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December 29, 1960     The Billings County Pioneer
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December 29, 1960

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THE BILLINGS COUNTY PIONEER, Proclamation 1961 FISHING PROCLAMATION $ohn E. Davis Governor of North Dako2a R~ating to the umes, places and raannex of taking fish, possessing the same; closing certain wamrs ~o fish- ing; setting size & creel limits & eetabl~sh2ng g~'me spumes for the cal- endar year <,5 1961. tay vi~'tu~ of the authority vested in m~ by Chap. 20-08 of the N. D. Re- vised C~de of 1~3, as amended, I, John E. Davis, Governer of the State of N. D do hereby Order & Pro- claim: 1. G~M~E FISH SPECIES shall be zto~fl~ern pike, walleyed pike, sauger, l listed may be considered as open l~rge-mouth bass may not be taken subject to the provisions of this Pro- prior to June 10. clamation. BARNES & GRIGGS COUNTIES: t ,{XIII) OPEN TO FISHING IN 1961: The following takes that were closed That portion of Lake Asktabula to all fishing in 1960 will remain bordered on the south by the Barn- elosad from Jan. 1 to May 5. They es and Griggs Co. Line & bordered shall then open M~ay 6 to Dec. 31 on the north by the Hannaford as governed by law. Bridge located between Sec, 2 & 11, BURKE CO.: Bowbells Pond Two. 144, Rge 58. GRANT CO.: Cat Coulee BowMAN CC'.: Kalina Dam & SARGENT CO.: Alkali Lake Spring Lake STARK CO. : Dickinson Reservoir BtJRkE Co.: Sehmisek Lake SLOPE CO.: Cedar Lake EMMONS CO.: Braddock Dam & G~ven under my hand & the Great ~ieusma Dam S~al of the State of North Dakota GRANT CO.: l~aleigh Reservoir at my office in the City of Bismarck, HETTINGER CO.: Wolf Butte Dan] N. D. t,bAs 8th ~tay of Dec I960. KIIDDER GO.: Lake Williams& s/ John E. Davis, Governor Crystal Springs ATTEST: MclNTOSH CO.: Coldwater Lake,s/ Ben Meier, Secretary of State. Lake I~skins & Jund Dam MORTON CO. : Glen Ullin Reser- mtmkellun@e, white bass, large-'mouth voir, Ormin~ton Dam & Mosbruck- LEGALS bat~, t,vou'~ & salmon. Y : Dam. I 2. ~ SEASON FOR ~ALL RANSOM CO.: Mirro Pool & Horse- TAKING GAME FISH skall be from ~oe Lake i CALL FOR BIDS J~n. 1 until Mar. 12 & on all game STARK CO.: Diek, inson Dike N, otice is hereby gix~en that sealed bids to furnish p~opane gas for the sl~ecies the season shall be closed WILLIAMS CO.: Ray Reservoir & Court House of Billings C~0~nty at from Mar. 13 to May 5. The season .Black Tail Dam z~r all game species except l 13, WINTER FISHING AREAS: All Medora, North for 1961 will be ac- mouth bass shall again open on ~vtay waters of the state except those of eepted by the Board of County Gom- 6 until Dec. 31. The season on large the Bois de Sioux & Red River~ & missioners of Billings County. MEDORA, N. DAK. TiIURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1960 Due To PL 480 Funds r~outh bass shall be from June 10 to those not specifically closed by Sec- Bids will be opened in the Co,n- :Dec. 31. There shall be n'o open sea- tions 10, 12 & 14 of this Proelama- missioners Room in the C~urthouse at son on ~nuskellunge in 196I. All dates tion shall be open ~.o the taking of Medora. North Dakota at 1:30 O'Clccek hereto re~erred in this proclar~tion all species of fish from Jan. 1 until P. M. Mountain Standard time Feb- sl~all be inclusive. The season for the M~r. 12. Such areas shall remain ruary 8, i961. The envelopes of the taking ef non-game & bait f~'h shall open to t~he taking of all species ex- Bids must me marked "Propane Gas be fr0~a Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 in areascept northern pike, walleyed pike,Bids." opcn ~o fishing as specLfied by this sauger, white bass & large-mouth bass The Board reserves the right to Proclamation. Itfrom Mar. 13 to May 5. Fishing holes accept or reject any or all bids. 3. MANNER OF TAKING FISH. may be placed no closer than 15' from By order of the t~0ard of County sh~ll be legal to take fish, other thztn a fish house. No hole shall be made Commissioners of Billings County. minnows for bait, with hoak & line in the ice of more 12" in diam- Dated at ~V~lora, N~arth Dakota & bow equipment only. Legal hook et:v at the surface, this16thday