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December 20, 1945     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 20, 1945

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1945 THE BILLINGS COUNTY, PIONEER PAGE FIVE THE ~u~h Helg~rson were Belfi~ld shop-,' E{}[INTY The Egly family have all been on t~e sick lis~ ,with the flu. s u J[ IUl~l'Jl]ll M~irmesot~ 2Vnursday, w~here he will in described land ' nus wiu Issue to the purchaser Fifty per cent of all oil natural g : his heirs or ~. i~n~ ' A Continuation of seek medical aid. gas, coal, or minerals on or under-Southwest Quarter (SW%) of deed convey-ing--]:i~le"to squU~~ >cr~alm lying such land is reserved by the Section Twe~nty Two (22) Town- isesand d~1~r pJem= "THE BADLANDS COWBOY" ~.aynard Fritz and lady Sriend shi One Hundre ~ucn aoszrac~ o~ Established in 1883 . . State. Not less than 20% of the P d Forty Two titleas the State now has. The, &]LICE ~ LEBO, Managing Editor spen~ an eve mng recently at ,t~he purchase price must be paid at the (142) Nprm of .~ange ~inety costsof any extension of the ab- Vernon ~TIVZ ,home. time of the sale: The. balance may ~agnt~98~ wesz: ~o acres mare stract will be borne by the pur- Entered in the Post Office at Medora, Harold Johnson was n ~v~r~i~h~ oe paia at any time mereaz~er with or ~ess accorumg ~o ~overn- cna.~r Billings County, N~rth Dakota, .co ~'.~aUin~ePPe~Y~me;tn.::lly6~.~ T~/s ithe ~i;tt 7eTecYe)nt of all oil, natural ;e~e~c~t" 2:;rdan~eSa1~Vebld:he right to ruary 15, #1934, as second class matter g12~ "tuesday at "1'. N. vos~ers, under th~Act of March 3, 1879. and a dinne guest ,Wednesday at cluaes ~ ze es~ at me ra~e of 3%. gas, coal, or minerals on or ,under- Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, The purchaser will pay the costs of lying such land is reserved by thethis 7th day of December, 1945. Official Newspaper of the County f)fWal]la~e OPadc.huc~l'S. the sate. . I State. Not less than 20% of the pUr- JOHN O LYNGSTAD Billings, State of North Dakota. (l~J[~lke Oradchuch and James Ewo- wT'ehne Stnat~ navSmantofhfaer ~efen$3,~0a~e I c.hase .pr!ce must be paid at the Commissioner Published every Thursaay at Meaora ~" ~ -I ume oz me sam. The namnce may University & School t~imngs t~ounty, l~orth Dakota. ' .mu~ were vusmess vm~Cors at Dick- the ~oard of University & S.choolI be paid at any time thereafter" with Lands ~ilnson Wednesday. Mrs. Oradohuch ~anas wu~ sue zo me purcnaser, minimum payment of 6% of the t~ec'~" 13" 20) Subscription" $I 50 per year In aav~e [ .~. :'--' his heirs or assigns, a quit claim - - ' ~. - w~ w~ a p~b~.en~ a~ ar~ nosplma deed conveying title to such prem- i~]1~1~1~)~.=~.--~==~ ~-=.~ I there the past week, arrived home ises and deliver such abstract of l~ ~~-~J=~]=~l~l=4~J=~lMl~4~#A~Jl~~ TWENTY-FiVE YEARS AGO [ witl~ theon, title as the State n0w has. The I costs of any extension of the ab- [ @ ~ Billings County Pioneer stract will be borne by the pur- [ ~]~ eh--I N~['~'~ chaser. ]~ ' The Board reserves the right to I ~ 0 reject any and all bids. ~ ~ ~ O ~" ~ ~ ' her home in the ~bed lands Satur-I =-'I" ~'~J~* "~ ~ ~'~*J Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, ~ $/ /j m (~ d~ty from the Dickinson h0spltalI T2:c net on Anti-T B to date is this 7th day of December, 1945. ]~ n ~ D /~ ~ [ 0 O O [ ~" ~gi~ her new baby glrl. ] $.