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December 12, 1963     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 12, 1963

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The Billings County Pioneer VOLUME XXXIX MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1963 NUMBER 29 Harold Reever Is !Scouts Selling Lions Give Santa State Historical I gilcs Win Both Wreathes Saturday pi Society Meets Killed In Car An Assist Games The Beach Scou00s will he 00laus Roberts among ,the U.enm00 selling wreathes house to house: ten District State Parks Super- 1 O A ride Dec 7th this Saturday, Dec. 14. Be on ! Merrtbers of the Beach Lions visors who attended the State The Beach Burs won their sec- c nt . hand to patronize your local lClub met this Monday evening, &apos;HiStorical ,Society meeting in end game of the season last Sat- Harold Lee Reever of Golva, Scouts and be assured of quality. * Dec. 9 to do their usual job of Bismarck December 5th through urday night when they nosed out :N. D., succumbed of a skull free-1 A good selection of Christmas being old Santa Claus' most the 8th. He repents some fine the Mort Cardinals by a sex)re uf ture at the new Golden Valley i trees, greens and other trim-'depend,bie local helpers. Keithdspeeches and epecially corn- 45 to 44 on the Mort floor. The Community Hc#s,pitaI in Eeach,[ mings are being sold at forvner Finkle was preserrt--his mem- merits on one by H.oward W. night before they took a close :N. D., Saturday, Dec. 7, 1963, el- i 'Schulz garage building.. The door bership was transferred from !]aker of Omaha, mid,vest re- one from the Wi`baux Longhorns, most ten hours after he was is open week days and Friday'Hazelton to the IBeach Lionsgi0n,al director for the National 60 to 54. hrown out of his car a`bout a ! and Saturday evenings. Club. Roger Barnaby spoke on PArk Service. "You in North De- In the Mott game the Burs half mile north of Goiva. The  the Beach 13oehures. l kota and the rest of us living in 15 to 10 advantage at the ee-car accident also injured his g k A better th, an average attend-ithe Great Plains are among the end o'f the first period but were assenger, Clayton Loop, 61, who an en ouse ance turned out for one of the, most fortunate of people,' said trailing .by one point, 21 to 20 is employed ,by Reever's mother- day D 21 most pleasant meetings of the Baker. ,at half tim,. As the third quarter S year, and all p}tched in to sack ! "The Great Plains region with ended the Cardinals had increas- in-law, Mrs. Jessie Oidis, .at her atur  ec. up treats for every child in this 'its .vast uncongested land areas Ied their lead to 35 to 32, but dur- farm. Loop suffered neck and i trade area. IBeach merchants  is Americas best remaining ing the final period the Bucs legconsideredinjurieS,serious.but they were not i The last Yule decoration and make this possible .by their home for developing a modern came back in the closing minutes sprig of holly is in place for the enr ...... Reever and Loop were enroute . ...... , = uus cash gins. [land use pI'an," he said. "Our to win. 'armers ann lv/ercnans anK s , . ............. ne pmmply filled sacks will landscape is not crowded and Heekaman and Bares were home to the Oldis farm in the /±am annum upen house, Lo ae .... .............. oe a:spenseci on annual Santa we can move to set aside our high scorers for the Burs with 13 Goiva area, where both lived. _ ÷ neia ms year on aturuay, ec• 1 .... Mr. Reever, his wife Virginia, THE DON BKERTSCH F$IILY also very pleased with their ....... . _ .,, u aus uay, mzs coming Saturday historic sites and natural scenes and 11 point s respectively. z,± ires pmasan occasion wm , and children made their home _ f move, as the home they just sold " , ........... anernoon, uec 14 Remember without prohibitive cost." Swindler was the only Cardinal in a trailer house at the Oldis First row, 1 to r: Patricia, San- .  ,^  .... . , ......  