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December 15, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 15, 1960

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VOLUME XXXVI MEDORA, BILLINGS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1960 NUMBER 29 ux home game until after the holi- Hospital, and succumbed on Dec Charhe ebb as a armer, and written by AI DUCK,/1, OI W1Da,Come spring of 1892 some ore. da season whe the la . " " W . . " p - ~,^-+ ,~ ma in the Y n y p y Bei-1u, ltroo, oi me enects oz ner ~&ll! ~%!] later with W C Howard ~ex;7"=At:t~eman's" ~Ia.gazine, sc~ ~m~teWil ~e R:n~ar~s,~ (~01t~ fieeledt h~reM:ny,Jat~erle0tThhu~eY leRng~haYryfllwn::S.recited for her at Ever kid in ih:Zw~ol:' area Out of townlrelatives attend- gives a very good account of Mr. deceased now) asked me to help of next' week a - h ' ~" Y ing the funera were: Mr. and Bird's life, the story follows: move a herd of 3400 steers to ~,na .ave entereo .me ~onan~nap~ monaa:," even- is cordially invited to attend the Mrs Fred Sehlote, and Mrs. Ralph ":-d [ *--'-" ~'~ven ^~ ~r-s- the ~owman noimay Tourney on rag, Dec. lz, at t~ p.m. '.free show tobe held at the Burford of Oconto, Nebr, Mrs ~y o~u ~ ~nelr new m,-~ ~,a ~,~ s ,~ ~ Dec 29 ' " " . " " " -~, ~^n! ] : ~-~ ' -30. Survzwng Mrs. Tull m one son.[BDou Theatrethin coming Sat-[Genrt Trollope ofRonan Mr TOm ~* ~uc~**, -----. m ua~o~a ,e,-~,~u~ ,~a~ ~,~ Leslie of St Helen's. Ore and' ~ ' " ,- . ~ -- --- ~urday afternoon, December 17th [and Mrs Henry Hince of Sidney, AUTHOR S NOTE I feel cer- l,~maeer mrs we loaaea me cat- ,~ ,r "~''~ Y 2 dau hters Mrs Nmk (Bessie t ' ' .". - t :. and shi--ed them z-lear-ulU s Le, g,' ") i Mr Walz has selected a good lMrand Mrs Luke Bruski of lain that Ben Bira or ~vteaora, ue m Amarmo vp ~ e~ Gamroth Sentinel Butte and ~ " " to Orin Junc" "-" " ~ ~ ~ ",",Mrs comedy, sponsored by the mer !Billings, Mr and Mrs Arlton Os- ~'eDo~ i;hjioth u~ qUe:gi :ot~dyYia:d wyoreFuda there we traitl-ljt~rOKen in l |lsnap Clair (,Helen) Borden, of Greatlchants of Beach. ]wood and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis ~: n,". -] Falls Mont and several niecesI ~Dec 17 has been chosen as t~e Jellum of Glasgow, Harry Troll- n who has s ent hissed them ~o me t~znaeer wtoun- michael, two-year-ota son ot . and horseme P - ~ I -- n and nephews, as well as 10 grand- ] annual ,Bank Day in Beach and ope of Anaconda and Robert en~dr%life ~# a~90wboy. Ce~ainls[,tains and.the,rrancn, rater Knownt~.r:. a ct ,~rs: uale ~m.ea. oz. Children and 16 great-grandchild-Ithere will also be a free show rTrollo-e of Helena Mont !: few ~g men today have had as the Dzamona c. . l,~.unngs, z lont is nospi~ed ren An infant daughter and one{+h~* ~ + o ,~c ~;. v, " ' lnl:er 1 there wl ' ~"~" "~'~'-""'" "~ "-, ~"~'"' as colorful a career in the tvansx~ ,I spent my f~,st w n meI m a iractured leg, when t~o- ~obert "-r~-~d~a ~-^- ~-} ~-- - ~ion of the old west to ~e new'~north country in '92. Tim Ran-la" motorist backed into him as de'ath'" ' mul% ~n ~ne ~.vy :. ipelMany rneasants " " lit the oun st r 1 " " " snow on ba~ ~ec. z~ Will De and certainly no man hved clos-[dall and I lo.c.ated us a fie six)t] y ~ e was p aYln.g with Mrs. Tull was born in Minn t,-rhe ~one ~anger and the Lost Carry Lead Shot er to nature ana a gooa norse, near the ~l~tuaeers .ana, eaI some ~,~,e .~rzencts ou~stae ms and came to N. D. in 1910, and ~ of Gold" !* ~, " '~ ~'~ -- thru so many years as this man!Ideal!ng .~ hors~, we o.ougat a]nome ~ ~ ~at.uraay,-~c. lU I resided ~or many ye~ in the latter eason t nas :: ~ Was born in Denmson, Texas 100 neaa to star~ wxm, 2us~ rawI ,'he morner Is the xortner .-mar-lAlpha community From therel~--~4-,~,|,~ ~ ~,~ { ' ame n f m Montana ~ zew or~ ~'m~er aa ter oz ma" and ~ ,o~aa&aaa~a~ ].au~ ~.~ A Dneasam researcn pro2ect Dec. 7, 1804. My fathers n bro cs ro ." . I Ugh. te: . r: .shemoved to Dickinson, where I= --- ~ - "-- ut b- "'orth Dal~ " John and my mothers Do.v-]home~teaaers were aiveaay snow-[~.