of December, 1.960. S/ Daniel Osadchuk & ~ine equipment for each fisher- 14. SPECIAL SEASON AREAS Daniel Osadchuk arian s.hall consist '~f not to exceed 2 II~ Lake Ashtabula: Lake Ashta- County Auditor poles equipped with 1 line each to bulafrom the dam north to the Billings County. vehich is attached 1 hook or lure. Any Griggs-Barnes Co. line shall be open (Dec. 22-29) artificial lure shall be considered as to the taking of non-game species 1 hook. The fisherman shall at allonly from Jan 1 to Mar. 12. This time be in attendanc~ by being n3 a,'ea shall then be closed it3 all fi~h- CALL FOR BIDS far~ter than 10W from fishing equip- mg from Mar. 13to IV~'ay 5. It shall Notice [s hereby giwen that sealed met. ~p-ups shall be legal for wire- then be open tothe taking of all ~s f~ I~i~in~;~ngo rtyg~[l~ll~ ac~- Japanese children during the S. w?neat and 70(~ from Canadian made available thru U. S. wheat er fishing. Spearing or snagging ofspecies from May 6 to Sept. 30. any tisb shall be illegal at a,l ume~. ItI shall then be open W the taking cegted by th, e Board of Counlyschool lunch hour being served wheat). The program is Legal bow equipment shall consist of of non-game species only from Oct. C~mmissioners of Billings County, any bow to which is attached by a 1 to Dec. 31 except in those areas State of North t:~akota, bread (foreground) rice and vcg- carried on with PL 480 me an arrow equipped With a har- specificall closed to all fishing by Bids will specify the price on the etable (I lb. loaf from 30~ U. Poon style point or with a point the 1961 Hunting Proclamation. Large- yardage basis for scoria and gravel and based on miles of hauling al~ equJ~ped w th wire bards. Cross- mouth bass may not be taken priorcr~Shed or pit run scoria or gravel. bow~ are illegal at all times. Theto June 10. ttse of any spring, lever, or mechani- o~llT activated gaff h'0~k ,shall be (II) MISSOURI RIVER, GARRISON The envelope of the bids must be marked "Bids for scoriaing and or illegal at all times. After a fish RESERVOIR & GARRISON TAIL- graveling of Roads of Billings Coun- been reduced to the creel, it RACE shall be open to the taking ofty. shall be illegal to return it totheall species of fish from Jan. 1 ~o Bids will be opened in the Com- w~atedr except for northern pike on Mar. 12. They shall then be open missioners Room in the Oourthouse at which there is a size limit, f:om Mar 13. m May 5 to the taking Medora. North Dakota at 2:30 P. M. 4. SIZE and CREEL {daily catch}, of non-game sp:e]es only except that Mountain Stanadard time February There shall be no size limit on any~ne GarriD:'n Tailrace area south to 8. 1961, species except that n'~rthern pikethe Underwood Boat Landing shall The P~ard reserves the right to of less than 18" measured from tipbe closed to all fishing from Mar. 13 acceP~ or reject any or all b~ds. of snout to end of tail in a straight to May 5. All areas m this section By order of the t~rd of County line, shall ~ot be legal except m the will then open t6o the taking of all Commissioners of t~illlngs County. ~ois de Sioux & Red Rivers & all species on May & remain open to Dated at M, edora. N~rth Dakota Dec. 31. Large-mouth bass may not this 16th day of December. 1960. S/ Daniel Osadchuk Daniel Osadchuk County Auditor Billings County. Dec. 22-29~ CALL FOR BIDS N~tlce is hereby given that sealed bids for the rental ef Road Building and Road Maintenance equipment wili be accepted by the Board of County Commissioners of Billings C~:mnty. Bids must specify the prices on the hourly and the yardage basis: the envelope of the bids must be mark- tributary stre~ams only flowing into the Lower Souris Refuge from a be taken pri~r l~a Jun~ 10. We~t~riy direction, & Lake IIo in ~IlII SPECIAL TROUT AREAS: Co. The creel limit shall The foll~wing Lakes shall be closed be 3 northern p~ke or 5 walleyed to all fishing fromJan. 1. to May Pike or 5 sauger, cr a combi'nation of 5. They shall then open to fishing 5 of the at,- re mentioned species. In May 6 to Oct. 15. They shall then addition. 