mark ma msmumn s m)m year ....... ". ' ..... ' . wa u, ,, , , ,, ........... f me Kms tree snow a me ijou He congratulated the State player in the double figure farm. The weather was very era, DeeAnn, Mrs Baertsch; con ........... m vusmess, serving meress o Theat e ill st . . • , lner new locauon wm e con- " ...... it r w art a little earlier Historical Society and its mem- bracket with 12. co!d, and blowing sno.w fanned ter, ivnehael, Steven; rack row, .......... resmems ot tins commun y. becaus ...... : ....... vemenly close to me rengm ......... f. f e oI ana tcLaus uay--a bers for the work conducted in i The game here Friday night by gusty high winds, obstructed vtr. tsaerscn, anct uonn. 'Motor Company i nere wm e a usem gl  or ....... .... x:uu p m ann b.anta ann some North Dakota.. He further added with the Wibaux Longhorns was i each person who registers mere  , ' •'. .......... the driver's vision of the road. r, r, "7-'-- .r Mr. Baertsch is well qualified ....... ne'pers wl" ve rignt there aHer that North Dakota is second a thriller all the way. The Bucs tte lost control, and the car l)on laerl;scn INOW , and thoroughly experienced in that day, frcun u am unto :u .............. • " me snow, wnmn wm ena a z:ao. highest in the United States in took a 16 to 10 lead at the end turned over three times. Reever With Local Bank aii phases of ban.king, having p.m. There are many cash prizes, Be sure to remember the time of the number of historic sites un-:of the first quarter, but at half was unconscious when he arrived 'served with the State Banking for both adults and children. The. the show for this one day--1 der su, pervision of the Historical time their lead had been cut to at the hospital in Herman John- Don Baertsch is now associated Department for two years, then Bank's open house draws hun-i p.m. sharp, i Societ What we need now is four points, 28 to 24 The Bucs Y. . • , . son's ambulance. He passed away with the Farmers and Merchants for two years was associatedl dreds of people to this city, somei Loga! stores are cooperating to' money to develop these sites i held a ten point lead going znto that night at 10:45 p.m., in spite Bank of Beach in an executive with the Farmers and Merchants coming early to register in the the fuhest' to make it' a s ecru1" az)d there is a possi!bility for lthe last period, 46 to 36, l>ut dur- morning but enually many come , P '  h . ' " matching funds ehrough the ing the last period the Longhorns of the ;best efforts of Dr. C. A. ca, pacify, beginning his duties Bank at Sheyenne, N. D., and in after lunch to try for one of s oppers haven, wth a grand Federal Government pulled up within two points of Bush, attending physician. Rites This Wednesday i here on Novenber 18, 1963. He worked as a bank examiner for ho h;, ,,.i v,,, cln nnt hnv assortment ot stock of all types and his wife and six children are seven and a half years with the - ' ,...:..o...... .......... for every kind of Christmas All the District Park Super- the locals. to b= pres, u win.  .....  ' " visors a eared 'n the" i I Free throws were the deciding Last rites in the form of amil- from New Salem, and are now PDSC. He farmed for seven years  o+ ....... ,,;, h;, gH or tne new ')orn mant up pp  r un-, .................... " ...... forms which is a new feature !farter. The Burs connected for 8 itary service were accorded Mr. settled and very happy in the before going into the banking utmost to make .it an excellent to the oldest grandpa and grand. - Reever at the Ad- s@acious home they recently Ibusiness. , , • out of 11 attempts, while the ............... ma Ubanecs Cafe will be hay- this year. sno,pomg any, wm mm'r arge " ., ., Longhorns made 8 out of 16 ventis Church in Beach, Wed-'. purchased from Mr., and Mrs. Their children I)onn, stocks of all types of merchan- ing anomer of mei'r popular nesday, Dec. L1, at 2 p.m., with  Paul Brengle. Steve, Mike, Paty, DeAnn, and else, ..... some marieo aovn for last I- smorgaabords. ........... this Saturday eve- Li l S h 1 chances. Pastor Ecbert J.anssen officiat-] The Brergles have taken an Sandy. Res2den,ts of our corn- ....... . .......... , . .... nmg wire mtens ano lezse or nco ll C O0 Moore for Wbaux was the ing. Secia,l music was provided mm,= -uvp=, 'u .