~: mcnara. F.m~er oz ~eae~ : !she slant approximately 20 yrs. [~ou~n heart Z{ ie. "fhey came to Texas from vir-]ing up so we naa no trouote{zatzle m,cnae, wlll p~ooamy srut with theSt Charles HotelI ~un~ u,u~us,~a ~.uw ~,~ a ~md my father became the '( selling them. ONe mov.ed this.L be a patient at. t.h.~' Deaco~ [ M~/. "Toil leaves a great mariy l ,In. a =game mar~ with ex-l large .n~rt ~f pheasants go in Denni~n. In 1871 myibunch all into the. wclmty or[,l~osp,mz when ~m-Ism~as eome~.[loyal ~iends who will ~Iee~ve ~ U .a.r~'. ~u m nea~ ae-lmm me c~.rymg ~.eaa family moved to .Newport Tex:]Taylo[, N. D: at prices from .$60[O ~ 'i. ! ~rt==. [the'liiemory of this pioneer res. Jf .e~. S~.nt.~.nel ?ul~ ,~-~Ja~[~o ~ as a r s.u oli e .?u n in Clay Countr~h a colony otlt0 . .~.00, whi~- gave us a mcelo~Hm % ~U~ l~ tdent wlio W~ a devoted mothe,]maay' ~souut ~em'ts oasKetoalt/~e~on~d~-nu~,~-- u o ugm, ~.~ rIs 22 seRlers. We lived there untfl.proht;, . IAt Golva D c. good nei bar. [sewo. n.opener, . 1~0 when my family moved[ ~n t.he fall of 1893, I took OVer[ '" [ :o ~,[ J.l~ l~.W~, n lea .:~m. ~U~es] "A st.uay to obtain an estimate again, this time to Bowie. In the R,verside Horse .Ranch, tocat-[ ,Armual Santa Claus Day will[M;.:~ Trao-in~, po =. ~om or/of the" ~al kill.of hen pheas- I~81. I career as a led 4o runes up lle.arz lilver [rom[ be held ~t the Town Hal! in G01r~~'lu ,~mlFM ~ - [me ~ra~ma an eqttal, numo-[ ants ,n ~o.V~ Dagota nas l~en cowboy in earnest and went to[Mandan N. ~D. [ invest-Iva on t~day) Dec. 23 beg gl eason loses . [er o.t neia goats, me.a~--erence[carned out m recent years', re. and ood tlme these ses. o with free for . " .=% /pom on the~ JA ~ in rite Palo m a~ e them and sell/the. ~.ur-~at2 p.m. Candy, nuts and prizes .Mjm~ ~ ana. w ea~l u~apping[w L~tt.near~ s/~ooung t~%|.p~.: year, this m.volved the .col- Duro~anyon. M~tn, what a cow[plus ~ on- a commlulOn|will be awardeff the ldds at ~ n ~ ~. ~ ~te on}m m ~eatmem a~. [Ic~on of 30~ pheasants dunng horse heavmx that vast exTIbams. ~ 'rhey turned over 3800|2:30 after the show vector l~. m me 'l~zrtle M~.[ !~,~ ]&~ : ~kT [winter. months. These phea~nts, pan~. bf gra~ was in those day.s:[horses to me. Whateve[ number] Santa" Will come in by plane ea~ so umwestern co eu1~sues m~ w:u'*| ~,?J,~ iS x vz~V.l~ x,~vv~----,com prislng bo~:.males and re- Here was my first real .assoc,-[of eolts we branded was] of the weather tmrmits. ~,~ . on L~ ,X~. vem may be] Sac~ Tne R,pper,the mys-] mates, were fkmr0scoped to de. ation with the '~Steeldust" eow-lthe number of older horses I was| nma omy ~u aays past the close[tery thriller which is being re~lterraine the incidence of leed voni~s. Stout little horses they to sell. [ stayed at Riverside| Mores and it was during that af the season. |leased by Paramount Pictures has lshot in the body tissues ~vere: a~ut 14.1 i0 14.2 and'Ranch for 7 years. They were[time be became acquainted with . - ~-. [received notable endorsements~, "Although the results are not weigldng about 900 to 1000 fat. !one of the bigger outfits, run-[ Teddy Roosevelt, whose family !n Send Cons. Editmn |f om a panel of one i et concl ive:' ~rondam They were sure enough tough'~ning Ubout 30,000 sheep, 15,000|later Years ~ave prod trmum to rl~e" /~,~,~ |with More Thrills!--- More ex-l'the preliminary" results of this and stout as the devil's right man ca~tle and 800 registered Per-'~the well known cowooy oz me- z~ x.~uu~a~j, Jr. CUtla~=l~ [citement! and More suspense!--- work showed that 17.7% of the on the end of a rope. There werelcheron horses. I cleaned up the dora Among his thousancm of ~ ~ ~ ~m~ ^~ ~t.~ ~.~ |than the screen has ever known, cocks and 2.9% of the hens were lot of buckskins, line backed, last of the Riverside ~Ranch ~iends .there are ranchers, cow- ~.~t~'v,~r~: .~"~;~'~ ~.~.~'~ ~.