands Mr. and Mrs. Harold Talking-candy sale to beheld in.Red- ' "~, T. rer, Ju,y 1. 19. 1 t% t0 pr0tcm catue teed; ton and a~ Curtis called at the mond's garage on Saturday, Dec. --"--- ]AIII" Grand Total - 20:294.7.9 ~ " " /~ casn on nana ana i ~.~ 17th Remember the date! I money credited to General Fund]~ ~ ,r~rt~'~o~,r~ ~r~m gmz'tm g - J, le|15 j=|Pt][,tl~ "rR[ eTota] of items A, AI, AI1) as ~f Tub, ! ~ ~ "11~1 /0 [Yttl[#llDUl~l [dl~[ ll Ylll Mrs. Johanna Reul attended me r- ~ l l, 1959 202~79 ~ Win. W. Eichhorst area Postmasters convention in -- - -- -- - l e~r Total amoun, receivecl d~,ring ~~ ~ -~.:~,$--~ Iv from Apportionment of State Dickinson last Monday She re- )|,ntmm,tm ~ |~lmllffl~ ~, ,~l't~ition ~ T~Y~li~ ,~Attorney turned llllan" v~ttA - ~-.~ . ~.--.-- - 450.19, ~ . .l. ~L~&~OoJ~ ~.~.~3k~L~e home with L ~ ~'~L~ 6 ~M~ ~ I ~ Total amount received during l~ ~lth offimt$ In Doren, w~ho IS postmaster at Me- ~~ X ~ N;~ ~ County share ~ ~" -: =~L F I ~ L D " Y r from County Equalization fund l " ,~,~s, TURDAYS dora. ~ :CIK'~J ~ A ~E~ ~ ) I :"~- unt received during year from N ~.~z.' -- =~ ~ ~mm ~qualizatlon Fund: / MONDAYS -WEDNESDA" Mr. and Mrs. C. E.~Bredburg ~]ff,~~*~ [ a. (State Share) co. Equalization ~ HAYDEN FEED CO. -- m~d--- were Thanksgiving guests at their ~ t~'~r ~'~ ~ ,~ ~1~ BI~. ,= ~ [fund 2257.92 ~ ll~ l I l~l.J ~ I l.JI.Jl.~ ~ ~ Total of a and b 2~5792 TUESDAYS - THURSDAYS datt~hter, ,Barbara ~ home---the ~ wv~ ~ ~ "" " tV0U ~ J ~ n 1 ~T ~ ~ r]DI) ~ ~ 1 ~] ld "th - - - - - l 5. Amount received during year g ~IPt~O~1 If IJ,I~ ~-q~lWt Thompson M" a,' [ ~rom other Revenue Receipts I 5727.16 I I0. Amount ~ecetved from other ~o~-revenue receipts 10~.84 Total Amount received by School Treasurer during year (Total of items 1 to I0 inclusive) ~ A Ir 3,179. 1 C. Grand Total amount received k /'! I J by School District Treasurer includ tn~' cash on hand (Item AI4~47~nd itenl ~) .65