=' -=..= , ' swiss steak featured on the by 'Don Schroeder, soloist, .ac: I apartment on the second floor, munity extend a warm welcome stocks `before inventory. Be sure P D 19 scorer of the game wtth a over Gordon's Bakery, and are to the Baertsch family, to look for these gift hin,ts and menu. See their adv. for more g total of 23 poirtts. ChRffee had ¢ompanied 'by rMrs. Patrmm} specials in next week's edition information. : re ram co. and Sokoloski 1:1. Johnny Noh- Sehroeder. Palbearers w e r e •  ' , .,.   c-  _ ___* .......  rop, Dick ares and Charles raembers: of the Veterans °f i Jm T,¢oher W]n. ao mcuon ; °Ln's_2yw.-'-e_5:_ -, ,. ..... I1" - a c,,- On Thursday evening, Dec. 19, (Continued on Pae Fore-} • oretgn wars o o,va. • , eaaonealuea 1)ec, 1l ...... v, _,_ .,__.  ,aavj z--,,. a .,:u p.m. me nrs sx graaes  'n the Beach l  ,*,-.,---- "* "- me ,an Iersonrmt as m'a f " ' 1 raexrt followed 1 .h ) l. I l  --'--"- ""---:- "--:- bank "(n w ]F#, 1 o fheLmconElemenarySchool ]Rt / O= g' . • . . • . . ,mem:nn plea.e ao ul= - J-., vo .J....o ,1 , • , ,, • ..... ! average t la./'o .. farmers m I)is!rmt I" Commun- in IE the re[istration gets t w,!l present .the program Two neacn 00mres ater ng nrm are ms we i , '  ny are aawseo mat me emcuon . l .......... .,.. __y_.._^ ,. ...... I The county convention will be races ot nmsmas. nd four children. Delores Ren ,] Leaving ,, trail of shattered meeting for ths Dstnct has been *ie i" th "-; d ^ " too , held Thursday, Dec 19 at the Part 'I---Chr:stmas Party--ll rr rmmtj ¢mtr,.. $, Maynard Lee, 3, Byron. ;uge ....... .eo, and tumbled cowboys, rescheduled... T h e rescheduled. , :;  Golden Valley ASC of.flee at const of songs, rhythm band, .L z,qmao tJaa g l$dmonths, and an infant, Myra a tonal Finals ,meeting will be held on Tuesday,  , " I 1 30 m The del an d f ..... .. . . _ _ I :he f.lth annual N t' " _ ........ ' . D:Ol,__O;£&^l.[,rli,ll :' p . egates or alter- d ances by the it three " .... . (Conunuea on Fage your/ Rodeo sped'to a close Sunday uec.  a z:, p:m. ame .mm I.tla tgg .gv hates from the communities in grades. Part ll--.Christmas Praise Be sure to read the advert _   ! . night in theLos Argeles Sports V:ew School, ,Ths meeting s xor Qh#- €, ].. the county assenble in a county ill be given hy the .fourth, i ments of Bechmerchants whi " r, o el i ' commun I -'=='u'' "'" "=''= *'- • • ' ......... • ' ..,L o.- nrawn. Write Arena ..... the pup se of eet  "l :'"., . " ':' ' ]convention to elect a county frith , and sixth grades wt_h a apesr m thls.Rton. Mny con- a. " ..- 3  Some 86 o the natmns top try committeemen for th dis I The BachRifle andPitolClub,cowmttee for the ensuing term finme by the whole,schol, em-hlnts  utfu_/ and practt- -,t Dour vacauon I covboys scrambled for $70,500 trict. I is sponsoring another Turkey] of office. The County convention bodyirtg the impressivebeauty of  al;"jitts,for all members of the conunuea ........ rvm last week) , prize money _'aal 1963 ..... s _world . .: ' =-= , , ,, I and Ham Shoot this year. Dec. ,I shall be open to the pubhc. .... :he real sprat of Christmas. i r mhy, nd ftx' those .good I ch'pion cow.y cro.w.ns: :during DKeY BasKeZDall [ 14 this Saturd" and Dec. 21 ........ , - In response to the public wish xrienasw.e all  to rem e The early use as even todai the six- contest which hosma _m ".4: (Z,r|rQ N['n [ next Fturday. h hope for a ,1€,,.+;,,,., .A,.,,|,   the program has t,en ad'anged alseght  ..W ts oa:, h .... o =,,,, the,'rott0 £le,:.,mectators. m,,u c ,..v. A,v=. good attendan .ana='s successtm a=au,av tva% .  