~"~'[ "Jack, The Ripper," gave Scot- carrying lead s~ot." I soon learned that Mr. Good- ] horses m 1899. We trailed 2730 boys, ace horse men, ~ er, da~, Dec 2 emphasized soil and[land Yard more run arounds, The fact that cock pheasants night bought about 100 of these over to the Turtle Mountains historians, artists, rodeo riders, ---*er "^ons^--~tio~ ~=,:' : ^.[more wild-goose chases than are hit, but escape to live into straight buckskin mares from a and sold them off in small lots In,arts, movie producers, di- tWhrou,~ ~ ~v,~,o a~'v*~*~[any of the unpleasant cases }hey the winter is not surprising to s s rs son wri s u ~,~,~ ,~ o~,~ raan who trailed them from Utahlto the newly located homestead, rector, ta and g ter. .m.^ ^~-,- ,~. . lhave ever trmd to solve. He was bmlogtsts nor hunters. However, ' ~en Bird a ears to be as hale ,= ,~,~,~, ~,~a,~ ~ cure- r one a dun. While I was at the era. I' PP "~e*e s^'~^- "* "i"* ,: ]always just one jump ahead of the fact that nearly 3 ~ of the JA's, Mr. Waggoner bought 25 of Yes, I've put in a few tough and hearty today as he was 20 ~1~ ~,;"~,"' ~.~.~'~ ~^,^~: them. [hem examined were carrying these buckskin maxes and I sup-: winters up north. I guess the years ago. He still sits as erect ~or~"~'~he'co~erva~io~m~ve" All his victims were ladies of shot does not Sl~mk well of the pose that much of the dominence worst ~as the winter of 96 and in ehe saddle as he did as a . " the night Scotland Yard even pheasant hurler s ability to recog- ,+ much oun er cowbo His mere in ~. ,u. t:opies of the eai- " -, . of the buckskin color in Waggon- 97. It was while I was still Y g Y- ,: had some of *t s men dress as raze hm target before he squeez- ~ua were sen~ ~o aa mrmers m er horses today probably stemswith Riverside.The steer fore- mind is keen and ~is eye sight th- -o women and parade up and down es that trigger. Hens have not )'s od " 1 . e c un~y, cour~e~r or me GOlO -~ay back to this early purohase man asked me to go to a eamp~ go and if you shoud visit o. v~11 a u ,-, the street, in hopes of luring thetbecn legal xn N. D, for many <~f those Utah buckskin mares, and check on 1400 steers That him today his conversation ~ - .~ ~.u~ w,~t~ mysterious killer to try and carve years. More about Quarter Horses later,'was in the fall I planned to be'would be about the early days let's get on with our story: t back in a few days. I never got but he would also be talking ,I ~'~ayed ,vith the JA's three back to the ran~ until the about ~/~e race horses and the :year~ In ~ I made my first'next spring. The cowboy in race tracks and the boys he will -trip nor~ with a trail herd of charge and I done everything be seeing at the paddocks-next mos~ ~h~ned steers. Thesehumanly possible to keep those'sprin~. ~v~ the Nbar N steers. We de-,steers alive. It was a terviblel ~en wishes to thank the many ]iV ~ild :them near the mouth of, winter, and ! know Riverside folks that ealled on him, ~for the :MiSsouri about 125 miles ll st better than 5000head of. gifts, cards and other remem- north~ o~: Miles.City, Mont. We;stock that wi~-ter. ['brances and they in turn wish helped gather some beef that,fallI ~,In' later years Ben became a him many more years of eow- then got a trainride to Chic~o cowhand for the Marquis de boying. S. Butte Firemen Hold Dance Dec. 30 2~e 4~,th annual Sentinel Butte Firemen s Ball will be held in Sentinel Butte at the town hall On Fl"iday, Dec. 30. Music will rbe ftami~ by the marligt~te~ Tickets are now on sale and may be pin'chased from any of the Sentinel Butte Firome~ them up as he had done to some ~:nowing that 'such a large other unfortunates, but they number of p~ts are weak- didn't fool him. ened by shot pellets and die ~For some unknown reason, he sometime efter the hunting sea- just discontinued his career sons or during winter, also helps nebody knows why, he Just corn- answer the question as to where pletely disappeared--having kept foxes get the pheasants they eat. London in a state of terror for Otherr projects show that n~ ~ months. many ~oL~ttm~ weakened pheas- 'Sack, The Ripper", is coming ants die .later and l~ture's un- to the Bijou Theatre on itation corps, the predators, make and