~!~.!0 with ~veral repor~ out as ~CommissionerJOHN O. LYNGSTAD, ~ V v ,~ v 0 ~ = 0 |I 4}0 0 0 -- ~|I ~I~ ~e nine-year-old daughter of yet. Kindly send unused staxc4~ University & Schoql ~ O ~" .~ (fl . b* ~,0,3 Mr. 9.rid Mrs. Joe FrRz is recover-land mz)ney as soon ~s pos~ble. Lands. ]~ #J ~2 . ~ U I ~ ~ 0 l ~. (Dec. 13, 20) [~,~ ~ (2 0 I ~ 0~ 0 I -- I o o o 0 ' o P oo o I o o 0 0 ing n$cely at the Dlok~tson .hoe~i-12~e SChOOl ,having hdghes% per C~Up-,' ~ ' |~ ta~ from rhettm~tism, and anemia ira wilt be announced as soon as SALE OF STATE LAND W. J. l~y of Medora the up ax~dlrecords axe com~01eto. The State of North Dakota will sell ~ ~@~~~ ~ ~m~ I . oom1~g States Attorney of Billings[ ~--- at public sale at 11:30 A. M. on the/e0 MZ~ll~l~# M~m - /!'--- 41= - O! a l,eld v Stor I l(/ nt 4th day of January. 1946. at the " mWl#a wmr,= front door of the Court House in/ ~ g --~ -~-, ~--~--I==-~.~ ~ ~ [ fl~t p'a~t of the week. ] -ll ~ ~ .~ L~lO Medora, North Dakota, the following ~1~ l i ~T. E. Joubert of near Fryburg described land: ~ I South Quarter (SW~) of See- ' h : - . 0 We ave just a frmndlv word to say m annreciatmn n [ was in ~elfleld on Monday. Ann~ Lawrence announces she uon rmrty r'our ~) "rownsmp ,~ ! ,~e~ J~ldge and Mrs. Fitzaimmons of has a nice assortment of X~ One Hundred Forty Three (143) [~ of your indulgence to our efforts to be of service. [ North of Range Ninety Eight ] ~ ~ ~" Yh'~burg were county seat vlsJtorslGreeting cards, Also many obher (98) west. (160 acres more or I~ ~ O 0 II ~ ~ ~ [ ]~ on Monday. ]itenm suitable for gffts.--Lewrenee's less according to Government I~ v 0 AI ^ ~ l ~' survey.) I ~ b~ op. ,t ~ll coal and fifty "per cent of 0 PA C) N o /l l o ! ted on Ior ga~l stones at the ~ivk-[~~~ w all oil, natural gas, or minerals on ~T, ,I I tl U . ~' I ~ or underlying such land is reserved]~~ ~r'~r-e-- v- . ~'.~. v II'/ ~ ]2, I lnson hospt a Wednesday of last ] variety yields 50 bushels per acre. by the State. Not less than 20% I t I-/I N[ --,% . Hd ".4.',; Y? - 0 I the purchase price must be paid[~ " l}~--~ ~ I~ ~ ~ I week, is eonvaiesclng. I Samples--description free. Write at the ti~ae of the sale. The balance I k~,~ ~v~ ;~ ~ ~'/~ ~ ~k ~,I ~/1 ~ Batz Seed Farms, Sun Prairie, may be paid at any time thereafter[ ~~.~ with minimum payment of 6% of l ~ To our friends -L Lc JN :'~ '~l==~ the purchase price annually. This I ~ o ~ - ~ ~- " ff 1 m bUIAtlAIVl [ w o in, ll-4bp. includes interest at the rate of 4%. t~ .-~ OI ghi~ ~oilnl~mi~ ~.f # ~'~t .=.==. .~'-~"~ Merry C~'~vlt~ta'nas to you a~ll. I STRAYED--1 Black Angus steer, 1I The purchaser will pay the costs of l~ {.t O I ~- ~ [ q Ruth Helgersm~ and her l:mpils/ ye~; 1 Herei~ord heifer, 2 yearsI th~hSal~6te has an offer of $200000 I~ o o -- ! Will present u "oh sthla program/ old; oth ,have When final l ayment has been 0 0 n v the Board of University & "School]~ ~ 1 i~[ at the tmsemen~ o~f ti~e Ukrai-n~thl on righ~ hip, they also [~W~] Lands will issue to the purohaser, [i oh~ ne~'~ SundRy eve Dec. 23 [hl~ve notch in end of right I his heirs or assigns, a patent con-l~ ' ~. S~i~ley Egly and her pupils wl~l I ear. Owner J~m Johnstone, Sen-I veying title to such premises. [~ The Board reserves ,the right to ] ~ h/~e a ohr~sta21as 0erty a% thelrI tinel, Butte. " 13-1tp] reject any and M1 bids. I~ Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, [ ~, ~ t~ ~.