o that all the children can be zurmg arw tlmety ems, aria religious scope Candles are used] As the dust and exmtement Baskell iike most of us have ! afternorl of prizes and,fun, i Office Now Closed s,n on the stage or r:sers' is a va!gble free prize of finest • , • ' " Dan sh samless cutlery ira some instances but electri subsided, Idaho s Dean Oliver, never see--d" basketball ! These Shoots are a means for !,  performance is the Christmas : " . lighting in most cases. What is 34, emerged the year's big money .vill be o ,,'', for l)ca, l residen the club to make money to op- The Selective Sevvice office in gi of the school chLld:en to Homer Madison is having a 12- .the .purpose of the Grotto? The winner, .$:.31,329, earning t•.he at the C[va'Comunit  Hall on crate and carry on the programs ,Beach is now closed, while the their community, from the gaiety hour t!re blitz--. sure to look designed purpose of the Gro]o coveted aJaroaUrnnCv:OY:x e Monday evenirg, Dec. 17, start-to tram youngsters m rifle n42 - clerk, Rthy K.'pp,.!s onheran- ; the olddas:hmned Chm stmas h, adv. over ff you need better is to tell in silent stone mane oy a z,t±6 ma g ;.., .+ ,.n r+ ,,,.,,.,-.,;=o= o €,,, nng ann nuner safety. Y nuat leave, or Vacation. ine chloe play-parw wltn its lOlK aances ,u ster ures lot winter amv- piritually eloquent the story of ,Guy Weeks. . ...... . I fiec[ eveni-= with stubiborn t work through the Natmnal Rifle will reopen at 8 a.m., on Men- and games to the joyous m. he Beach Jewelry s offer- , dem tlon Dy ,Weeks 30, oI Aonene, me, ",, ' Assocmmn whmh has a natmnal da Dec 23 contem latmn of  m a vauabl nans fall, .his re P" .. I ' ' ...... `balk , donkeys and players out ' " " . .. " . y, . . p " "he A:aivity. ' g . e weekly prize to tnrist the Savior of the worlan! however, hailof te s :rSeter omta 'to win however they can' Crazy Iraiti rrg ,program an</ is rouowea - ............ • some lucky customer each Sat- The artist hopes ,by visulizing :" !champions "p ..... " ti =,rl ,haticsv--ill'b- th "n eir work i ' urdav ' ' 31 'an ....... , ....... wz __ ,,_ " Stnn, hhe fundamentals of the' ing out Canada s Marw wood, , _.., ..... 1._ =.. ^,:^_ . .:. In the past 2 years the enroll- Other, stores, Rohans, Clara's ....... • ..... tie gme--llu. ll= ==pl,A iu. . Christian reli ion to reduce vzs- for the saddle bronc rzdmg tz "ra.a" :.'-:-, men't has been around 40 young- liters here, t g be not only idle `by just $24'4. Their final winnings =."2 .as..a,. ... .__ . I stets, ages 12 through 17 years shop, 'rockrneyer's Radio-'rv [ hearers, but thinkers and doers for he year were $19,3'72 to 'tarcmzpanng wazt !De vWO of age. The effot in this train- store. Miller Supply, have a wide [ of the ord of Christ. So far the $19,128. . ] teams, that of the Beach Beaffon ver'e'y of fresh, new merchan, count of visitors near the 100,000-. Oliver, from Boise, also tool' Oil and McCaskey Implefltemt ing program have shown good disc at lowest possible prices. [ . ," , • • emcombined, ied against e resul,ts, and need to continue U:%anec's are having a lutefisk- never been mwaculous the years calf roping dmd . this program. Your su, gport is ere has : ' ' .......... 12  lefse or siss steak smorgasbord ortions or miracles of any i 4Vtarking ms mxtn uue m a -Golva Beao0n Oil team. N0rb ures It is soley to help us to a year pro career he set a Finals :Finnemanl one f the promoters, needed.for you atTheYthe rifleWill rangebe lookingin the this Faturday eve. See their adv, their} elsewhere. deeper love and better Service of arena record of 9.3 seconds in  says players will do so at old Brengle :body shop building Cameo :Studio and Gift Shop God. 