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December 12, 1963     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 12, 1963

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rAE SIX WITH YOLR COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT By WALTER MATTSON Fazm Accouring Available To COolrldora In Comfy ome time ago I mentioned in lis column that Golden Valley t (kmnty ,will be one of the coun-I ,Lies in North Dakota privileged, I to take part in a mail-in farm mcoounting program. I would m&apos;ge anyone interested in the: grarn to contact my oicel Doon o that we vill know how cooperators vR will have. number of cooperators will /bly +be limited to about a I(I I Radiosyou can rely on by MOTOROLA Deep-throated 4" speaker for rich, clear tone. Handsome value at this price Model A21 is avail- #5 able in beige. Golden Voice Value/ Hearty 4" Golden Voice speaker and direct tuning. A22 comes in antique white, light blue or pink, deliv- ers a bright sound, $16.95 and it's priced right. , Slim Style! Golden Voice 4" speaker. Also deluxe Vernier tuning, Ferrite antenna, molded back--all us- ually tound on more expensive radios A23 in black.  A blue, or beige. 1, ............................................  #: Powerful Speaker ! Big 6" Golden Voice speaker and tone control for bold, but mellow sound. Accurate direct tuning, too. A24 is available in distinctive beige color. $24.95 Special Dism.tenna ! A25 has regular antenna and Distan-tenna connection-- hook it to an outside antenna for extra pull, to help improve fringe area reception. Five- tube chassis, husky 6" speaker and tone control pull in sound crisp and clear. /ll d,& .'IL Iw 10 white and blue. .I i Safe for the bath. It's a battery-powered radio you pin on a wall. Plays In- side or out. AII-trapsistor lmsis for long life, reliability. Colors: white, with brown. Ilreen, or blue. n  14oe AXe. i,q . We have a large as sortment of stereo phonos, some com- bined with 'l, table models or consoles. Brockmeyer Radio & TV Service BEACIL NORTII DAKOTA THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, MEDORA, N. DAK. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1963 dozen for the first year. The program operates about like this. The cooperator reports his items of farm expense and :ncome. Forms, which are pro- vded to report these transactions, are mailed at the end of each month to Extension Farm Rec- ords, :North Dakota State Univer- sity, Fargo. The reported infor- mation is then classified, sum- marized and kept in individual accounts at DSU with the use of electronic computing equip-* meat. At regular periods throughout the year and at year end, the ac- counts are summarized and a re- port mailed directly to the co- operator. A business analysis is also made at the end oT the year which includes various efficiency lid #72+L5 CLEAR-SPAN BARN - North Dakota farmers needing a roomy, clear span pole barn might find just what they need in this plan. This economical plan has proved itseff in use in North Dakota (or beef cattle shelters, dairy loafing barns, machinery housing, hay and straw storage and others. Plans are available through the local county extension agent The basic plan is 40 fee wide, 56 feet long. It can be lengthened in 14 foot additions. Complete details, including tress lay-out, assembly instructions and materials are inehded in the plan, available at county agent offices. Refer to plan 724-1-5 when ordering. A small fee is charged. factors calculated from the record date. A tax management report home of Mrs. Gregory Decker Dear Santa, is also provided in November. with eight members present. ,Please Ibring me  basket ball .LL I2RMATION PER-This was our Christmas party and a 4 story .gas station, and a T TO 'II-IE IIDIVIUAL with members exchanging ideas truck and a cement mixer, elec- A_q[ BSESS IS  and each bringing homemade tric train and a machine gun AS Y (X:MI+FDENAL candy. Mrs. Harold Lowrnan will viCh bullets and grinades and a 2tOUCOUT ALL T H E be hostess to the Jan. 7 meeting, hat and a pistol & bullets. OF TH