5 iargc-n~outn bas~ and 5 ~:~ closed to all fishing on Oct. 16 trout orsalmon ; f ahy species mayto Dec. 31. be takenper day m all v,ate~ of the ADAMS CO.: North Lemmon Lake state excepz tl~e Bois de Sioux & BURKE CO.: B0wbells Pond L}UNN CO. Jensen Pond Red Rivers which are designated :is open for the ta~mg o~ these species EMMONS CO.: Welk Dam by this Pr~clamahon. GRANT CO.: Ca~ Coul=,l 5. POSSESSION LIMIT A po:~ess- MCRTON CO.: I)awg.m Pond Ion limit shall consist of the daily M:OUN'HRAI'L CO.: Parshail Coal being grower office in Tokyo and Jap- funds anese food ministry. 'Threshing Scene creel limll ~: may be possessed tit any 5line Lake time' afterthe open fishing date, SLOPE CO.: Hamman Dam ed "Bids for Rental c{ Road Building except thaton ~he Bols de Sioux & Ar[ificial lures only shah he legaland or Road Maintenance." Red Rivers the p;sscssion limit shall m North Lemmon Lake, Dawson Pond, Bids will be opened in the Com- be as provided in sub-seetion VII Jensen Dam, Cat Coulee & Parsi]allmissioners Room in the C~,urthouse at Section 14, of this Proclamation. Coal Mine Lake. Salmon eggs shall Medora, North Dakota at 2:00 O'Clock 6. LIVE BAIT. Minnows or frogs be Ccnsidered as artificial bait. The P. M. M~0untain Standard Time Feb- remainingl~kes m this sectionare~ ruary 7th, 1961. may be used as bait, but n,o minnow cIosed to the use of minnows forI "Phe Board reserves the right to or other fish shall be released into bail ]accept or reject any or all bids. w~terSthey wcre theroriginailythan timSetaken.fromMinnowsWhich IIV) THE SOURIS RIVER INCLUD-I By order of the ~;ard of County shall be used for bait ~nly. It shall ING OPEN AREAS OF THE LOWER* Commissioners of Billings County. De illegal to sell any carP, goldfish," SOURIS REFUGE& TRIBUTARY( Dated at M~edora, N~arth Dakota Pe~ch, bluegills, sunfi~h or crappies STREAMS ONLY lying above and be- this 16thday of December, 1960. as bait fish. It shall be illegal to low Lake Darling located within the DanielS/DanielosadchukOeadchuk Use any oarp, gold=fis~h, game fish counties of Ward, MeHenry & Bat- County Auditor tineau shall be open to the taking Or Dar~ thereof for bait at any time. isf all species of fish from Jan. 1 ~lll~ngs ~ounty. l~ne use ,of any minnow or other t~ec zz Z~l fish, alive. ~r dead (including pick-~ until Mar. 12 and closed to all fish-I - led bar fish) ~ bait sl~all be illegal!ing~ from Mar. 13 i~o May 5. TheI -----~- 7 ~ in the waters above Lake bar. ling' above de~cribad area shell again o~p-]CALL FO~ BiDS Q~i'td a common sight thru-"vas' or cloth shield is placed t~hey are not common in the en to the taking of all species from~ Notice is hereby given that sealed out the countries visited is the around the wood basket with a Phillipines or the New Territor- itsDem'tributariesincludingtothetheS UrtscanadianRiVerBor- & May 6 to Dec. 31 except that large--1 bids ~a ~urn'mh Metal or. Con.crete primative system of farming -- screen over the basket part and ies of Hang Kong or Korea. In mouth bass may not be taken prior to culverts ~or ~ruings county Nortn d~er, In the waters above the Bald- hill Dam (Lake Ashtabula) including June 10. ballots for the year of 1960 will be The scene above is" a Chinese the rice is flailed out into the Japan the rice is hauled to a va~e Sheyenne River and its tribu- (V) LAKE METIGOSHE in Bat- ] accepted by the Board ef County l~ies, Cedar Lake & tributaries above tineau Co. shall open to the taking C~ommissioners of Billings County woman t~reshing rice in the new container. There are a Jew port- cemralthreshing unit in most the d~m, Kota-Ray Dam in williams~ of all species from Jan. 1 until Mar. State of North Dakota. territory in the Hang K0ng pro- able hand operated threshers but cases. do Si~iritw~)od Lake in S~tutsman Co. 12 & close to all fishing from Mar. Bids must state cost per foot ac- t3 to May 5. This area shall againI cording to diameger, Lengths to be vince north of Kowloon. A can- special grout areas as listed in open to the taking ~f all species on slYeci~ied later. Bids must incluue -- ~ ~tb-sec~ion Ill, Section 14 of this May 6 to Dec 31 except tbat large-'vast of delivery. The envelopes of the l~'Oclama~ion. It sh, all be further prO-,mouth bass may not be taken prior bids must be marked "Bius for Cul- . Pisn lvlarKel Vided that 1 minnow trap per license holder shall be legal for the taking to June 10. !