'the seventh and next to last go- own risk! ; i Dec. 14 and again nect week offers a complete line of gifts Stones were gathered not only round in roping action. For additional details, be sure .Dec. 2I at 1 o'clock p.m. rom all the lands of the"rldi Ot:her event champions for 1963 to read their advertisement on  for that someone pecial and .will but also from the waters and' are: Bill Kornell, 19, Palm another page of this edition. The g::ve away a turkey at a drawing eaves. Many stalactites and sta-[S,prings, Calif., in ,bull riding, $ohn Dulin and Son's Donkey l Auxiliary Christmas De 2. Sh-, at home -- where your lgmites appear throughout the' who successfully climaxed the Ball Shows are from Carrol, lton Party This Thursday bread is 'buttered! grotto• The N. [D. room which I season which saw him enter over Kentucky. Call it has petrified wood from 90 other rodeos in pursuit of his The American Legion Auxiliary Th:.s Saturday, Dec. 14 is also near St Piocis, agate from our title. . ........... Social Security Rep. will hold their Christmas party Santa Caus Day, an extraordi- region and a replica of a burn- I Kornell brought ne 'vut rmmg Thursday, Dec. 12, instead of nari!y gvod day to do your lag coal vein. I crn back to California for the In Beach Dec. 18 thei regular meedng. Christmas shGpping while the The lpanoramic outlay is made . :(cortinued on pge 8) , : er Instead of a gift exchange, children are :being entertained tgp of nine grottos. 1..Garden of'   1 Mi, lo C. Sohf , a representa please bring a child's gi to be royally• Plan to shop and eat irt __.- -- -- • I tive of the Bismarck office, ell sent to Grafton. Mark age and Beach this Friday and Saturday, FFA Annual ten. 2. Stable at Bethlehem. 3. FH-" ] the Social Security Advnintra- boy or girl on the package, the stores will be open both eve- ome in Nazareth• 4. Trinity. 5. #'k.;m p.rtv /tion wl-b, .at the ASC Office Because of the concert and nings. Ten Commandments . Geth= %,t***--- =--  [in Beach on iWednesday, Dec. 18, Auxiliary falling on the same Zemane. 7. The 14 stations o£ the L-'ross. 8. The :14th station and The HA-FFA Christmas party,! from 10:00 Lvn.. €o12:.00 noon. night, the party will start after C00oldsberrys Win the 8th are placed at lower level, an annual affair, will be held laeople lvtrtg m Beaca and. the the concert is over. All teachers 'lhe coffin like receptacle for the December 16. The activities as ne'igllboNn, g vicinity who rrmy and teachers wives are asked as Award At Bismarck body of the ,Redeemer with its planned are: exchange of gifts, be eligible fr insurance bone- guests. sock hop, 'bingo and a visit from its or who Wish to make inquiry Harris and Ron Goldsberry of haded pen cover, will lortg arrest the visitors• In it is laidl St. Nick himself. A tree will be regardirg their rights under the New Seismograph Trotters, N. D., a father and son comibina'tion who are team tying the Savior in costly white Car- purchased and decorated for the progravn, are invited to call on Crew In Wibaux champions, were among t h • ara marble, Joseph of Arrma- occasion- It will be placed in the ,him. then and Nicodemus reverently hall of the school a week before rodeo champions who received and carefully placing the body. Christmas vacation. Piano Recital Increased oil activity is ex- recognition and suitable a,ards pected with the arrival of a new[ . ' at the recent North Dakota Rodeo The white statues have been The  president and FFA Sculptured out of a single block president will pass out the gi.Rs. Sunday, Dec. 15 Mont.,seism°graphthis pastCreWweek.irt TheWibaux'new ] nrlsg'| ° ][Lasmussen MildredEngland. Go,big Cross of New ]inASS°ciati°nBismarck.Awards Banquet held of white marble• Ninth grotto ! As in the past the FFA will place is the ;Resurrection• No the star and two crosses on the ,Mrs. Don Schroeder and her outfit, known as the SeismiciH Much credit should be given, More than 100 rodeo contest- The future of the 'Grotto. front of the school. The fooc students wil present a Christ- Engineering Co., has offices in llO,-,s ,] 'w Mrs. Nita Organ and Mrs. Aria ants and fans attended the steak rules are lad down for behavior committee decided cake and pop mas iano and organ recital Sun, the Fehr Bldg. there, which used I u lU .Fll Sylvester for the beautiful table dinner which was followed by a (Continued on Page Four) would be served as a climax to Dr.daY'BushDeC" Barn.15 a; The2:00publicP'm" ntis thein, the Soil Conservation