R * * * From Eugene W. Allen SYS'P]E. If in, crested please contact me before December 20. * +* * CLUB NOTES TH 'N THAT Mrs. Darrel Ueckert, sec. Ten members and three visitors attended the Dec. 5 meeting held HLIUL H.S Joan Fahlstrom, sec. Dear Santa, Eight members attended the How are you? I am a good Nov. 16 meeting held at the home boy. lease ring me a train, of Karen Ekre. Karen Eke gave I Love, a demonstration on starch in +Robin J, and t . I food. The Dec. 7 meeting will be at the home of Karen Curl. Evening Viitor,-- . . . Art, Carl and Anna Sether of BUSY BEES Ollie, Mont., were last Tuesday IY NIRS Mrs. Verne Myers, sec. The club met Dec. 3 at the at the home of Mrs. Merle Son- Nanetta Kinney, see. evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. nek. The second ,haLf of the foods The Busy Beees met December M. I. Sowe in Golva. lesson vcas presented by Mrs. 2 at the home of Sherry Gunkelvisit In iamack John Hanson. This was also our with eight members and one, Guests of Mr and Mrs Rich- change.CAristmaSThePartYJanuaryWith a gift2 meetingeX" ;si,' " pe: e:. eMS . Jm:3s.mes i rd- KaSs k " Ban vIe k" " eer; rill be at the home of Mrs. starches m foods. A. Chr .. Decker, Sharon," Roseann, "Patty, Harry Zinsli. + pary was nero ter me meeting. I ,and Gerald, all of Sentinel Butte. The January 6 meeting will be A bountiful dinner and lunch held at the Kinney home. was enjoyed. WATER WELL DRILLING AND SERVICE Call or Write Merlin McDanold Phone 872-4446 Beach, N. Dak. CARD OF THANES We wish to express our heart- felt hanks and sincere apprecia- tion to Pastor Loken for his comforting messages, the singers, and the staff of Glendive hos- pital, for the many kind deeds shown us in so many ways dur- ing the recent loss of our dear loved one. Special thanks to those who brought food and the Ladies Circle for serving the lunch. These many acts of con- dolence will always be re- membered. The amilies of ,Mrs. Sophia Evenson CLD OF IIKS We wish to extend our thanks and aprpreciation to Dr. Bush and the hospital staff. A special thanks to the lady who iok us to Beach after the accident. Would appreciate knowing who she is. Mr. +and Mrs. ,Bill Singer and camily aker, Mont. THE PEEPEL'S CHOICE! Our constituents have been generous in supporting our claim as one of the most popular eating places in this part of the country! Try it and see for yourself the choice food and beverages served with a spirit of friendliness and hospitality. Special events, birthdays, anniver- saries, etc., are times you won't want to fail to rememberand Jack's Club food makes a hit with young and old. Have Sunday dinner with us--serv. ing starts at 12 noon. Open week days from 5:30 to 1 a.m. CLOSED EVERY MONDAY Jack's Club Wibaux, Mont. Phone 795-8914 i !mm State Hospital I You and each of you ,are hereby notified that a petition h,as been iled Open Forum Dee. 19 n thi court or tbo a,,rova, ++ o Final Report and Account, and that ' said Account le allowed, and that the residue of the Estate be dis- The State Uospital at James- tri,buted to the persons entitled there- town is seeking more and better NOTICE HEARING OF FINAL to, and the Executor discharg-d, and contacts with the families of ACCOUNT AND DISTRIBUTION yo are hereby notitied that the resi- OF ESTATE dance of the said lecedert a,t the patients )eing treated at the STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA) time of hs dea was AJnandale, )as. /VlJnnesota, that said petition w'ill be hospibal. 'Another open forum is county of Golden Valley ) heard at the office of the County scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 19 IN COUNTY C-T Judge at the Court H.ose in the CitY In the maer of the tate  I-Iram of eaeh in the County of Golde at 2:30 .m. at the State Hos- H. Burcette also known Hiram i Valley and State of North Dakota on )ital's 11 ,Faiths Church. Hurseton Burchette ad aS H. H. Bur- , the 3fist day of Deceraber 1963, at e hour of 10 o'clock A.M., of that Dr. Constance 'Nelson, acting chert,, Deceased. director, Psychology Department, Oarle E. Bergquist, as Executor,) day or t such su1-quen .me or ]Petitioner. ) other p}aee to which a0cl hearing s ) may be adjourned or transferred, at and /Ir. Joseph Oat,s, director, Leonard F. Burohette, Grover) which time and place you may he Social Work Department, will be c. Burehette, Lha Grotey,) hea+rd if you Wi. Bhnche Bergquit, Victoria) Let service be made of this notice co-chairmen for this discussion Buranen, Frances Prince Jobm-) ,as required by law. session. Relatives nd friends of son, C arrol B. Prince. Stacer S.) Dated this 5th day of December, PHi.e, Roselyn Burchette.) 