~ -m~ ~-.~.~ ~.~ . ~-. schoolhouse on F~dJy aJternoon, l ~ I this 7th day of December, 1945. [ 1[[ '|,~ ~[ l~' LiP ~ ~ ~ -" - Mrs Ben Northrtt / [~2ULJ~[~I~L~N W2]L~'I'~:U -- l~l~,n or I Commissioner 1 ~ ~ll were Teoent Callers a~ J:~e1~I~a~n [ I Johnson,s |, l-boule oI 'I~ Ia~.llle~. wi~ze ] University & School,]~ Lands. [ . . [ ,today. ~vwle~gh~, ,Dept. ND~-I (Dec. 13, 20, ~-7) ~t~t~t~~~t~~(b~~~~ James Bwonluk moved ~ahe IO 'm-/ ~4.~.~ ~r~,~.~ MAnn13~1'~ and he and ~ Ja~nlly will move [FOR SALE---Zenith Radio, table there ,in the near ~umre. / model; ~utcma@c toaster;Hot ~ %! ', i N~k ,Y.~go~y and Bertram John-] Point iron; ~-vo~t ~lect~o~ux ~ ') ~ . j son transacted business at Dick2n, -/ vaouum cAeaner; bed davenport. soo / 11 m exee // , James Palorduk and family and Carl B Oisen, MedOra. 13-:~p ~ f"=~- ~ l ,% : x THROUGH. .i ;to! ' " " " r - HIOHWAY in the County of Billings and State of No th Dal ,to of which F~Aly H. M :)onald late of the City of M ane~ )olis in the County of Henni- pe ~ a td Stat : o ~ Minnesota died se ed; which re= 1 estate is des- cr )ed as folk A's, to-wit: the northe st tuarter (NE%) of section 12, Township 140, Ra] ge i01. md that T urs [ay, the 10th day of January A. D. 1946, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, at the Court Room of this Court, at the Court House in the Town of Medora County of Billings and State The Stop Sign is for YOUR of North Dakota, has been set by order of this said Court, as the time and place of hearing said pe- l~l~'~lll~l~'"'~We )n t~t~on: at which time and place any person lnter~ted may appear and object to the granting of said petition. 1Observe for YOUR SAFETY And you, and each of you, are hereby cited and requlred then Think and drive CAREFULLY and there to be and appear before this said Court and show cause, if any there be, why said petition STOP at ALL Stop Signs should not be granted. Dated the llth day of December, Make ira Habit A.D. ~" PA~L Wl L~BO' Judge of the County Court. Norih Dakola Highway Deparlmenlc Dlcklnson, N. D Attorney for Petitioner. Let service of the above citation be made by as required by law. PAUL W. LEBO, Judge - ,~,SALE OF |TAT~ LAND III The Stere o~ North Dakota will sell at public sale at 11:30 A. M. on the 4th day of January, 1948, at the front door of the Court House in Medora, North Dakota, the follow- - ] It has been our good fortune Ing described land: e .J SN / to seirve you during the ~ ~,"~J means o| expressing our thanks, ESTRAYED g,O -I We trust the coming year will P1 i ~11~"~ l . be one of utmost: success for I Medora,[ ease NotlfYNorth Dakota,W" J. RaYof allt f] I Cattle or Horses branded l~ you and yours. ~ F~"~o o. ~ I (Bell ws) n Left Jaw, ~ I L) Left Side on Cattle; ~11~] rode Cattle, ill]l Submarginal Range, I South of N P tracks or East of! Submarginal fence on North ! side. ! You will be anyI expense in notifying. Any in-I formMJon concerning the takingI or stealing of this livestock wi'.:! be rewarded under the Stock- I growers Association Reward ~! )ublished. t f t ', As ', 4 ' Drl/, . . Of the Year ' : v ~ ', ' x : fr with whom we hove come in contact end to wmsh for you oil [ ; tS AND ' : 1 $ C~[INTY " 1 I L