head- '90th Birthday themecolors•de°rati°nSof 90 carriedyears and°Ut autumnin the perbUSineSSClub,meetingwhich ntis Jerry'Slocated Sup-just the party, vited to mitered the performance. Because of the nuraber of men west of Bismarck. Delvin Reich A program, much enjoyed by of Zap and Jim Johnston of Wat- -€-•1"- in the crew, some are living in The Congregational Ladies Aid all .present, was given Iby all __ Edwin Hartses .v.a.c. IETS local hotels, and several are still and many other friends in the local talent. Einar Fong acted fordkota CitYall.aroundWere namedrodeo champtoztsN°rth Da- We5[$UI had a high reading of 52 F. Open House Dec. 22 vs, DEC, lg looking for suitable living quar- Modern community Joined to- as master of ceremonies. The for 1963, and were presented i The Golden Valley Association ters. gerber in the Congregational following presented the hie- with trophy saddles. Reich is last Wednesday, upped to 53 F. ! Friends, relatives and neigh-!'for Retarded ChikL,'en wll meet' P.O. OPEI NOON Z-IOt, church, Modern, Saturday p.m., graphical sketch o Chris' life set state all-around champion in Thursday, and cooling to 49 F. on bors are invited to an Open this Thursday evening, Dec. 12 ALL DAY .STURI¥S Nov. 30, to wish Chris Rasmussen to must.c: 3ackie Anderson, Bey- Rodeo Cowry Assn. cornoetttion, riday. Saturday was stormy .House in honor of Mr. and Mrs. at the Dr. Bush guest house. During the Christmas rush the many happy returns of the day. e Kirkpatrick, Joy Chase, Mr. and Zohnston in rodeo t, and snowy, with a high temp.' Edwin Hartse of .Baker, Mont., Meeting to begin at 8:00. service windows at the post Open house was held from 2 to ad Mrs. Lee Robinson and son tion approved by the I)RA. office will be open noon hours 5 p.m. and birthday cake, angel I Larry, Duane ,Indergaard and Sheryl Lee of Minor won the ,of 35 F. and 20 F. law, leaving i on their 40th wedding anniver- the ground covered with white. I sary from the 'hours of 2 to 4 POST O,FFICE OPEN and all day Saturday thru De- food cake, cookies, nuts, mints, Virginia Tuss. Virginia and Con- girls' cloverleaf award. F.-on Sunday, with 3 F. low.[ Open House will be held at TIL 3:00 DEC. 14 AND 21 15 F. this Monday, dawn to zero l p'm" comber 21st. coffee, tea, ana puncn was the nie Eiehhorst also gave two Granger Hall in Baker, Men. No The Beach .post Office will be .......... [fare served over 150 guests that musical selections. | that nigh 12 F. this Tuesday, l gifts, please, open until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, NOTIC )called to greet Chris. ,Both of Chris' daug1ters, Nona, MARKET REPORT [aud -6, low'. Clear aml very cold I Dec. 14 and Dec. 21. The movie, "Ben Hur", will be I Pouring for the event were Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Runnestrand W T [ this Wednesday, 12 F. at noort. I WOMAN'S CLUB shown at the Bijou Theatre iniold friends, Mrs, Marne Gilham' and family of Fargo, and Mary, Spring Whea, 58 bs ...... . A Pacific cold frortt lowered MEETS DEC. 16 RAINBOEMBLY Beach on Sunday, Monday and land Mrs. Ellen Osterhout of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Runnestrand 13% protein -. '92 teraperaures here, as it swept! Tuesday, Dec. 15-16-17. Due to Medora, Mrs. $ohn Hanson of and family of Bismarck were 14% protein .......... 1.93 in from the west on Saturday. I The Beach Woman's Club will MEETS DECEMBER 16 .Temperatures are to average be-[ meet lYonday, Dec. 16 at the' The Beach Rainbow Assembly the length of this performance tk)wman, and Mrs. Aud Nunn of there to help their father cele- 15% protein 1.94 ow normal for the next few I home of Roland Pullin. The meet-' will hold their regular meeting the .movie will .begin at 7:00 p.m. ! Miles City. The huge birthday Orate this occasion. Other out of 16% protein ............. 1.96 'ays inj will begin at 8:00. [ on Monday, Dec. 16 at 7:00 p.m. at regular admission price, l cake was cut and served by Mrs.  (Continued on Page Four) Flax 2,57