~erts of Billings County." n-~vmows for bait and that suci~ IVl/ JARVIESTOWN RESERVOIR & ~ids will be opened in the Com- tl~ps shall be of a maximum size ofI JAMESRIVER NORTH TO THE n~lss~oners Room in the C~urthouse at 12" in diameter, 30" in length with SOUTH BOUNDARY OF ARROW-t Medora, North Dakota at 3:30 O'Clock a thmae~ or mouti~ opening not toWOOD REFUGE and SPIRITWOOD~lV~ountain Standard Time February 8. ex~-~ed 1~". No one not m possession LAKE in STUTSMAN CO. shall be 1~61. of abeit vendor license shall possess closed to all fishing from Jan. 1 to The Board reserves the righito May 5 and shall be open to the tak- accept or reject any or all bids. tha 12 dozen minnows at any ing of all species of fish from May By order of th~ I~0~rd of County one time. 7. TRANSPORTATION of live fish 6 t,a Sept. 30 except that large- Commissioners of BilliRgs County. irtto or out of the state or trans-mouth bass may not be taken prior Da~ed at 1V~edora, Nlovth Dakota la~ort~ztg into any waters of the state to June 10. The areas shall thenthis 16th day of December, 1960. ~rtel~ofshall be illegal without the be closed ix) all fishing from Oct. 1 S/ Daniel Oeadchuk Daniel Osadehuk Writtenpermmsion of the Commis- i to Dec, ~er. (VII) T~EBOIS de SIOUX & RED County Auditor @, BOW FISHING. The foll,~wing RIVE~.S sha~l be open to the taking Billing~ County. ~c~es of fish may not be taken with of all species of fish fro~ Jan. 1 to tDec. 22-29) 'mYw equi,pmer~t: walleyed pike, saug- Feb. 28. This area shall be closed er, northern pike, large-mouth bass, to the taking of northern pike, wall- wh~tie bass. catfish, trou,t, sahnon & eyed pike, sauger & black bass, but NOTICE FOR BIDS c,pen to the taking of all other spe~- Notice is hereby, given that ~ellunge. Bow fi~Ang shall b~. ies from Mar. I until Apr. 28. From ~a~ly ~rom May 6 to Oct. the following areas shall be Apr. 29 until Dec. 31 the areas des- sealed bids will be accepted by to the I~gal taking of fish with crflTed above shell be open to the the Medora Viltage Board for the taki,ng of all species " " "l- ,~ equil)ment: ~e Mi~ouri River including Gar- There sl~all be no size limi,t on any lpurp se of shlnghng of ~he VI1 Re~rv~ir and tributaries, the fish caught in the BoJ~ de Sioux age Hall. River including Diekin~m~n Res- & Red Rivers, but all fish shall be The bids must be submitted on ~rvoand tributaries & Heart Butte t~t & counted in the creel. In the streams tributay to ~he waters referred to in this sec- the following specifications: ir; PMvcr except the Sheyenne Riv- l~n, the creel limit shall consist 1. Old shingles are to be re- ~and its tr~bubaries ~bove the M~ll of 6 walleyed pilve or sauger, 6 black in Valley C~ty, including Lake bass, 3 northern pike, 50 crappies, moved and replaced with Number .tabuia; the James River and all 30 sunfish & bluegills, 20 rock bass 1 cedar shingles, a 30 lb. felt tar trl~ta~les including Jamestown IRes- & 20 white or striped bass, 100 bull- & I:)eko~a Lake; & tributaries heads, 50 perch, 8 c~t~ish and 1 paper and a steel ridge roll, I.~ng Lake in Burleigh C~ Bow sturgeon. Those p~ North 2. Old shingles are to be re- shall be legal only from sun- Dakota fishing licenses may fish moved and replaced with Num- to sunset. Dakota Lake el~es in these waters to, but not from ~Pt. 15. [the Minn. shore and must enter ber 2 cedar shingles, a 30 lb. .8. C~IAL FISHING: May be f~0m and return to N. D. Fish felt tar paper and a steel ridge only wRh equipenent licensed i houses must be removed from these roll. Y the Cornn~ssioner and must at l waters by Mar. 5. ~imes have attached pern~nntly[ (VIII). DA~S I.N ~ SRE~ Bids to include prices on oil- it metal tags which accon~pe~y the RIVER: An area 1,000 ft. below all ~en~e. ~ type of fishing shall be dams in the S~myenne river shall ing of shingles and shingles with- from Jan. 1 to Dec. 51. The be closed to all fishing from Mar. out oiling, the length of the lap ~ei set line except both ends for 14 to May 5. of anchoring must, be under (IX). CHERb~Y LAKE AND COT- and the spacing of the shingles or w~ter at all t~es. C0~n- TON~OOD LAKE: Cherry Lake in should be specified.