1963. paients will have the opportun- Hazel Burchette. Amaa Wood-) ity to meet these and other staff key, the heirs 'at law of Ana) At.sTILLCurt:: mero2oers. Woodkey, deceased, Evelyn) J:ud@e of the Coun,%y Court IAroodkey, Administrarix of thin) (AL OF COURT) A brief description of the re- ,state of Anna Woodkey, de-) (Dec. 12-19) lease planning for older people ceased, Virgil W<)odkey, Rose-) ly-n BurdOck end Hazel Kend-) will be given, i rick and all other persons in-) ShDp aoh wh1 I An open forum will .be held. tar,steer' in the Estate of Hiram) H. Burchette, Deceased, ) money you spend hel to M Privrae conversations are pos- i Res)ondens. ) taxes to make Beach a bett sJlble with the staff_at the cofee lheveStateNponke: TM the place ha which to live. nour, Toiowmg. This program, I ......... -- still quite young, is intended to i t t........ t. t .......t...  benefit the atients through the l new contacts with relttives by  rrc' wwnwrmt r' the hospital.  ll LIII/IIIVlA IIIYIE Business Caller-- I r ne Fang ho is associated ; I CIi?IHI/I with !Ford agency in Belfield, I . ll  IAll I JLPlT Ij transacted business in Beach l, ast I  Wednesday. While here he visit-  .jj... ....................... ed relatives and friends. I +r  i.+  ' Bininga visio.-- ; COME ON OVER WE'RE ALL Mr. and ,Mrs. Herman Schieffer  DECKED OUT FOR CHRISTMAS and Carol, ,Mr. and Mrs. Michael SChieffer and Donna ,and LeRoy I E  Terrific Buys Everywhere Knote all of Beach drove to Billings, Mont., last week to , ................................. share the holiday with the Den Knot, family, former Pach e+ STORES OPEN EACH FRIDAY TILL XMAS residents. The group, with the l Also Thursday, Dec. 19 & Monday, Dec. 23 'til 9 p.m. exception of LeRoy, returned  home the same day. I THUI t L NEW CHEVELLE i BY CHEVROLET New Cheeelle Malibu Sport Coup that makes it the year's smartest surprise. Come down and stare at it. N0w-Chevy spirit in a new kind of car! way it muffles noise and cushions bumps. And the fine hand of Body by Fisher craftsmen shows up beneath this one's suave good looks, too. Sound good? There's more. Like the fact that Chevelle comes in three series with eleven models--convertibles, sport coupes, sedans, wagons, even Super Sport models with front bucket seats. Like the fact that (and see if this isn't one of the nicest surprises of all) the new Chevelle comes at an easy-to-take price! Like to hear more? The listening's wonderful at your Chevrolet dealer's--and so's the driving. The kind of comfort you'd expect in a large interior. Come on down and sit in it. Beach, N. Dak. l GREAT SONGS +++ .... . +++ +: + + ++ ++. .+ ,++ +++++ ++++++ I ii / OF rCfJm .... 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Irl+ ........ - BEACON OIL SERVIcENTER BEACON OIL COMPANY Beach Phone 872-4131 Beach Phone 872-3311 EDDIE'S SERVIcENTER Golva Phone 582-3418 HARDY MOTOR Phone 872-4122 COMPANY See five ealkely differmt M of cars at ]tour rJmmlet Showroom--CHEVROLET, CHEVELLE, CHEVY )3, MA & CORVETTE We built this one to do more than just stand around looking beautiful. Held its weight down in the 3,000- pound range. Then built four lusty engines--two sixes and two VS's--with output all the way up to 220 horses*! And if that makes you think this is one frisky car, you've got the right idea. You've also got a roomy car here. Yet its 115-inch wheelbase keeps it highly maneuverable in traffic and very easy to park. With its Full Coil suspension, it's gpt a ride that reminds you of the Jet-smooth kind the